• Li
    14 Dec '09

    Ok I’m especially sad that I lost all the comments to this comic. You guys are an interesting bunch so repost your comments! Tell me about you!

  • Angel
    30 Dec '09

    My name is Angel, I was born in Virginia, I have a cat named Hairy and two dogs named Molly and Shadow. I am obsessed with Johnny Depp and anything Sweeney Todd-ish. I LOVE musicals! (I'm a theatre geek!) And I am totally scared of dying alone and unloved. =(

  • Mokevo
    15 Jan '10

    Heh, welcome home.
    It's good to see New Zealand mentioned in a comic.

  • Jason
    20 Jan '10

    Hi Li. My name is Jason. I live in Los Angeles, and am of Chinese descent. I used to play baseball, and currently work in home construction while I wait for the results from my applications to architecture schools. I spend most of my time online reading webcomics and surfing great comic! Also: I love Flight of the Conchords. Dunno if that gets me points in NZ.

  • Robin
    20 Jan '10

    Hi, my name is Robin, I live in belgium and my cat's name is Nouka. I study computer sciences at the university of Ghent and I have a problem with my attention span. I love knowing stuff.

  • Melissa
    22 Jan '10

    My name is Melissa. I was born in Detroit Michigan. I like graphic design and writing. I also like looking up pictures of cute baby animals when I'm sad. I love video games and I hate that stupid Italian guidos show on MTV because I'm Sicilian and that makes me look hella dumb :( oh and these comics make me a happy face :D

  • fermin
    6 Feb '10

    Im Fermin, almost 26, Panama city, panama. IT consultant and tech support, love online comics and video games in general.. i love knowing stuff (i try to read cracked and random info websites a lot)
    i have 3 red ear turtles and one tortoise..
    i usually dont do much and i like about a bit of everything...

  • OIK2
    7 Feb '10

    Mike, in the US. Jen and I live with our 3 pet ferrets and 3 pet rats. Biggest addiction outside our furry family is World of Warcraft(This is about us! I love reading web comics. I have a comic(about Ferrets) stuck in my head, but it has to remain there because I have a case of dumb hands.

  • Yair
    13 Feb '10

    I'm Yair and I live in Mexico City, i really like cats but i have a dog named Jack, i'm 25 years i'm an IT guy and I do websites for smal and medium bussines, and i work in a Publisher (nice books).
    I really love your comic, y like zombie games/movies/stuff, videogames, and pizza.

    Saludos desde México (Greetings from Mexico)

  • Alex
    16 Feb '10

    I'm Alex,

    You know me, Li

    I'm friends with Sophie and Chris

    And Tian and Devan

    And Brendan J Cox

    And Jason

    I'm into poetry and wordy things

    I procrastinate

    And I'm very impressed with you

  • Alex
    16 Feb '10

    ...Impressed with you and your website, I should say

    Also the comic on it impresses me

    Bugger I double posted

    I feel i should demonstrate my nerd credentials here also

    So I shall say this:

    I am very into Dwarf Fortress

    I ended this prominent succession LP game of it:

    It is worth reading this thread because it is made of rich amounts of WIN.

    I post as Pozzo on those forums

  • diy
    18 Feb '10

    hey, im from malaysia! graduate of maths. and am waiting to further on architecture so much. enjoy web comics big times and hope to have my one sooner ( like in dream ey?). btw i hate shoelace because i so not fancy cats. lol.

    and yes, i like you Li, very nice comic :D

    (it's 8pm in malaysia right now!)

  • gadevoi
    19 Feb '10

    I’m Alex M. and I live in Waterloo (Belgium). I have a cat named Kookie. I’m 15 years old. I love knowing things, I speak spanish, french, and some english (and I'm learning German and Dutch at school, and I'm interested in languages in general).
    I also like to create things (short movies, short stories, games, audio pieces, drawings,…) but sadly, I seldom do. I code sometimes.

    I just found your comic, thanks to someone who tweeted your last Lojban post, and I really like it (both your comic and lojban :p).

  • Kaity
    24 Feb '10

    I'm Kaity B and I live in California (north of sanfran). I am 22 and in College. I was born in Florida, moved to PA. and then MA and now CA. I had a Corgi. She had a tumor. Now we are adopting 2 new corgi's. I crochet and doodle in comics myself (not super wonderful yet.) I love Shoelace and your comics. I also love wearing new socks. Especially if they are orange.

  • Raunak
    27 Feb '10

    Sup, maties ?
    Am Raunak S, from Calcutta, India. Am 19, and hating it. Am in College, and loving it.
    Am skipping 'I' wherever I can, and loving that too ...
    Own no animals, except a tank full of fish. Though I do feed all strays in and around the neighborhood - plenty of those.
    Extra... , Abstruse goose, xkcd and the Bad Astronomer make up my online activities - no facebook, no twitter no distractions. Loved wikis and loved uncyclopedia even more ... Sigh.

  • Alex
    10 Mar '10

    Oh wow, nice to see Black Books getting some love out there! It's one of my favourite series.

    You have an excellent comic; I'm enjoying reading it very much. :)

  • Greg
    22 Mar '10

    I'm Greg, I live in Maryland, USA. I can probably fly, although I'm somewhat nervous about checking. I am studying math in college, and do the part of knowledge that so many other people hate. You should all thank me.

    I have had a couple fish, but mine always seem to like dying. I also had a hamster once. It was very cute, and is now very dead. I play flute (I'm fantastic at it), and have sung a couple times (I'm not fantastic at it). I love someone I should not, don't worry about much, and get alone pretty well with most people, usually.

  • pirate_sephiroth
    23 Mar '10

    I'm hotter

  • Topaz
    25 Mar '10

    Hi Li,
    Im Topaz, I live in Hamilton, NZ.
    I have 4 cats named Isis, Knahla, Isa and Nevada. I also have a dog whose name is Sirius.
    I know your sister, Lan. I have met shoelace :) I'm good at speeches. I do gymnastics and I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I love the theatre. Yeah, i'm pretty uninteresting really. Oh, and I love your comics so much. Lan told me about them and I'm so glad she did.

  • Callum King
    Callum King
    6 Apr '10

    Hi Li ^_^
    I'm Callum and I come from Edinburgh in Scotland. 21 years and a bit, I hope to one day open my very own scuba diving school, in Okinawa. I have a cat called Toffee who is 14 (I think) can't really remember because she looks sooooo cute I get lost in petting and speaking in baby language to her :P I was a chef now I'm a security guard, but that is paying for my scuba training ^_^ I love manga, anime and my kilt (also my cat but that is a given). Happy to see black books in some other place than the UK, it is my favorite series of all time (btw you can buy the "little book of calm" ^_^) also I HATE spiders, especially the "house spiders"......shudder.
    Anyway, just thought I would leave a comment. I have just found your web comic and have I very much enjoy the cute and well drawn strips ^_^ reminds me of "megatokyo" in the early days. Can't to read on!

  • Lobzy
    7 Apr '10

    Hi ^^
    I'm Mali, also called Lobz, I love my garden, my friends, storytelling, and anything with cats on it. I have four cats named Kitty,Flower,Smoke and Tiger (I actually translated the names here, the real ones are Gatinha, Flor, Fumaça e Tigrinha) and a dog named Argus who's Smoke's best friend. I am very in love with them. I live with my parents and my siblings. I intend to code and design software for a living, but my real passion is in the books, specially fantasy-themed, and in the wilderness. I love trees! I'm 21, but that doesn't mean anything. I find Shoelace to be the single cutest thing the internet has to offer.

  • Prunebutt
    12 Apr '10

    My name is Michi. I have two cats called Spike and Beppi (bavarian short version for Joseph... pretty far fetched now that I think of it...). I'm from Oberammergau from Bavaria and I'm 20 years old.
    I can't wait to go to college and I think I'm gonna become an engineer (Yay! like the guy from Team Fortress 2!) but I don't know for shure (I also like mathematics, physics and computer stuff).
    I play the saxophone, the clarinet, the blues-harp, the ukulele and a little bit of piano and I just love music , particularly Jazz.

    And I REALLY enjoy all those mostly-black-and-white-webcomics like XKCD, Abstrusegoose and this one. ^^

  • vincent
    22 Apr '10

    Hi! My name is Vincent and im from Ireland:) I only discovered extra ordinary about two days ago but im already in love with it! I'm 17 and im doing the leaving cert next year which will decide my future so the small amount of free time between studying I spend online reading stuff like this! I'm hoping to become a game designer but unfortunately I suck at maths:( I have 2 beautiful dogs and used to have cats but they kinda disappeared..... I live in the middle of the countryside so I think they found a better home in the wilderness!!! well I hope they did.... :( I love black books too btw:) Keep making awesome comics Li!! and im naming my next cat shoelace if you don't mind:D

  • Sarah
    28 Apr '10

    Hi there,

    My husband sent me a link to this comic/website - mainly because he was scarily amazed at how similar our lives are :) I was born in Tianjin, and moved to Auckland when I was 9; we have a little black kitten, and i swear to goodness that me and my husband look EXACTLY like how you've depicted you and your partner, down to the glasses/haircut on me and his blond(?) hair! I could even send you a picture to prove it :p

    anyway i'm in love with your work just because they depict our lives so perfectly, but also because it's amazing cute :p so keep up the good work!

    p.s. out of curiosity, where abouts in Auckland are you?
    p.p.s I totally get the spiders thing

  • Erin
    28 Apr '10

    Hi. I'm Erin. I just stumbled upon this site and I like it. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I was born in Florida. I am 25. I have a degree in biological engineering but I'm going to be a pharmacist. I have a corgi named Logan. Really excited to see someone else here loves corgis. I like to wear sunglasses even when its not that sunny outside. I procrastinate a lot. I think baby horses look like the cutest aliens I've ever seen. I don't like cockroaches.

  • popping.candy
    28 Apr '10

    hi im popping.candy i was born in england, live with my dad, older sister and younger bother and sister i have a dog named bear and i am currently working in my Alevel art corse and pepering for my exams :( i love the colour yellow (cuase it makes me happy) i love food bar parsnips | P and most od all i love my boy frend Seth... hes my sethie-bear <3

  • Katrina
    1 May '10

    Hi, I'm Katrina. I'm fairly certain you and I live the same life on opposite sides of the world. Many of your comics occur in my life, including the side of the bed, where the animal sleeps, and the drooling = pillow licking thing. Except I'm not Asian, I live in Pennsylvania in the US, and I have a dog not a cat. Other than that, TOTALLY the same.

  • K-bot
    4 May '10

    Hey .) I am Kaki, but sometimes I use the name of my imaginary robot friend - K-bot. I live in Prague, my favourite actor is Craig Parker and I seriously need to come over to NZ and see him (again. i was lucky.). I love T-Rex and I dont believe there were any mightier dinosaurs EVER. Everyone who says that is not my friend. So I hope you dont think that.

  • GreatCrow
    5 May '10

    Hello! My name is James, but I go by GreatCrow on the internet. I was born in Maryland and have lived in California, Nevada, Texas, Washington state, and Tennessee. I love anime, birds (especially crows and ravens), steampunk, books, and science. I am in college at Memphis and aspire to become a Paleontologist

  • Yolanda
    22 May '10

    Hi, my name is Yolanda, I'm 29 years old and live with my boyfriend near Bern in Switzerland and my mother is from Taiwan and my father is from Switzerland. My cat is called Häxli (small witch) and I'm afraid of spiders too. I love black humour and since a few weeks your website =)

  • Jordan
    23 May '10

    My name is Jordan, I am 13, I was born and raised in California and have lived there ever since. I have a dark sense of humor, and my friends call me "sweetly morbid." My cat's name is Angel, and she had 4 kittens, one of which I kept and named Oliver. I love to draw, and other than these facts, there is nothing much else interesting about me.

  • Amir
    23 May '10

    My name is Amir i live in Atlanta, Georgia. I love video games and movies about zombies, i also have a catcher hikers thumb xD. I can bend my fingers back scary far i can put my arms behind my back while holding my hands togther (people say its gross but i do it anyways) im black,
    also im 16

  • Chase
    23 May '10

    My name is Chase, my Friends call me Hunter which is the old english meaning of my name. I live in Vidalia, Georgia. I was in the army for Five years. I am a war veteran. I have been to more seperate countries than I have states in America. I am afraid of spiders, crowds, and Churches. I have a dog, a cat, and a ferret. I like to go hiking and camping for long periods of time. I also like to practise archery and grow things :D I am secretly addicted to romance animes. :">

  • rootbeer78
    23 May '10

    My name is rootbeer78

    I am the 78th creation to the perfect RootBeer

    I was able to escape from my cryogenic imprisonment by means of exploding(was frozen too long). I survived of course

    Day and night I am hunted down by RootBeer hunters from Germany as well as the perfect RootBeer who is coded rootbeer87(I call him Kyle)

    Right now I'm throwing the hunters and Kyle off the trail(they are not all that bright so it's easy enough to avoid being cought by them)

    I'm afraid I will have to end this as it is. I've already said too much.

  • tjeerd
    24 May '10

    Hey, Im Tjeerd from the Netherlands
    Our cat is named Minoes, and i love your drawing style!

  • Jesse
    25 May '10

    my name's Jasper, i live in Lancashire, England, i have a dog named Sadie and a cat named Mievelle, and my wedding's on thursday.

  • Erica
    30 May '10

    My name is Erica, I'm 22 and I live with my husband, Josh, In Boone, Iowa USA. We have four dogs (Jack, Lexi, Fool, and Skye), Three cats (DW, Jinx, and Snowflake), and three bunnies (Humphrey, Frank, and Alice). This comic reminds me of some of the things my husband and I do. I'm cooky, crazy, and probably not from this world. And for a living.... I print images on t-shirts with a BIG machine...... I sometimes imagine the machine is alive ^_^ teehee

  • Lauren
    2 Jun '10

    Hi! My name is Lauren. I'm 20. I live with my parents, my brother, and my mean yet adorable cat named Kody. He is Mr. Alpha-male >:l. I spend 3/4 of the year in college studying English and Journalism. The other 1/4 of the year is spent sleeping until 10:30, waitressing, playing video games, slaving over the computer, reading webcomics!, and having a lot of bonfires with my boyfriend and my friends.

    Fun fact: I "stumbled-upon" this page, thanks to the best idea and toolbar ever, just yesterday! And I am completely hooked. Seeing your comics made me start drawing again, a hobby I gave up in high school thinking it would take me nowhere. Thank you very much, Li =).

  • shiNIN
    8 Jun '10

    I'm shiNIN, I use this name everywhere, my real name isn't important. I'm 33 but decided not to grow up. I live with my sweet boyfriend and have no pets yet but of course I like cats :D
    I was a programmer and I want to be a graphician too. I lack skills atm.

    I've watched all these comics just now, it's fun. Li has a very healthy attitude I guess. I almost pity Jordan sometimes but who doesn't LOVE tiiiny muffins, can't get my sympathy (tiny muffins are so adorable... *still shocked*).

  • alvaro
    9 Jun '10

    I'm alvaro and I live with shiNIN in a cute little Hungarian village. I don't have any cats (no surprise after reading shiNIN's post) just a motorcycle called Teresa. OK, my last pet was Radar, the chinchilla, but he died in an accident when I was far from home :(
    I must admit that I like spiders.
    I like to take photos and ride my bike while I do know that we'll run out of widely available oil soon - the result is a hypermiler.
    Fun fact: I'm a Touhou fan, I crossplayed Reisen Udongein Inaba at the last con.
    And to have some Asia in this post: I worked in China (Shenzhen) a few years ago (for a month).

  • Kevin
    12 Jun '10

    My name is Kevin and I am studying History at the University of Virginia.

    I love ballroom dancing :)
    Ballroom = Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Samba, Cha Cha, Paso Doble, Rumba, and Jive

  • Starlight
    14 Jun '10

    My name is Cleo and I am ALMOST 18 (sucks to be born in august...) at this moment.
    Also I am from the Netherlands, which is something I don't quite like...
    What I do like is learning English and French (and some other languages too) I am going to study Psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen (or so I hope, because I do not yet know whether I'm accepted).
    Furthermore I like animals, especially cats, music, and my boyfriend who resembles your boyfriend remarkably (and creepily...) much.
    I dislike maths and grammatical errors.
    My boyfriend gave me the link to this comic and remarked that our relationship resembles yours xD It's true...
    Keep up the good work =)

  • Starlight
    14 Jun '10

    I forgot to say that I have cats too, they are of no particular race and named Nero and Dikkiedik.
    One's black and the other is... Well, he resembles the comic character Dikkiedik, you can google it =)
    Ours is not named by us, we adopted it from an adoption centre and they already named it then.

  • Sara
    16 Jun '10

    Hi Li. I'm Sara, and I'm twenty-years-old. I grew up in Pennsylvania, then lived in Sweden when I was eighteen, then moved back to Pennsylvania. Now I live in Arizona, but I get to go to Iraq in a month for a year. I'm in the Army while working on a Computer Science degree. I don't have any pets, but I want a dog someday like I had when I was a kid :3

  • Rach!
    17 Jun '10

    My name's Rachel, I have a cat named Penelope and two dogs Coal + Frank. Penelope is the supreme ruler of all things in this house. I giggle at the work "pudding", I hate olives. I'm allergic to pineapple. I'm a rainbow-chasing butterfly-loving recycling hippy! ♥

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD
    Dr. Sakuya, PhD
    18 Jun '10

    My name is Samuel, and I've never left the -05:00 GMT time zone in my 15-year life. I've never rode an airplane or train yet, either. I spend most of my free time in front of the computer stumbling or playing video games. I am also a furry and a troll. If you don't know what those are, ignorance is bliss. I am allergic to cats and dogs, but we used to own three cats when I was a wee lad and we've owned five dogs in my life, two of which have not died or been given away.

  • Travis
    20 Jun '10

    Name's Travis. I live in Canada (Sudbury, Ontario, to be precise). I'm 24 plus change. I'm a musician, I play guitar and bass and keyboards, I've been in a half-dozen bands that have never went anywhere and I'm totally sticking with the solo route under the name Borealia for now. My favourite food is sushi. I share your distate for mushrooms. When it comes to television, I am pretty much addicted to Discovery Channel. My favourite genre of music is progressive rock. But not really that cheesy early 70s stuff. More like, the Porcupine Tree/Pain Of Salvation variety. My favourite colour is blue. I have bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder and if you make my stack of CDs any less than completely straight I cut you. Hahaha. I recently discovered Extra Ordinary Comics via an enemy, of all things. A friend I had a massive falling out with posted this link and I followed it anyways and found that this was awesome.

  • Gurdit
    22 Jun '10

    I don't know how many people you're going to actually read about, Lisa, but here goes anyway:

    I'm Gurdit, 23 years old, a student, born and living in India. I live on campus in a single room in a hostel. It's fun, sometimes. I blog, I write short stories and I used to write poems. I spend quite a portion of my time reading webcomics and I think yours are adorably cute.

  • Jon
    5 Jul '10

    My name's Jon, 23 years old living in Manila, Philippines. My ethnicity is Chinese. I work in a manufacturing company. I have a cat named Yuki, a gift from my girlfriend. Half Persian, half domestic shorthair. I love reading, writing, and philosophy. I love webcomics with a passion, and I like yours. Keep it up!

  • Dann
    7 Jul '10

    Hi, decided to do this for fun. I am Dann (with dos N's), I am hispanic, 17 years young, my hair is quite long for a guy. I live in south Texas (very hot D:). I am into graphic design and wish to pursue a career in that field. I like scary stuffs, preferably novels and short stories. I like all kinds of music, preferences are Trance, Soft Rock, and Metal (I love the variety). I like to play video games, mostly stuff on steam. I am attending a summer semester at a nearby college. I have trouble sleeping. I procrastinate quite a bit. I have a Zune :D I like to be random. I have visited a few places, Nevada, Florida, California, and Arizona. I like Arizona the most :D but I miss my gf a lot so I plan to move over to California so I can be with her.

  • Pan
    15 Jul '10


    I'm an incarnation of Hitler, which is why I hate quite a lot of things. I plan to go work in the LHC someday and due to a minor technical glitch (heheh) create a black hole (after disposing with Wil Wheaton, that is). Yes, I am a misanthrope and the Vogons paid me off to do away with this planet so that they can build an intergalactic bypass. Corruption is rife at that level of organisation too, you know.

    Why do I reveal my evil plan here, you ask? Because I'm sure nobody would believe me; also I'm quite sure people have stopped reading this chain of comments.

    For your satisfaction, I will save a hard drive full of Black Books, Monty Python and The Thick of It from the destruction.


  • Daniel
    22 Jul '10

    Hey li
    i'm daniel. I am Canadian i lived in shanghai for 3 years where i married my wife. we live in canada now.
    we have 3 cats and a dog.

  • Sara
    26 Jul '10

    I live in Texas. I am completely over-the-top obsessed with Harry Potter. I am terrified of dolphins. I collect garden gnomes. I have one kitty named Dizzy. Dizzy is the love of my life. I like sunshine.

    Sara :)

  • Candace
    27 Jul '10

    I live in alabama and had a boyfriend named steven, these comics are parallel to when we lived together with our cat inkcat. He'll tell you in a heartbeat that i'm just like Li :) I don't like spiders and books are my drug. :)

  • Megan
    29 Jul '10

    I live in gerogia. Ilive with two friends and my adorible cat Rigel. I am i collage for a degree in astrophysics cant spell if my life depended on it but i can do complex math ^_^ My boyfriend will stumbled across your comic and immediatly told me cause he read it nad thought he was walking around in my house. Love your comic Keep it up <3

  • Nicole
    30 Jul '10

    I live in Austin, Texas. I have a cat named Toby who's too skinny, a cat named Cupid who's too fat, and a dog named Poncho. I go caving; people think I'm crazy, but I love crawling my way through the dark, damp and dirt for hours. It's usually worth it, too, to discover new passage and come across huge rooms with sparkling formations ^_^

    I love Pocky and Halo and photography and any film by Miyazaki.

    I'm not afraid of spiders! Just the dark, and really deep water.

    <3 you!

  • sandycube
    4 Aug '10

    I have a bachelors in architecture from University of Oklahoma. I am secretly waiting for the zombie apocalypse. I do not like cats, they make me sneeze and their tongues are dry and weird. I love dogs though. My dogs name is Trillion. I found this on stumbleupon. Also, I'm Asian as well.

  • tyler
    5 Aug '10

    my names tyler my favorite fruits are lemons and limes my favorite band are the beatles i love wikipedia two i love youtube and roblox im in college to become an engineer and i love video games

  • Robert
    6 Aug '10

    Hello people of the internet, my name's Robert. I'm 19 years old, in the army, and absolutely adore math and physics. When I get out I'm going to go to college and see how I like electrical engineering. I stumbled on your comic and don't ever really comment on anything but I decided it'd be nice to join in the fun of this one. I never understood why anyone could be afraid of spiders, I mean they are very tiny and very squish-able, even the largest ones still being very squish-able. I'm from Washington (the state, not the city...I get that question a lot) originally and do miss my home very much. I think I've gone long enough and made this sound enough like a personals ad that I can leave now. I just discovered your comic today by the way and it's adorable so imma keep on reading till the end. Oh, and I collect comic books. Sorry, that just needed to be said, cause they are a giant part of who I am. Anywhoodles, keep up the great comics.

  • Robert
    6 Aug '10

    Crap, I forgot, my grandmother owns a farm and there used to be lots and lots and lots of peacocks running around everywhere. So we collected peacock feathers and balanced them on our noses and stuff. I love it, and I love them. I'm sorry you are afraid of them because they're really quite beautiful. My sister was one for Halloween one year and everyone was commenting on how great it was she had real feathers. Sorry about that, just had to throw it in. I'm done now, but for realsies this time.

  • Rebecah
    6 Aug '10

    I am Rebecah! My full name means abiding grace young warrior, and I have a obsession with names. I live in Missouri, with my roommate and coworker Jessica, and her kitten Kisa, AKA Fuzzy Butt.
    I want to be an English teacher, and have a passion for books (Lord of the Rings is my fave). My greatest fear is to be accused as a witch and burned at the stake! Oh and by the way I am 21! I have a plan for all major catastrophes (Including the Zombie apocalypse).

  • Liang
    7 Aug '10

    Hi! I'm Liang. I was born in China. I moved to the UK when I was 4 and from there to Canada when I was 10. When I was was 22, I graduated from the University of Toronto, with double majors in Architecture and Women's Studes.
    I'm now 25 and I live with David and our cat, Molson. I love your comics, but they also scare me because of how close they resemble my life. You guys even look like us. I've always been scared of doppelgangers.

  • Kat
    7 Aug '10

    Greetings and salutations~
    My name is Katlyn, pronounced Kat and Lyn not Kate and Lyn. I dislike the name Katie and my middle name Rebecca D: Annnyways~ I was born in New York and thus I'm still here though I've been to Canada (and angered people by saying Cah-nan-na-nan-ah-da, its not my fault Canada reminds me of Banana).
    I'm 20 now, a few months shy of the elusive 21 Party Town invitation, and in college for a weird mix of English, Japanese, and Elementary Education (it'll work out! hopefully!). This summer I spent my time being an aide in a summer school program for special needs children.
    I have a wide range of fears: spiders, deep water (Legend of Zelda water temple ruined me), mirrors (afraid of something being behind me in a horror movie fashion), and structural integrity.
    I've always wanted to start a webcomic and have dozens of sketchbooks full of ideas/comic styles. However I don't think I ever will since I get distracted/lose interest.
    Other than that I play World of Warcraft, Gaia Online, Dungeons and Dragons (pencil paper version) and I play the ocarina.

  • Ariel
    7 Aug '10

    Hi, my name is Ariel.
    I'm rather unimportant, but it feels good that someone might actually read this. It makes me feel better.

  • Lisa
    7 Aug '10

    Yay fun!
    I was born in Ontario and I live in Toronto. I'm 21. I'm very short (5'0). I have 3 cats: Tigger, Yuki and Molly. Molly is so liiittle ^o^. I love chocolate! I drink tea with milk and sugar, and if I'm lucky, a cookie every day. I read science fiction novels. I have a boyfriend who calls me cupcake. He and I are watching 'Soul Eater' right now. I hate doing the dishes and hanging up wet laundry. My boyfriend showed me your comic, cause he was reminded of the mighty me, I was looking at the kitty and going "She has a kitty tooo! <3". I'm gonna sit down and read you comics all night now. Bye!

  • Rae
    9 Aug '10

    Hi Li, I'm Rae... and at least based on the little bios here, I'm apparently your oldest reader at a crotchety 39 years old with 3 kids who are older than several of your fans!

    I have two kitties, Grand Dame Gizzy Plushybutt and Master Milo Mindbender (Gizzy & Milo). Since we adopted both of them when they were older (and thus named), I have aspirations of eventually ending up with two kitties young enough to NOT yet have names - and they will become Pixel and Random Numbers.

    I'm an old geek... I've been playing around with computers since 2nd grade and still remember learning BASIC. I'm a gamer (PC, RPG, I'm not picky) anxiously awaiting the release of Diablo III, and more than a little obsessed with Dragons. I'm a major Sci-Fi/Fantasy buff, drawn to everything from Heinlein (obviously), Asimov, or Card to Rowling or McCaffrey and anything in between. I live in Michigan in the United States, I'm disgustingly happily married, and I am now officially in love with your comic!

    Pleasure to "meet" you!

  • Michael
    10 Aug '10

    Hi Li,

    I'm michael and i'm from england. now i know you're from new zealand i read all your comics in Jermaine's voice from flight of the conchords. I have a cat too.

    from Michael

  • Li
    11 Aug '10

    @Michael: now I can't stop reading my comics in Jermaine's voice

  • Kalico
    12 Aug '10

    My (nick)name is Kalico,

    I have a boyfriend, his name is Ryan, I've had him for three months now. I have two bunnies, Charlies and Chocobo. I am a full time student and writer.

    I have mad skills and I'm funny. If there was a Zombie Apocalypse, I know Krav Maga and how to play dead. I'm also addicted to videogames.

    Secretly I am a vigilante, my power is kicking people in the nuts/snatch. Yes, it is the best power. No, I would not like invisibility because I have a great body.

  • Chloe
    14 Aug '10

    hi Li.
    Im Chloe and im Nearly 19! I am a Medical Scientist in training :) I have a boyfriend (Monkey Man Darrell!) and 2 daft dogs, Niki and Benji.
    I am an Irish girl Through and through but however get mistaken for Swedish or Polish because of my hair.
    I am a Resident Evil addict but can only play at Darrell's cause i dont have an xbox yet. 'Humph'
    But i have Awesome accuracy!
    I have 2 sisters not quite as random as me but close!
    1 of my better habits is writing!
    I have a very over active imagination!

  • zebra
    15 Aug '10

    hey my name is zebra i love drawing, poetry, and music.
    my favorite game is assassin's creed and i think fallout 3 is a stupid game.
    i have an imagination like no other and when i found this comic i was happy that i wasnt the only one. :D
    p.s. me thinks you and jordan are the cutest couple evar!!

  • aline
    15 Aug '10

    I´m Aline, 29, mexican and musician. Love cats, dogs, pigs and bunnies. Between jobs, not for much longer, a little geek, all about mac, with a very tall boyfriend (1.86 mts)
    Love playing wii, scary and insane movies, eating desserts.
    Great site, made my day!

  • Viri
    16 Aug '10

    Hello! I'm Viri, I don't have a boyfriend and I don't have a cat but I have a dog who is the love of my life at the moment. I'm a graphic designer, 23 recently graduated and I have a passion for extreme horror movies, cooking and colorful daisies! I love reading, listening to new music and I drink iced chai tea every single afternoon. My brother just recently moved out and took his xbox with him so I can't play GTA IV anymore and do exactly what you do.

    possibly the cutest webcomic I've ever read! :)

  • That Girl With A Blog
    That Girl With A Blog
    17 Aug '10

    Hi Li! My name's Amanda. I'm 25 as of yesterday. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, Adam, and our furry child, Twiggins. He loves to take over my whole bed, too, and he likes to meow an awful lot. I like drawing little pictures and cleaning and organizing things. I like reading books and playing video games made for 8 year old girls. I like watching cartoons and eating candy.

    Aaaand....I think your comic is awesome. :D

  • Aiana Flynn
    Aiana Flynn
    17 Aug '10

    Hi, Li! My name is Aiana, I'm 22 years old. I live in Kentucky with my fiancee, Oz, and our cat Roslin. She's a bit of an attention whore, and generally demands to sleep on top of my laptop's keyboard when I'm trying to draw. I'm an apprentice at a tattoo studio and Oz is in the US Army. I like amateur radio, chasing tornadoes and hurricanes, writing and reading. I play EVE Online, World of Warcraft and Starcraft II in my limited spare time. :3 Mostly though, I draw a lot, a lot. Between tattoo designs and commissions I'm pretty busy.

    I think you and I might have shared a life or a brain at some point - I feel like your comic representation of yourself and I are kindred spirits, living in an odd little alternate dimension that intersects at random with the world around us.

    I stumbled on your website. <3

  • Leigh
    18 Aug '10

    I'm Leigh, it rhymes with Li ^-^ I'm 16, I live in Scotland, have done all my life. I want to be an artist when I grow up. I could have been a professional swimmer if I joined a club, I do gymnastics which I love.

    I'm a techno head, but I love indie and lots of other music as well :3. I love cats, I love shoelace the most. I play pokémon red a lot. I love zombies but they scare me :( I am obsessed with Zelda and occasionally wish Link was real so I could marry him :3 I have lots of chickens and guinea pigs and I hate snow.

  • Nadine
    19 Aug '10

    Hi, I'm Nadine. I'm a 17 year old female of the homorhythmic variety. I'm from Massachusetts and I have a nuclear family.. And a rabbit named Bunny. Well, his full name is Sir Iggins Regal Higglebottom the Third, but he recognizes Bunny. He's such a diva. Anyways, I can't ride bikes or swim very well, but what I lack in physical stamina and prowess I make up for in Little Big Planet skillz and easy going-ness. I'm entering my senior year of highschool and plan on continuing on to college to become a counselor. I wouldn't say I'm a music buff, but I'm a choir queer and a music addict. Really, I'll listen to and enjoy just about anything .. Except for current Country and most Horrorcore. I spend a lot of time Stumbling (second time I've come across your delightful site), reading synopsis' of movies I'll probably never see, and wishing I had artistic talent. I'm a huge fan of horror movies, scary stories, roller coasters, and scaring myself in general. But, I am genuinely afraid of water and the vile beings that lurk just beneath it's seemingly placid surface. I like my curly hair and keep it nice and short. I'm kind of a grammar Nazi, but I typically type how I speak. Running is the bane of my existence; writing is my crutch. I'm one of those New Agey garbage kind of people, but hey, it gets me through the day. I'm sorry, but cats are evil and I love clementines when eaten correctly. I love you and your comic and wish you nothing but the best for you and your cherished ones.

  • Nadine
    19 Aug '10

    Oh my lord, wall of text, I'm so sorry.

  • Steve
    19 Aug '10

    Hello. My name is Stephen. 17 and come from Ye Olde New Hampshire. I don't do much, I skateboard and hang out with my friend. Which involves us sitting at one of our houses until we get so bored we usually end up bowling. I am also a big history nerd, and am a Civil-War Re-enactor in the 15th Massachusetts and the 4th Alabama. After high school I'm enlisting in the USMC and then going to college to become a teacher. I love amusment parks and riding rollercoasters. Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park is my favorite out of all the ones I've been on. And I enjoy listening to the music of Two Gallants, Adam Haworth Stephens (Guitar and vocals of 2GS) and Stan Rogers, A great Canadian song writer. I have two cats. Katrina who is 14 or so. And a lone kitten. We just lost the kitten's mother and two kitten pals. Your comics remind me of my friend. The way she acts is exactly like your comic self. Well. I'm wierd. And must be off. Goodbye and goodluck!

  • Steve
    19 Aug '10

    Uhh..Hang out with my friends...I have more than one..

  • Stine
    20 Aug '10

    I`m Stine and i come and live in Norway :D only have a hamster named Hamster, and a housecat named Simba wich make terreible catnoises :S I love your comics, and i found them using stumbleupon <3

  • Maureen
    21 Aug '10

    Hi! c: I'm Maureen, my great loves include Einstein, Link {Legend of Zelda}, Math, and Physics. I'm 15 and I live in the USA :D I recently stumbled upon your comic and I fell in love right away! I can't stop reading it c': I have a cat as well, my brother named him Furball; but he's not as sweet as yours seemingly is :c. Oh, also, I collect people :D Nothing weird though just friend people, I promise. Anywaysss, I love your art and I hope you never stop making these adorable comics! C: They complete me. <3

  • Hannah
    22 Aug '10

    Hi :D I'm Hannah and I'm from Plymouth, Massachusetts. I'm a History/PoliSci major. I'm 19. I have a chihuahua and three cats. I love Bob Dylan. I drink way too much tea and I like earthy things. I'm single. Your comic is the most adorable thing I've ever seen :D

  • abi
    22 Aug '10

    hi i'm abi and i once ate so many carrots i turned orange. true story. i like carrots :) the orange rubbed off eventually :)

  • Nik
    22 Aug '10

    hi, I'm Nicholas, like to be called Nik, I'm currently 16 years old born on July 1st 1994, live in New-Brunswick Canada, up to now i had 1 hamster, 1 bird and 2 dogs (who both have die way early), i love animals, think of myself as quite acceptable in a gamers point of view, i have a passion for chemistry and electrical phenomenas. I'm also a geek and know allot of random information, and I know more then most people think ;3

    p.s.: i get carried away easily :D

  • Sam
    22 Aug '10

    I'm Sam, a female Sam.
    I was born in Spain.
    I live in Pennsylvania.
    I'm 20 years old.
    My main three heritages are Irish, Polish and English. (No Spanish, I was just born in Spain, my dad was in the military.)
    I'm a vegetarian.
    I have two dogs and two cats (one is lying on me right now), and an anole.
    I'll be going to school for filmmaking in October.
    I have an addictive personality.
    I have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh. :)

  • Anna
    23 Aug '10

    I'm Anna
    I live in Georgia (the state ;) )
    I'm 20 years old
    I'm addicted to reading, horror movies, and video games
    I have a chow-german shepard mix named Chocolate, she's my love
    I'll have an Associates in History this coming Spring
    I tutor writing
    I can't wait to travel the world and dig up the past
    I can't wait to join my boyfriend in Austin, Texas
    And your comics are just the greatest <3

  • Becky
    24 Aug '10


    I am a 16 year old Chinese girl who currently resides in New Zealand.

  • Matt
    25 Aug '10

    I'm Matt, i live in Iasi which is a city in Romania, i'm 21, i study architecture, i love cheese :)) and i treat my laptop as a person :D

  • emma
    28 Aug '10

    hi li
    i'm emma. i live in washington and my favorite things are dinosaurs and bananas. i have two dogs named gracie and suki and two snakes, sammi and coug. i'm fourteen. i have diabetes and i wear glasses. my dog sleeps on mu bed with me and i sleep with a teddy bear. i am a spy for a secret organization that does research projects for a country i made up

  • Holly
    30 Aug '10

    Hi Li!

    My name is Holly. I'm 22 years old. I'm currently majoring in English Literature. I'm taking a semester or two off of school because this year will be my 5th year of university, and I've changed my major six times. I want to take some time to think so i don't change it again. One day I will finish university, then I will become an elementary school teacher. I like manga and graphic novels. I want to be a voice actress, but I refuse to move to LA or Texas so that will never happen. I really want a cat and some dogs one day. For now my mother hates animals, and I can't have pets at school. I'm Canadian. I don't know what else to say.

    I love your comics, you remind me of myself in many random ways.

    OH! I once wore a plush cow as a hat all day.

  • Kenneth
    31 Aug '10

    Hello, Li, I'm 14, I live in Ireland, I love horror games and horror movies, And I love Jackass, Viva La Bam and Wildboyz. Eh heh... and I like Sitcoms like the IT Crowd, Father Ted and Friends. :D

    I used to have like 4 cats. *Shrug*

    And atm, I have 3 dogs and 2 Goldfish. In total of pets I had in my life would be... 50.

  • Rowan
    31 Aug '10

    Hi, I'm Rowan, and despite the fact that I have a boys name (glares menacingly at my mother who got my name from an Ann Rice novel she's never read) I am actually a girl. I'm sixteen, and I live in Chicago in the US. I'm... kind of a nerd. I watch Joss Whedon TV shows religiously, along with Doctor Who. I really like sci-fi/fantasy in case that wasn't glaringly obvious (that's like the second time I've said the word glare in this, gosh that's so negative of me!) I really like history. In fact, I collect random history facts for fun. I love to draw, act, and play the cello (badly is always better!). I used to have two cats, Maggie and Simon, but they were both older than me. One died of kidney failure and the other just sort of... stopped... after she turned senile and forgot where her litter box was. Awkward. Anyways, I've got a little brother who's going to be the Nikola Tesla of the 21st century except without the germaphobia. When I'm older I'm going to take over the state of Ohio and turn it into a Communist state much to my grandfathers chagrin (and to everyone else's amusement. They don't believe in me...) I am afraid of mummies (especially Incan ones, my Anthro teacher went to Peru this summer promising to bring back pictures. I told him if he did that I would never step foot near his class again.), deep water (kinda bad for a swimmer), and man-made heights.
    That's me in a nutshell. Sort of a coconut sized-nutshell. But a nutshell none the less!

  • ruby
    3 Sep '10

    hi ^^
    my names ruby im 17 i like anime, manga,rpgs
    i plan on joining the air force = 3= wen i lose some waight
    i hate ants, feet,sudden unnessesary noses =~=
    i love potatos:D,i have a cat named sunoko after my fav. character :3
    i like scary movies >:3 and sad tear jerkers (i~i)
    i like your art
    its simple yet refreashing :D

  • sarah
    5 Sep '10

    <3 i love cats too!

  • Sarah
    6 Sep '10

    I love Black Books! Me, my flatmate and her boyfriend are blatantly Manny, Bernard and Fran, my flatmate went away and me and her boyfriend spent 3 solid days drinking, we were very close to roasting bees!
    May i recommend Spaced, Green Wing and IT Crowd?!

  • Beth
    6 Sep '10

    Dear Li,
    i just stumbled upon your comics. they make me happy. we have the same thumbs. lets be friends.

  • sean patrick
    sean patrick
    7 Sep '10

    I stumbled upon this comic, its general cute honesty has grown upon my brain like a nice fungal colony. After going to school for photographiez (a paltry example, I moved back in with my parents in the middle bit of California.
    Cheers, and please continue making such a happy and interesting comic.

  • mike
    7 Sep '10

    my name is mike
    i just found your comic
    my wife draws a comic as well and she is freakishly like you
    i love technology
    i am a phone guru
    google is awesome
    i am a manager
    i want to be a web designer

  • Santi
    8 Sep '10

    Oh hi
    i'm santi from spain
    i love this comics, found them today
    yeah they're pretty amazing
    i have a dog but i love cats more than dogs. my dog is the best dog of the world though
    i would like to have a cat but it would probably eat neighbours' bird so i don't have any
    i mean i eat other animals too but not neighbours'
    i study computing
    yeah that's pretty much it. first webcomic that wants me to tell something so i do. kind of funny :D

    P.S. spiders eat mosquitoes so they're not that bad, are they?

  • mustaffa
    9 Sep '10

    my name is mustaffa and im not a terrorist,
    have a cat name simone,
    i want to have a blue eye blonde for girlfriend.
    right now doing bachelor in physic education.
    malaysia is hot i want to live where there is snow.
    new zwaland is a good choice

  • Arthur Ghent
    Arthur Ghent
    10 Sep '10

    My name is Arthur. I am 22, I have two dogs and a tiger named Adam, Kimya, and Joanna... except they're all toys because I am stupid allergic. I am going to start living with my boyfriend in Denver... around January. I make coffee for grumpy people, and I LOVE mushrooms, so feel free to give me all your mushrooms. I may never beat you in Wii Tennis, but I could probably match you in Wii Bowling!

  • Jennifer
    10 Sep '10

    I'm Jennifer. I don't have any pets because my landlady would kill me if I did.
    I'm 25, I live in the United States (in Oklahoma, to be more precise).
    I have a boyfriend named Zach. He's going to school at the University of Oklahoma to become a mechanical engineer. I'm a hairdresser, but maybe I'll finish a degree someday (I was in school to become a teacher). I also have a hitchhiker's thumb. I <3 movies featuring Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, or Michael Cera. I've never left the States, but I'd like to visit NZ someday. :)

  • Sara
    10 Sep '10

    My name is Sara, I'm 17. I plan to major in International Relations and Linguistics at the University of North Texas next fall. I wish to join the USAF as a linguist. I love spaghetti. I've been to 12 countries and half of the states. I love music, psychology, philosophy, and good webcomics like this one. ^-^ I want a Shiba Inu named Troy and two Huskies named Max and Lucy. I am also particularly fond of Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. That is all. :)

  • A.
    10 Sep '10

    My name is A., I'm 19 years old, and I am in my first year of university, planning to major in English and Literature. I want to be an editor and correct spelling and grammar for a living. I have a cat named Bearcat to whom I am ridiculously allergic, and when I move out I want to get two big shaggy dogs, one a Golden Retriever (Socrates) and one a St. Bernard (Gerunden Hunden), and a cat named Harriet. I love gender-fluidity, the queer community, and words.

  • angela
    10 Sep '10

    im angela im 15 l,efthanded and virgo. im going to be vegan one day and im going to move to england as soon as i can.

  • Fernando
    10 Sep '10

    Hi, I'm Fernando. I'm 30. I'm Mexican. I'm from the city of Mexicali, but currently living in the city of Saltillo. I'm pretty found of computers, programming, webcomics and maps, among other things. I'm also fond of my girlfriend, who is japanese and started living with me a couple of months ago. I have no pets, but once I had many, many cats; my favorite one was black and white. Some of my best friends live in my hometown or abroad. I'm scared of growing old and poor. I hate intolerance. I'm a catholic... and evidently I also like to talk about myself.

  • Andy
    10 Sep '10

    Hi, I'm, Andy. I'm 20 I live in Mornington (hour out of Melbourne) and was born in Clayton. I'm at Chisholm tasfe doing a liberal arts course which i am currently failing D: and plan to go to RMIT tafe next year to finish off my Diploma in Conservation and Land Management. I also have a cat , a dog and a pony :D.

  • Connor
    10 Sep '10

    hi Connor 18 no pets. live in australia South Australia. going to uni in adelaide next year to do medicine or science havnt decided yet. favourite website is tv tropes im addicted to it. love radiohead, arcade fire and the melbourne demons :D

  • Emily
    11 Sep '10

    I'm Emily, I'm 23 and from Frome (that's a small town in the South West of England). I go to University in Plymouth (again, SW England, but Souther and Wester), and am studying towards a BA in English and Creative Writing. I have a cat named Lewis, who's about 9 (he's a rescue kitteh, so we don't know exactly how old he is). When I moved to Plymouth, my Mum gave my bedroom to my brother, and his bedroom to my sister. Now I sleep on the sofa-bed in the holidays and have a sore back. I love to write, and am trying to get things published/win competitions, but I never think anything's good enough. I work in a pub on Saturdays and Sundays, and like reading really old books. The end.xx

  • Mary
    11 Sep '10

    My name is Mary, and I'm 27 and a writer. I was born in Louisiana, and now I live in Maryland. My friends thought it was really funny to joke about "Mary moving to Mary-land" when I moved. They were wrong. I used to have an awesome cat named Kali, but she ran away when I was moving into my new house last year, and I haven't gotten another one yet. I love your comic because it reminds me of me and my husband.

  • Lee
    12 Sep '10

    My name is Lee, I'm 18, and a music education student at a Community College. I was born in Michigan, and I still live there. I'm a fellow Wikipedia addict. I practically live with my girlfriend, Lucretia. I'm scared of bugs, I'm pro on Bowling and Boxing on Wii. I have no pets. I read maps very well.

  • Daniel
    12 Sep '10

    My name's Daniel, I'm 23, and I'm from Curitiba, Brazil. I work in a TV network, and I'm addicted to videogames (currently playing Limbo, the most beautiful piece of art i've ever seen)

  • Delmond Conagher
    Delmond Conagher
    12 Sep '10

    My name's Delmond Conagher. I'm an Engineer from Bee Cave, Texas. I work as a mercenary for Builder's League United, or BLU. I invented an autonomous machine gun turret, a laws-of-thermodynamics-defying dispenser and a reliable and safe means of teleportation.

  • bobshmit
    15 Sep '10

    My name’s Ed, 29 years old living in Chicago, Illinois. I am mostly Caucasoid. I work in a company that makes locomotives. I travel a bit for work, so I have no pets. I have a few orchids, just some things to make me feel at home. I find your comic refreshing. Through life we have to fight to remain children, to have passion when others laugh at us. Keep your childhood alive.

  • Ivo
    17 Sep '10

    I'm Ivo. 26 years old, live in Brazil.
    Have two cats named Jung and Sparta.

    Found this place trough
    Love you drawing style.

  • Katy
    17 Sep '10

    My name is Katy. Ill be 24 in a few weeks. I live in the Fort Worth, TX. I have a cat named Angel and a betta named Ziggy Stardust. I live with my boyfriend Justin. I love antique shows! I am addicted to facebook and the price is right game and bejeweled. I love your comics because you remind me of my inner-self that not very many people witness.

  • Han
    17 Sep '10

    My shortened name is Han and I prefer to keep it like that, I am 30 now born and grew up in Sweden, my parents are from Hong Kong. I used to have a cat named Sally whom I loved a lot but has passed away this year summer.

    I used to work in construction but now want to focus on culinary study and become a Swedish chef in Hong Kong.
    Currently I love my PS3 whenever I have time to play it.

    Found this place from cheezburger.

    I been to Beijing once when I was 10 in 1990.

  • Liz
    18 Sep '10


    I also found you on ICHC today and just read through all your comics from start to finish! I was supposed to be working and studying but instead your comics sucked me into a black hole! Love it!

    I'm 30, from South Africa and have two cats named Diablo and Fuega.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  • Jeannine
    18 Sep '10


    i'm also from South Africa!!! I have a 4 week old kitten named Cleopatra! i'm 22 and found your comics via ICHC. i LOVE them!!!!!!!

  • Lisa
    18 Sep '10

    My name's Lisa, I'm 23 and was born and live in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm doing a degree in computer networking. I have a cat named Treacle who is now about 15 - for an old cat, he's pretty spry when he goes chasing after treats :) I also came across your site through ICHC and I love it! I visited China when I was 13, Beijing and Xi'an, I'd love to go back some day. I love cooking (I'm a pescetarian, so just veggie stuff and fish - with plenty mushrooms!) photography, and reading. Black Books is amazing! If you haven't already, you should also check out Spaced, and Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey's stand up. I just got into geocaching, it's good fun. I love Wii tennis, but I'm much better at bowling. I didn't intent for this to be such a long comment.. Keep up the awesome comics :)

  • Lisa
    18 Sep '10

    *intend, rather..

  • Arianna
    18 Sep '10

    hi, my name is Arianna. I'm 23 years old. I live in Los Angeles, Ca. I go to UCLA and I'm a Occupational therapy major. I want to work with special needs children help them strengthen their gross and fine motor skills. I have a rescue dog named Rocko (I named him after the Nickelodeon cartoon Rocko's Modern Life) and he is 3 years old. We also share the same birthday... which makes me very happy :D. My dad was born in Egypt and my mom is Dutch and Sri Lanka... I've been to all 3 countries multiple times and I think one day I would love to live in the Netherlands.
    A friend told me about your site... and I absolutely love it. :)

  • Krystle
    19 Sep '10

    Hai! I'm Krystle. I'm 25, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I work as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a rehabilitation center. I live with my boyfriend Jason, and I have one cat, Nikki, whose 9. I love to read, and devour a book almost every day. I will someday get a new heart valve, which I'm pretty stoked about :D I'm scared of ants and
    the dark but love to watch thriller...and I'm exactly like you with the watching a horror movie and then not sleeping for a week then rinse and repeat xD
    I'm addicted to collecting sharp pointy weapons, and so far have 5 swords, a double bladed battle axe, a weird hand weapon thingy (my b/f got it for me for christmas) 9 knives, and just recently a bow.
    Oh, and I'm short...4'11 xD

  • Robyn
    20 Sep '10

    Scared of ET and the aliens from Mac and Me
    Born in and remain in Canada
    Desperately want to move to Australia
    My cats are named Clark Kent the Supercat and Cleopatra Smith.
    I'm tall: 5'9" or 175cm
    I am the only person I know with a straight thumb
    Cancer, seeking Scorpio ;)

  • Morgan
    20 Sep '10

    I'm Morgan! I'm 29, I love books and music, I'm a gamer girl, and a internet/webcomic addict. I have lived in Colorado, USA, for most of my life, except for the 4 years I spent in LA, during and after getting my master's degree. I work in theatre. I love cats and dogs and am allergic to both (which is why I love reading about them!). Every car I've ever owned has been at least 10 years old and white. I adore the BBC in all forms, especially comedy series and scifi/fantasy shows! I don't like the color orange, moths or falling.

  • Patty
    21 Sep '10

    my name is Patty and i live in Dunedin.
    I have two cats. Mocha & Latte.
    I like dead birds.
    I work on teeth.

  • Konoko
    21 Sep '10

    Hello, I am Johanna.
    I was born in Ruotsinpyhtää, Finland.
    I am 25 years old.
    I live with Ville.
    I am scared of a lot of things when I am alone in the dark, trying to sleep.
    I am addicted to coffee.
    I am good at finding information on the Web.
    I have beaten Fear Effect 2 several times.
    I love nectarines and cartoons.
    I have a cat named Paavo.
    I am shortsighted.
    I don't like cooked tuna. ('Hate' is a strong word.)
    I moved to Lappeenranta when I was 22.

    Thank you for reading this. I seriously hope Pan will forget about his evil plans.

  • Nichole
    22 Sep '10

    Hello! I'm Nichole. I'm 22.
    I graduated in May with a B.S. in biology and a minor in English. I'm teaching the latter in South Korea with my fiance, Rob. We have a kitty back home in Albuquerque named Missie who should be joining us here as soon as possible. We love reading your comic because it reminds us of our Missie. Fun activity: play Resident Evil 4 on the Wii, one person with the wii-mote and the other with the nunchuk. Dangerous, but adds an awesome new level of difficulty. If that's not enough, I find a stubbornly comfortable kitty on your lap should do the job.
    Thanks for the comics :)

  • theladybug
    23 Sep '10

    hi! i just turned 26 and have lived in north carolina for three years. im more of a northerner living in a very southern area. i have a chemistry/food science degree from virginia tech and now am QA at a cereal/oatmeal manufacturing company. i have a husband and two kitty cats (luna and gizmo) - and a semi-third that we just found friday (we call her raggedy ann because she looks a little ragged). we are leaving food out for her, the food goes away and we have seen her once - its a ninja. i like to scrapbook and coupon and organize/clean. i'm like a 35 year old stay at home mom. i am obsessed with sushi and pierogies to eat and ladybugs and kitties and japanese kawaii for decorating everything. i choose not to use proper punctuation on purpose, not because i am lazy.

    i just found your comic today - its awesome <3

  • Anthony Rosales
    Anthony Rosales
    24 Sep '10

    I was born. Then I grew. Now I'm here typing this summary.

    It hasn't been the most exciting life, but I've never been very keen on too much excitement anyway.

    There are smaller details of course, but I'm much too shy to reveal them here.

  • PheonixGRX
    25 Sep '10

    Well, I was born in NSW Australia, but moved to Queensland when I was 6. I hated school and got bullied at some times. I got into a fight which I lost but I bit under the guys nipple puncturing a main vein so he cant be a sports star like he wanted (lost the battle, not the war) I graduated in 2009 and dont go out that much. I am basically an otaku and hikikomori, which means I am a huge anime/manga/video game fan, and I am someone who basically never leaves the house unless its important, like more games or manga (sometimes anime) which is usually involving the city. I have more greater friends online then in real life and I dont hang out with them. That is basically it. Oh, and my birthday is May the 7th.

  • Grumpy Old Man
    Grumpy Old Man
    25 Sep '10

    My name is Rodger, my g.f. and I have been together for 20 years, we have a cat named V. I. who is named after a private investigator - we rescued her, she is sweet and thinks boys are scarey, but sometimes will sit on my lap and purrrrrrrrrrrr and sometimes runs and hides when she sees me.

  • Ashley
    26 Sep '10

    I'm Ashley, a 22 year old dreamer from Canada. I had a cat named Rascal (who I surprisingly wanted to name Shoelace - weird huh?) from age 3, until 20. I have completed my undergrad degree in Criminology and Sociology and plan on becoming a police officer. I've been with the same great guy for the past 2.5 years and we play hockey together. I stumbled across your webcomic, and as soon as i'm done writing this, I will continue until i've finished :) I hate oranges, but love mushrooms - so i'm sure we'd get along just fine in the food dept. I have never left North America, but plan on doing extensive traveling when i'm older.

  • Christine
    26 Sep '10

    I'm Christine, nearly 22, and live in Chicago. I live alone with my cat Perseus and I'm under the impression that you and Shoelace have the same relationship as Percy and me. I'm a radio major. I love finger food, especially bite-sized veggies. IKEA is quite possibly my favorite store. I'm in love with your comic. I knit and practice yoga. Weeeee. My inner child is 6 (but sometimes 12). (:

  • Cassaundra
    29 Sep '10

    They call me Cassaundra. I'm a 19 year old geologist who can't wait to get to New Zealand! My cat's name is Ducky but she has no idea she's a cat. She can do tricks!
    I hula hoop several hours a day and when I'm not I'm looking for new webcomics. I'm really glad I found yours.
    Peace and Love...

  • Lola
    29 Sep '10

    My name is Lola. I am a showgirl. I have a feathers in my hair and a dress cut down to there.

  • Marissa
    29 Sep '10

    My name is Marissa and my life goal is to go and live in Ireland. I plan to major in Ancient History so i can bore students to death at college. I hate algebra no matter how cool some teachers are and i love to procrastinate. My favorite color is red. I like sushi. I'm afraid of lamps.

  • Amber
    30 Sep '10

    Hi! Im Amber 25 from Maryland, USA born and raised :D

    I have 5 fur babies Hannah, Alley, Ginger Snaps, Buttons & Bows.

    I just found your comics today and i love it already!

    I like to crochet things,I like starbucks but am not much of coffee even though that is what there most know for.

    Id love to some day travel the world but my anxiety gets the best of me.

    I also love Disney World and i just started a crafting blog!!


  • Taylor
    1 Oct '10

    I'm Taylor! I'm from Wisconsin, USA. But now I live in Minnesota because that's where I go to college. I like randomness and I love these comics like none other. Some people (OK, most people) give me crap because I'm obsessed with cats and Harry Potter and I knit. But whateves, I think I'm pretty awesome. I like cheesy movie (namely Sleepover) and Disney Movies (Mulan is my absolute fav followed closely by the Little Mermaid and Lion King 1 1/2). I burst out into random song and dance quite regularly. I don't ever want to grow up. :]

  • Emily
    1 Oct '10

    My name is Emily! I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I do catering out of my home, where I live with my lovey-dovey Stan. I like knitting, quilting, making jam, and playing scrabble. Webcomics distract me from all of these hobbies (and many other things that I enjoy) but I love them too much to quit. I like your a lot! I've been reading through them laughing, saying "that's what I would say" to things you say, and "That's what Stan would say" about Jordan. It has been a pleasant evening.

  • Amy
    1 Oct '10

    My name is Amy, I'm 25 years old and I live in a very small hick town outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! I serve drunk people booze everyday and pretty much hate every minute of it. I hope to go to school for Pastry Chef in the near future, because I love to bake! I have 2 cats, 2 ferrets, I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, I love animals, all things cute and sweet, video games like Halo, Fable, Brute force, Pikmin, Mario Galaxy, Viva Pinata. I enjoy sewing, crafting, drawing, singing, and scrap booking! I also love wine, which I am currently half a bottle into :P

  • Tara
    2 Oct '10

    I am Tara. I live in Alabama (yes, as in "Sweet Home Alabama" the song), United States. I have lived here all 20 years of my life. The southern traditions of family, food, and fun have led me to major in Family and Consumer Sciences and Secondary Education. Basically that way I can chill with kids all day and eat all of their baked goods in my home economic classes. I like many many things. I do not like hate. I love your comics. I send about 4 or 5 a day to my boyfriend (a.k.a. Jordan clone). I laugh out loud constantly.

  • Claireanne Rementilla
    Claireanne Rementilla
    2 Oct '10

    I'm Claire. Sometimes Clairebear. I'm 19 but most of the time I feel like an old woman who acts like a five year old. All I want to do is fall in love and see the world.

    Your comics has made my life a little brighter than it already is. Thank you. :)

  • Nell
    3 Oct '10

    Hi! I'm Nell and I'm from England!

    I'm 22 years old and have a tripod cat named Tosca (she was hit by a car and had to have her leg removed).

    I recently graduated with a bachelors in Law, but I want to be a baker!

    I live with my boyfriend, Jon, and all my family.

    I wish I could draw like you, because these comics are both cute and hilarious!

  • C'loni
    4 Oct '10

    My name is C'loni
    I'm 28 and I live in Arizona
    I wish I had a cat but I can't because I'm allergic and my pet rent is very expensive
    I too have a hitchhikers thumb and love british comedies (Black Books FTW!)
    My dream is to be a published novelist, and buy an English cottage so I can read books,
    write stories and play video games all day
    I love to go to Vegas for vacation
    This is the cutest webcomic I've ever seen!!

  • Renee
    4 Oct '10

    Name: Renee
    Age: 16
    Currently living in: BC, Canada.
    Pets: a Black Bear Hamster named Oreo who is currently running on his wheel,
    which makes a high-pitched squeaking sound.

    I want to learn how to do more things than I already know how to do.
    I live with my mom, and one of my older sisters.
    I procrastinate as well. Also Asian.

    The simplicityof your webcomics (art, and content-wise) makes me want to start drawing again.

  • Stesah
    4 Oct '10

    I am Stesah, I'm twenty, I'm a psychology student in the USA. I live with my wonderful, annoying husband-to-be, Drew, who is studying to be a music teacher. We can't have pets in our apartment, and it makes me miserably sad. I am currently eating a muffin. Your comic is adorable.

  • Michael Vance
    Michael Vance
    7 Oct '10

    Hi Im Michael,
    Im 20 I live in a small town in WV named Ronceverte. Im a motorcyclist/gamer/adventurist/hacker/thinker. I have a 2010 ford fusion, listen to rock mostly, love the taste of strawberry, am a kid at heart, I now work with a EHR company managing the database and my dream job is to lead a game design team.

  • Leah H
    Leah H
    7 Oct '10

    My name is Leah.
    I was born and raised in Canada.
    I can speak francais, english, and american sign language.
    I am 22 years old.
    My boyfriend who showed me this comic is 9 days older than me.
    I also have one cat, female, named Kitkat.
    It is uncanny how much your comic reminds me of myself.
    I should go Kitkat is giving me cuddle me or die looks.

  • Seregi
    10 Oct '10

    I'm 24 Finnish girl and I feel like your comic (partly) tells about my life :F My cat is called Paju (Willow) and spouse Jari. He also has similar beard as Jordan. I'm trying to write my master thesis about Thai immigrant in Turku region. I once seriously injured my friend when playing Wii Tennis.

  • Sooshi Meo
    Sooshi Meo
    10 Oct '10

    I'm 21. Born in VN, moved to US when I was 3. I have a cat named Meo Meo (Vietnamese for cat, so in English it would be Cat Cat but to me she'll always be Kitty Kitty). I'm addicted to anything that is cute from animals, tokidoki, sanrio, your comics, and much more and collect anything I can get my hands on. I'm saving your comics as I read them but for my own personal use. I'm also addicted to stumbleupon currently and happy that I am because I've stumbled on your page fortunately and cannot leave. :) I'm scared of ants and clowns.

  • HayBails
    11 Oct '10

    I am 16. I live in Canada, and i just recently found your comic. It is wonderful and endearing by the way. :) I have a kitty named Minni. I also play wii tennis, but i am awful. I am scared of bugs and birds. :P I love raspberries and hate mushrooms and brussel sprouts.

  • Rachel
    14 Oct '10

    I'm 22. I am working on a degree in English Lit. I live in the US of A but I want to teach in another country after I graduate. I have a cat named Puzzle but everyone knows him as Xu. Your comic reminds me of the many adventures I have with him. I play Plants vs Zombies every night before bed and I will never get tired of Super Mario Bros. I can wiggle my ears. My diet consists of mostly rice and noodles.

  • Kristy
    15 Oct '10

    I'm 24 and am working on my master's in electrical engineering. I have a cat named Iria who does nothing but cause havoc. If only he had eyebrows, maybe I could tell what he was thinking!!

  • B!o.!
    15 Oct '10

    I`m 22, studying marine biology in Universidad de Magallanes, in Punta Arenas -Chile. I have a little dog called Poky and I just started to read your adventures. when I was a kid I had a cat called Silvestre.
    Best wishes!

  • Beth
    16 Oct '10

    I'm 26, studying childcare in Sydney, Australia. I have 2 cats called Meg and Zim. Zim and I love chicken quesidillas and torturing Meg. I have a husband who I call "H" who said I am just like you *LOL* He reminds me of Jordan and pulls the same faces!

  • Jay
    16 Oct '10

    I'm 24 years old, Born in NSW Australia, but lived my entire life in Argentina and love it. I study International affairs at UNR in Rosario, Santa Fe. Allergic to cats, love animes, comics, and PS games. Study japanese and love everything that has to do with Japan's culture =D
    You're a lot like the person I love lol.

  • Rorke
    19 Oct '10

    I am 24 and a freelance artist doing various concept and comic art internationally. I live in Canada. I had a cat named Annon which means a "beautiful silence" in Japanese but she went missing a couple years ago. I am planning on getting a new cat, I saw her at the SPCA, her name is Mini. I am going to change her name to Waffles, and they say that the best way to change a cats name is to put their name before the name you want to permanently give them... so her name for the first little while will be Mini Waffles... yep true story.


    PS Asians are sexy... Especially Asian girls that love zombies and play video games and like cats to boot. Please be my friend! ^-^

  • Nora
    25 Oct '10

    I'm 17 NYC born and raised i have 6 cats I live with my parents. I like cute things and Harry Potter things. I am afraid of heights and flies.


  • AJ
    28 Oct '10

    I was born in South Korea, live in the Netherlands, studying Industrial product design.
    I love cats and cute things, the cuter the better, the fluffier the better ^_^
    can't have them because rest of family have allergies :(
    Ima get some kittens as soon as I get my own appartment with my gf.

    Never stop these comics or I will get very sad and take reveange as a zombie~

  • Tanja
    28 Oct '10


    My name is Tanja, although I go by the nick of Kairi. I live in the netherlands where I was born and raised, even though I am temporarily living in Oslo now for four months. Back home I got a BF by the name of Tjitte (I know). He has long hair and a goat-tee, which is not nearly as bad as it sounds. We got two cats: Flits (Flash or lightning) and Roxas (From Kingdom Hearts 2). And even though my cats rule the house, I rule what's left when they sleep!

    Ow and zombies are baaaad, especially the ones in silent hill and the pyramid heads, but you can use a katana to kill them, that's fun!

  • Steph
    29 Oct '10

    I'm Steph. I'm 24 years old. My ancestors are Irish. I go to college in Idaho. I live with Cody and we have a beagle puppy named Pixel. I'm addicted to FFXI and spend a lot of time lurking on I love tea, chocolate, and warm comfort foods. I like winter better than summer because I don't like hot temperatures. I'm scared of spiders, too. I love to cook! ^^

  • Casey
    30 Oct '10

    I'm Casey, I'm an 18 year old Social Work student from Michigan. I'm currently home from school for the weekend, where my cat, Eclipse ( NOT named after the Twilight series... he's named after the solar event.), tried kicking me out of bed last night. You'd think he'd be nice since he doesn't see me very often... Lol, I love stumbling upon good comics like this one, Harry Potter, and I believe the ONLY reason to play GTA is for the stress relief XD

  • Urdal
    30 Oct '10

    I'm Urdal, and I'm a 21 year old lad studying Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in Aberystwyth, Wales.
    I'm originally from southern Norway, but I've also finished Space Technology up north in Norway.
    Love cats, and I love to travel. So far traveled to 34 countries, and I intend to keep going to more, yay!
    Comics are a daily life part, but there's so many good ones to keep up to date with, and now I found another one, more yay!

    Spiders are indeed scary, and they should stay outdoors in the wilderness where they belong....

  • Shawn
    30 Oct '10

    my name is shawn, i stumbled upon your site and enjoy it greatly. i live in CA and goto school in Stockton at Delta College for Machinist you rock!

  • Vanessa
    31 Oct '10

    My name is Vanessa, and I'm almost 23 years old! I live with the love of my life/husband Dan-kin, and I have a kitty named Belle. She is mostly Dan-kin's kitty, and she doesn't like me as much as she likes him so I'm often mad at her, but she's super cute and round so I love her anyway. I have a degree in Psychology and am trying to earn another in Biology so I can be accepted into a Ph.D. Neuroscience program somewhere. I work at a craft store but I can't do crafts. I love mushrooms, asparagus and Brussels sprouts, but I hate black licorice and anything that tastes remotely like it.

  • Megan
    31 Oct '10

    Im 18 and I was born in Germany and moved to the United States when I was four. I go to college for Clinical Laboratory Science. I have a cat named pepper. I work in a nursing home as a nurse aide right now. Rice Krispie Treats are my favorite.I have a boyfriend and it is creepy how this comic is about our life most of the time. We went through all of them and related to most. It made us smile. Love your work!

  • Ria
    2 Nov '10

    I'm 23 and live in the US. I live halfway across the country from my family. I had a cat but we had to put him down recently. His name was Eclipse, but everyone called him Vegeta after the character in Dragon Ball Z. I am studying Biology and English and I am a total science geek. I also love comics, books, movies, music and video games.

    I'm also a witch.

  • naima
    2 Nov '10

    Cool... I just finished Black Books and it was SPECTACULAR....

  • aaron
    2 Nov '10

    I like your comic, I just found it today. I'm 37, from america. I like spiders, but I don't like them near me. I prefer to have them outside, or to remain on the ceiling and not in my food or bed. I also like shiny things.

  • Liam
    2 Nov '10

    I'm 18 and just moved to Palmerston North this year (hometown Dannevirke not far away). I'm just finishing my first year of study for a B.E. majoring in Mechatronics. I like cats but I usually make fun of those who own them :P I can't see why anyone in New Zealand would be scared of spiders as none of them here can cause you much harm unless your alergic. I like anime, COD4, music, sunshine, and stumbleupon which is how i found your comics, and i think they're awesome :) I also find it more amusing to watch people attempt to play wii tenis than to actually beat them myself.

  • Zin
    3 Nov '10

    I'm born in China (hi there), moved to Japan when I was 4 months old, then my dad dragged our family back to Iraq when I was 6, where we got a cat that led to 5 generations of cats, which we unfortunately had to leave in 2005 due to circumstances.
    Currently in Jordan (the country!), recently got my degree in computer sciences, even more recently found a job that has nothing to do with my degree. And I started growing my hair, not planning to cut it ever again.
    I've stopped gaming, filling my time with anime and stumbling (how I found your website) instead, want to own a pet snake some day, love chocolate, love cold weather and hate the heat.
    Oh, and I have like 66 different webcomics bookmarked to keep up with. well, 67 now.
    Hi >:3

  • Amy
    5 Nov '10

    My name's Amy, family name's Wong. I'm 21 and I was born in Malaysia, but raised in Brunei. Went to college in KL, Malaysia, and named my cat Simon, after Simon's cat. I graduated, and moved back here in Brunei. I unfortunately had to leave Simon for this reason.

    Anyhow, my left ear is bigger than my right ear, and I don't like vegetables with funky colours; i.e. pumpkin, eggplant. I tend to answer incoherently to simple yes/no questions, and my favourite classic story book is Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I'm horrible at Mathematics(so please don't ask me to count) and I love a great laugh.

    Anyway, love the comics. Keep it up!

  • Alaina
    6 Nov '10

    My name is Alaina. I live in the United States in the state of North Carolina. I have lived in this area my entire life. I am 25 years old. I have 3 cats (Beaujacque, Sneezer, and Ginger) and have 2 chihuahuas (Tater and Eve). I just graduated for college at WCU aand have a degree in Environmental Science. I absolutely hate the feel of all things velvet( i.e.ring boxes). I just married my high school sweetheart last year. I used to love reading and my favorite author is Laurell K Hamilton.

    I just stumbled upon your comic. They are one of the funniest things that I have read in a long time. Keep writing forever!!! You're awesome!

  • Nathan
    7 Nov '10

    I'm 21 and I've been living in Auckland since July. My friend found this comic and sent it to me, noting that you graduated from AU. I decided to have a look and I find this comic pretty funny. Hooray for happening upon fun things! I find the quirkiness and simple sketch-style drawing pretty charming and will probably go ahead and read all of these.
    I leave Auckland in about 2 weeks and I may stop reading this just because it may remind me of Auckland too much, which will sadden me since I won't be back for a while.
    That is all.

  • Kate
    10 Nov '10

    I' m 19 years old, born and raised in the United States. I quite enjoy reading maps, smoothies, online webcomics, stumbleupon, zombies and gore, and videogames. I'm in college studying graphic design.

  • Jordan
    11 Nov '10

    Hi! I'm 21, born and raised in Indiana - AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I am a creative writing and art history double major at Purdue, which will hopefully propel me to meet the British man of my dreams - only real requirements are British accent, skinny jeans, and a passion for Tolkien, preferably blue eyes. XD I am in LOVE with your comic, and I have to agree, mushrooms are really icky, oranges rule, and British comedies are KA. :) Wikipedia is an amazing source of information, and I routinely find myself spending hours looking up random, somewhat useless information late at night while I should be writing

    Love your kitty - my fam is cat oriented as well, our resident being Pouce (a really pretty and slightly pretentious long-haired calico with a lot of extra digits. Hemmingway cats are epic lulz, especially in winter XD) Keep up the good work dear!!

  • Karin
    11 Nov '10

    I'm 29 (so ancient) and have to cats, Vladimir and Chewie, as in Chewbacca. Um, there are twins walking around and a husband too. Born in Scotland came to the States when I was 8. Love the comic....just started reading today....I like olives and riding on trains. And witty one-liners.

  • Tribetta
    13 Nov '10

    I'm 23, turning 24 on Feb. 3, and I aspire to be the crazy cat lady one day. I go to veterinary school in Mississippi in the U.S. I have three cats that stay with me: Leo (from Jungle Emperor Leo), Luke (a Jedi feline warrior), and Lily (I need another L....). I stumble across you comic and I love it!

  • john
    14 Nov '10

    I was born in Edinburough, Scotland in 1985... moved to the states (Texas) when I was 15. Now I live in washington D.C. I was in the military for 6 years... deployed twice... have been married and divorced... have no children... and am related to two U.S. presidents and one civil war general.

  • Thomas
    15 Nov '10

    I was born in Australia but hold German citizenship, I am 23 years old in December 2010 and live on the coast of New South Wales, Australia. I am a cynic and a cat lover. As hobbies I am a fencer, an avid gamer and I serve in the Volunteer Fire Service. My greatest aspiration is to combat the political correctness movement wherever and whenever I can.

    Stumbleupon is guilty for my presence here.

  • Ellie
    15 Nov '10

    Im 16 and live in Oregon in a very green valley. I've dyed my hair every shade of red since 7th grade and its the only hair color i've every dyed it. I collect Buddhas, elephants, birthday cards and ear piercing, im up to 12. I love you comic and i spent most of my Halloween reading through all of them. I have four cats named Jimi, Lidi, Lila, and bob (hes the odd one) I love candy canes, lets plays, water and pins about Dr who.

  • Samara
    17 Nov '10

    My name is Samara, I'm 22 and live in Australia. I love baking things in miniature size and lick my food to claim it. However I get very annoyed when others do this. I recently unlocked the final world in Super Mario Galaxy 2 much to the detriment of my university studies. I'm completing an extended degree in Archaeology then studying to become a special effects make up artist. I will run for a bus but not for a train, I love thunder storms but hate sun showers. I am allergic to cats and kiwi fruit. My boyfriend has a french curly moustache. I love him.

  • Aaron
    17 Nov '10

    My name is Aaron I'm 22 I live in California. I have become obsessed with StumbleUpon (which is how I found these comics). I am a United States history major. I hope to one day become a teacher. I've never had a girlfriend (but I hope to change that very soon <3). I have a job that I hate that drives me crazy and friends that I love who keep me sane.

  • Adam
    19 Nov '10

    My name is Adam, I'm 24, and I was born and raised just outside of Chicago. I'm a writer, a student, a gamer, a biker. I have a dog named Charley. I love to cook Italian food from scratch (My nonna gave me her terrific pizza dough recipe) and grilling on the BBQ. Reading your comics sometimes make me sad, because my ex girlfriend is seems almost exactly like you. Don't stop tho, they're great

  • blythe
    20 Nov '10

    I'm a 29 year old college freshman. I have a cat named Meow Meow, a dog named Mr. Dog and a bunny named Bananas, but I call her Bunny Bunny anyway. I was born and still live in Augusta, GA. I ride a bike everywhere, am a baker by profession and love math. I super strongly identify with your strip about procrastination, particularly considering that is what I'm doing RIGHTNOW. Your strip is beyond adorable.

  • Mako
    22 Nov '10

    I'm 28 years old, half white and Lebanese. I was born and raised in Halifax Nova Scotia and moved to Vancouver B.C. Canada at the age of 13. I proposed to and engaged with my long time girlfriend Krystal (Fun fact: I popped the question at Penny Arcade Expo 10 in Seattle) between the two of us we have three cats (Neko, Patches and Cookie). I Joined the Canadian Forces at 21 and retired with the rank of Master Corporal a few years ago. I love adventuring be it a random road trip or a flight somewhere and with Krystal by my side, the adventures never stop!

  • Chessy
    24 Nov '10

    I'm 19, I live in Canada, and have all my life. I'm a college student in my second year of my bachelor of science degree. Just found your comic thanks to stumble upon. I don't have a kitty, but if I did I'd name him Schrodinger. I do have a dog named Jennifer, and a hedgehog named Penelope. I love pomegranates and mangos. Mushrooms are the worst. So are tomatoes. I love to travel, and would like to spend my next summer abroad in Europe.

  • Serge
    27 Nov '10

    I'm 24, born in Budapest to Russian parents, and spent my childhood in Moscow until I was 13. Then we moved to Canada, to the beautiful city of Vancouver. I used to love mushroom but now I am totally meh to them. I'm currently doing my graduate studies in Toronto, where I live with my fiancee, who is awesome. Oh, I also adore cats, and my parents currently own two. My fiancee is allergic to them, so I can never have a cat anymore ;-(. I started drawing a few years ago, and I also now run my own webcomic. I fell in love with your strip almost immediately after I found it.

  • Lara
    1 Dec '10

    I'm 22 years old and lived in South Africa for the first 21 years of my life before moving to South Korea for a year to teach English. Back home I have what some people would call WAY too many cats - there are six at my parents house and I convinced my boyfriend to take one in, which I suppose is the only one that I can really count as my very own. His name is Puddims. I am terrified or spiders and needles. I hate eating tomatoes on sandwiches and burgers because it makes everything all squishy, but don't mind eating them on their own. I absolutely love your strip, and in fact when my boyfriend came to visit me in July, he brought me a drawing that you had done of the three of us (Grant, Puddims and I) that has a prominent position on my bookshelf. I love it, so thank you! :)

  • Bronte
    2 Dec '10

    My name's Bronte, I have a cat called Spike (but I call him puddy) and a cat called Marvin after the hitchhikers android. I'm 19, I'm at Uni in Australia and my cat sits in my face if I'm asleep.
    Love your comic. :)

  • Chester Chesterton
    Chester Chesterton
    2 Dec '10

    I'm a 34 year old usually drunken sailor who likes to chase the local wildlife at whichever place of solace we come to. I lost my leg while fighting with the rope that held the front mast in place. It snapped up and hit my leg with such force that it stopped the circulation of blood. It was Ol' snappy who told me that I would have to lose my leg, but said not to worry because they would find the finest piece of wood they could in order to help me walk again. It was a painful experience, but not as painful as how I lost my right hand. Me right hand was my lover on these long journeys. With no women on board to satisfy your cravings you have to be able to support yourself. Well I had been trying to keep it to a minimum on one of our long voyages across the pacific, but for some reason the mood for making babies was causing me to look at Ol' snappy in the wrong way when we were using the poop deck. So I kept up using me right hand because what would the other crew mates think if I started something with Ol' snappy? They all call him a smelly cur with no teeth and a whaler's harpoon for a tongue. Well to say the least I wouldn't be able to stay on this boat if that got around. So it had to be other methods. The journey was a wet one, it rained constantly. Perhaps it was the mixture of sea water and other various fluid, but I noticed that me hand started going fuzzy. Twas not long before my hand was covered in a blanket of green velvet. I consulted Ol' snappy of what it might be, and he told me that I had been in league with the devil. They didn't throw me overboard, but the ship did say that is the reason for the ill weather. They told me that either I had to go, or my hand had to go in order to right the sins that I had committed. That is how I lost my hand. It's not all that bad though, I still have a leg to stand on and a hand to play with.

  • Megan
    3 Dec '10

    So, you're basically living my life. I want to be you, it's not even funny.

    I lived in New Zealand for about two months and I've wanted to go back ever since. But I'm stuck in Texas. So can we swap lives or something?

  • Christian
    4 Dec '10

    I have cancer.

  • Patoriku Mikudonarudo
    Patoriku Mikudonarudo
    4 Dec '10

    Im 1/3 Chamorro, 1/3 filipino, and half white.. I live on a little island called Guam close to the phillipines and Japan the biggest island in the marianas etc etc...Ive lived on Guam all my life. I have a DOG Mwahahahahaahah way more awesomerrrrrr named Ben he's 10(too old to care about a cat lol) and thats it rofl

  • Chris
    5 Dec '10

    I absolutely love Black Books and other British comedies too, I now feel an affinity with you, Li ^^

  • Amy
    6 Dec '10

    I'm 19, part scottish, and pasty white because i stopped leaving the house in favor of college classes and sleeping. The Hatfields and McCoys are my ancestors (google it, yo)

    I live in texas, and am wearing shorts because it is still hot, and it only is winter for about 4.5 days.

    I can replicate the sound a squirrel makes perfectly, and can make it backwards as well. I also have delicious autism. those are my special talents.

  • Neville
    8 Dec '10

    Hello! I'm 22, and I live in New York City. However, I just moved here after graduating from university for a job! I was born in Texas, moved to New Jersey, and went to school in Virginia - I've lived in quite a few places in the United States, but haven't been lucky enough to visit New Zealand (yet!) Right now I'm applying for graduate programs in mathematics here in the states.

    In my spare time, I write crossword puzzles!

  • Lucy
    9 Dec '10

    Hello :) i'm 14 turning 15 in January, i live in England in a town called Luton which is close to London. I love reading and playing the drums, i always LOVE the band Gorillaz ♥♥♥ i hate blood and needles >.< i have a small dog called jack and two axolotls. i'm addicted to anything with Zombies and LOVE sugar and coffee!

  • Ren
    9 Dec '10


  • Chris B
    Chris B
    10 Dec '10

    Totally agree! Blacks Books is hilarious. Wow... not many comments here eh? I'll tell you a little about myself then:
    - I'm pretty awesome
    - I write music for the fun of it
    - I'm Canadian
    - I can make sweet (in my opinion) mspaint pictures
    - this is my first day checking out your comics
    - I can wiggle my ears
    - I'm 22 years old
    - I have a cat named Rocket
    - I work in IT
    - Dinosaurs are yes, sky is carrots, and why is a duck when it flys?

  • Chris B
    Chris B
    10 Dec '10

    OK. I didn't realize we were on the fifth page of comments here... aint I a fool.

  • Kayleigh
    10 Dec '10

    --I'm a first-generation American (on my dad's side, fifth-generation on my mom's)
    --I'm 23 and in college, graduating soon with a degree in biology
    --I love books, cephalopods, anthropology, and music of all kinds
    --My favorite TV shows ever are MASH, Law & Order, and Doctor Who
    --I write fiction in my spare time

  • Val
    12 Dec '10

    Hi Li. I love your comic quite a lot, I think we're very similar.
    - I'm Val and I'm [sekrit] years old
    - I graduated from media and communication management
    - I am mexican and have always lived here (Mexico City)
    - I hate mushrooms too
    - My favourite food is spaguetti and breaded steak
    - Lemon is the best invention by God EVER
    - I hate mexican TV but love asian dramas


    Now, all of your cats are belong to us (me and Boyfriend)

  • Morgan
    14 Dec '10

    -I'm 16 and attend high school
    -Half Dutch [Mum moved to NZ when she was 2]
    -Dad's side of the family has some Irish in it.
    -Born/Raised in NZ
    -From ages 12-15 I lived in U.A.E.
    -I have a German shepherd called Sarge
    -I hate strawberries, the number four and afraid of spiders and insects
    -I read use Stumble Upon every day at least once.
    -I'm a girl, many who've never seen me mistake me for a boy because of my name.
    -My middle name is Ineke and people think you say it as "Inky" Its not.
    -I go to aikido three times a week, it is a good hobby.
    -My 2year old, 3year old and 7year old cousins[of the same mother] are like my little brothers and sister.
    -I love to read and love watching movies.

  • Andrew
    15 Dec '10

    Hi :-) love the comic.

    -I'm a 19 year old boy and attend college in Rhode Island.
    -I'm a chemistry major with a minor in mathematics.
    -I'm 6'6" and have an Abraham Lincoln beard that I enjoy chewing occasionally.
    -I'm Norwegian and my mom's from Australia.
    -I sketch and read fantasy novels in my spare time.
    -I'm a huge comic book nerd. :-)
    -I'm afraid of horses and am allergic to mint.

  • Holiday
    18 Dec '10

    This is the first time I've seen your comics.
    They rock btw
    I'm 21..22 in like a week
    I have a dog named Murphy
    I'm American, but my film and literature collection is 90% British
    I play Kingdom Hearts way way way too much
    I still run up my basement stairs because I'm convinced monsters are chasing me
    I want to be a photographer or an anthropologist
    So basically my dream is to photograph Keith Richards in Indonesia

  • Emily
    19 Dec '10

    -I'm 16, and go to a public high school.
    -I like to do origami
    -and sewing
    -and model planes
    -and ...well, most crafts
    -I hate clothing mannequins (they're terrifying).
    -I want to be an engineer
    -I have three pet fish; Jean-Pierre, Nikolai, and Poseidon
    -I'm addicted to webcomics.

  • Ms Katz
    Ms Katz
    24 Dec '10

    I LOVE your comic!I'm female,46,eat fire, Caucasian Canadian female.I could very well be "that" version of you!I am sure your comics touch home and we see ourselves in many of the things you do.Your relationship is similar to mine and my hubs.I was Bette Midler's lead dancer for 6 years all over North America in concert.I love to cook, but love raw fish even more.I have 4 cats.Only one was intentional.3 were abandoned..I love to read,love animals, the beach, sincere friends,health and fitness oriented topics and activities.I live in Las Vegas.My cat's names are Neko,Squeakers,Sasha,and Kitten(he's 22 pounds)KEEP UP THE FUN!

  • Ayen
    25 Dec '10

    Your comics are so cute and funny. :)
    -I’m 14 and attend high school
    -Full blooded Filipino
    -Born/Raised in Sin City
    -I have a fish that proves that microwaves give you cancer
    -I dislike the heat, people, and homophobia.
    -I read some sort of webcomic everyday
    -I'm an art major with a french elective
    -I apparently have eleven (fake) husbands with three children to one and two adopted children to another, and a son to yet another, two are dead, one has obtained a divorce, and five are fictional characters.
    -I love to read and journal
    -I want to do something in medicine or psychology when I grow up

  • Andrew
    28 Dec '10

    I am 23. I am moving to Baltimore in a week, out of my parents house.
    I am starting school to become a High school math teacher.
    I have no current pets, but I used to have lizards.
    My girlfriend has two cats.
    I love political oriented fantasy: A Game of Thrones, Assassins Apprentice
    I want to be a mathemagician when I finish with all my schooling, which will hopefully be never.

  • John
    3 Jan '11

    I'm 23 too, live in North Carolina, USA
    Have a BFA in Film, so I love film
    Taxi Driver is my favorite film
    Have two dogs, Charlie and Atticus
    Love video games, have a PS3 and Wii
    Just stumbled upon your comic, and I love it!

  • Geoff
    4 Jan '11

    I was born in Tucson, Arizona. I am 19 years old. I live with Gordon. I'm scared of artist's sketching mannikin's. I also read lots of wikipedia and am pretty good at reading maps. I have only played Wii Tennis once and was awful at it. I love broccoli. I love cats but don't have any now. I have ordinary thumbs, although I can dislocate the one on the right whenever I feel like it. British comedies are pretty good, but I don't watch much TV. I like reading instead! I still live in Tucson. I thought I hated mushrooms for a long time but found that they are actually alright. I hate tomatoes.

  • Mikél
    5 Jan '11

    I was born in Seattle, Washington. I'm 1/2 white, 1/4 Alaskan, and 1/4 Japanese. I moved to Alaska when i was 7, moved to California when I was 13. I am 20, I'll be 21 in April. I live with Matthew. I also have a hitchhikers thumb (only on my right hand though. My left thumb is boring.)

    I have a cat named Kitty (Whiskers). She's 12, I got her when I was 8 for my birthday. I have another cat named Bloo, she's only 1. She was abandoned and I fed her with a dropper. :3 Cats are teh awsum

    I LOVE kiwifruit. And strawberries. P:

    I love playing video games. I'm not really into horror...... I'm a 'fraidy cat lol

    I finished college back in November and I'm working as a dental assistant right now....

    I love your webcomic!

  • Gaby
    5 Jan '11

    Born in NY, living in Seattle.
    I graduated from the University of Oregon in geography and work at Expedia.
    I have two dogs and a cat, named Sean Finnegan (Finn), Mackinak Urlacher (Mac) and Luna.
    I love lemon gelato and hate olives.
    I own too many books and my boyfriend says I need to start boxing some to make room. :(
    I love to write and I blog about volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium, but occasionally get off topic.
    I also run and love the water. I could never live inland.

  • Maria
    7 Jan '11

    I am born in Nyköping- Sweden.
    I graduated with a degree in general media.
    I work for IBM.
    I have sea monkeys because I am allergic to cats.
    I live with Patrick - he is bald and comes from New York.
    We live in Dublin.
    I love painting and writing and animals, snuggles, knives, cotton candy and super villains.
    I am also fond of hard bread and caviar.

    I love your comic.
    Thank you.

  • Lois
    7 Jan '11

    I am a native of Southern California.
    I am a recently married graduate student
    28 years old
    I love watching/reading/looking for funny things about cats (which is how i found your comic strip)
    I love to read and watch movies (although I can't do much of that b/c of grad school)
    I am allergic to cats but I think they are hilarious (like Maru the cat)
    I am also 1st generation Korean American.

    I love how your drawings and how you draw about your interactions with Shoelace. Helps me get through all of the research I have to do . :)

  • Brenna
    8 Jan '11

    Love the comic, but I feel slightly lame compared to most of you.
    -I'm 21 years old and live in Wisconsin (see? lame)
    -I'm addicted to Stumbleupon and love kitties which is how I found your site.
    -I live with my boyfriend, Max (aka Maximus Prime)
    -Am also addicted to web comics. Well, comics in general.
    -I went to college to be a High School Art Teacher. I loves the drawrings.
    -I also hate mushrooms. And tomatoes. And zombies.
    -I will be graduating cosmetology school in two weeks.
    -A Bit of Fry and Laurie is one of my favorite shows in the history of ever. Brit comedy is best.
    -My cat, Tigger, is an old man, but still has the balls to kill crows and raccoons. He will be my sidekick in the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Mr David McClain
    Mr David McClain
    8 Jan '11

    I am not... any of those things... except reading maps... that I am good at.

  • Tiana
    13 Jan '11

    Oh hai!
    My friend gave me this link telling me this comic reminded him of me. The first one I read was the one where you punched the volcano, and I was instantly in love with your comic. You crack me up! I swear I feel like I'm reading a comic from my own mind, it's so goofy and random and fun! Keep it up, you make my day!
    Ps, I am 18 and I have a 1 1/2 year old cat named Eclipse who is super crazy, and I love her so much. The fact that you have a cat too is just the icing on the cake!!

  • Anastasia
    17 Jan '11

    My name is Anastasia, I love Monty Python and Star Trek, and Harry Potter and Grimms Faerie tales. I like to paint and write. Writing is my thing. Trampolines are fun an clowns are creepy

  • Linh
    19 Jan '11

    Hello Ms. Li! o/
    My name is Linh, im 14 and I'm Vietnamese (which means i'm asian too :'D). I like penguins, pokemon, drawing, and music. My dream is to be a cartoonist, or i mean to make cartoon movies thing, like Pixar people.. xD I 'm speechless in front of too many people. I can't eat things such as onion, ginger, leeks, etc, and i dont really liek chocolate, because some of them are bitter to me, even the milk ones. But i love marshmallow, jelly beans and gummy bear.
    I spend most of my time in front of my laptop, and my tablet. My brother calls me nerd but its not true at all because im not good at studying, such as math, physics and chemistry... its just because i like drawing very very very much :'D
    i really like your comics, btw \o/ <3

  • Carlos
    21 Jan '11

    I guess it's kinda late XD

    Born in Peru, moved to states when I was six. About to graduate highschool and go to college to study physics or something sciency in computers. :D

  • Vivian
    26 Jan '11

    Hi Li,
    My name is Vivian, I have 2 cats they are Zeyla and Panther. Zeyla has a nickname "the Boss" she is quite something always bossing poor sweet Panther around..

    I live in North Miami Beach, FL USA and work for a psychologist see alot of messed up people everyday! I stumbled upon your link (at work) and LOVED IT! Sent comic #18 to my boyfriend about the Dream you had about Jordan and waking up mad! That happened to me last week. I have been hooked on your comics and sent them to about 10 people already! You make people smile so keep it up! :-)

  • jon
    27 Jan '11

    DUDE im actually moving to NZ next year!!! :D

  • Michi
    28 Jan '11

    Rar! Comment!
    My name is Michelle but most people call me Michi. I'm 25 years old, Grew up in WA, USA but have lived the last two years in Florida. I'm married to my hubby, Mike, and we have a two month old baby named Scott (He so CUTE!) I have a super fluffy kitteh named CK.
    I wuv Zombie movies (if I could I would totally prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse), I like watching Horrer movies, romantic comedies, I REALLY love fantasy movies, books, games (Dragon Age is so fun!)
    If I won the lottery I would build a life size replica of Serenity from Firefly, put it on a trailer and take it to Con's. And hopefully get the crew of Serenity to get on board (Photo shoot anyone?)
    I like Anime, I can speak some Japanese but I'm a little rusty. I like to read Manga too. I've made a webcomic before when I was in highschool but life got in the way.

  • Emilie Norwood
    Emilie Norwood
    30 Jan '11

    I'm Emilie, I am of Czech, Irish, British, and Cherokee descent. I go to college seeking a degree in Theatre and one day Film. I love music and acting and singing and cooking. I love my family and my BOND family. I have a cat named Bear who has knocked me unconscious before.

  • Kate
    4 Feb '11

    I'm Kate. I have 4 rabbits. I'm terrible at drawing. I love reading. I spend far too much time on the internet. I'm studying Environmental Science and Geophysics at Auckland University. I just found your webcomic and it is fantastic :D

  • Jacob
    7 Feb '11

    Hi, my name is Jacob. i am 18, almost 19, and i live in long beach, California. I went to the same high school as snoop dog, and i am currently a student at LB City College. i am one month drug free today. I love music, mostly hip hop, dubstep, and hardstyle, but i am willing to listen to anything. i have played drums for 9 years now, and i have been rapping for about 2 and a half (i am very close to releasing my next mixtape "old habits die hard." i have sever ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. I have dark brown hair which i keep really short, and i fix my lineup everyday. i am a wikipedia addict. i plan to get my MD and become a psychologist. I have an undying loyalty to my family and close friends. all i want from life is to make people happy, though making major bank would be really nice too.

  • max
    14 Feb '11

    The details of my life are quite inconsequential. My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year-old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims, like he invented the question mark. Sometimes, he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical, summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring, we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds. Pretty standard, really.

  • Jed
    17 Feb '11

    I'm jed,
    I'm not really a werewolf.
    I just read all your comics in one sitting :D
    good stuff!

  • Adina
    21 Feb '11

    Hi! My name is Adina. I live with Nick (at least 80% of the time) and I have a cat named Yin Yang. He's a japanese bobtail. I'm almost twenty-three. I love cheese and cute comics. I found this website by facebook-stalking my ex-boyfriend. I must admit, he has some good taste in some things. I am applying to graduate school for language acquisition and I work in a bank. It's pretty boring most of the time, but it's ok. I live in Michigan, USA. It's too cold here. I just watched the first half of that movie Grindhouse and couldn't sleep for 2 days. Zombies scare me. Your comic makes me happy tho.

  • Vanessa Salas
    Vanessa Salas
    21 Feb '11

    Hi, I'm Vanessa. I was born in Texas but I am of Mexican descent. I've never left the state, but have moved around within it several times. I am 22 years old and I am still in college. I have a cat named Harley Quinn and I live with my boyfriend, Sean. I don't know what to do in life, but I just want to enjoy it. I like cute things and am very clumsy.

  • JC
    22 Feb '11


    My name is JC. I live in Mesa Arizona. I am a gay 17 year old highschool senior. I am really big into theatre. Right now i am working on getting money for college. I plan on getting a BA in Psycology and eventually becoming a licenced therapist for all the crazy people i know.

    I LOVE the webcomic (btw). Its so damn cute!!! Its definitely become a highlight of my day ^^

  • Cassie
    28 Feb '11

    Hey my name is Cassie ^_^ and I felt that it has been a while since you had a comment or an introduction on this piece! I am from the USA and I love cats. I have 2. One is a black cat that is 2 years old and his name is The Sun and I have a tabby that is 1 1/2 years old and his name is Taro. I enjoy reading your comics. They make me chuckle. I have a deep love or maybe even an obsession for Asian Culture. I like to write. I love to sing. I have to agree...Wikipedia rocks. I want to travel around the world and sometimes I dream about being in a world like Ponyo ^_^

  • Kaelie
    2 Mar '11

    Hi Li, my name is Kaelie! I am 21 years old and I live in West Virginia, USA! I have a kitten named Evie Leebee (who also happens to be my child). I have an amazing boyfriend who I live with named Craig. I have an odd fascination with space, cooking, and baking. I also love to drive - it doesn't matter where, it's just something I do to always clear my mind. I want to live in another country one day. I love computers and video games (I play Halo everyday) and also I love playing Minecraft and The Sims!
    --P.S. I was rereading all your comics tonight and had to repost my about me!! :)

  • Caitlyn
    4 Mar '11

    Hi! I just found your comics and I love them! :)

    Anyway I am Caitlyn, I'm 21 and I'm a graphic design major. I am a born and raised Washingtonian. I have two pet betta fish named Beowulf and DaVinci. My cats back home are Lola and Tiger Lily, Lily for short. I am 1/4 Japanese, and am studying the language as my minor ^_^ and I really want to go to Japan someday and meet my relatives over there. I love cross country (did it for 6 years back in secondary school) and am currently in Taekwondo club and I am captain of my university's Step Team. Some of my favorite games include: the board game Quelf (quite literally the game of random) and Tetris Battle on Facebook :D

  • Nora
    10 Mar '11

    Hi, I'm Nora. I'm 20 and live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm currently in school to be an art teacher, but I'm thinking of changing my major. I have a weird obsession with dinosaurs and mustaches. It makes no sense. My favorite color is orange. I have a minion, and I also have a sidekick. I used to have a cat named Delilah, but my sister is allergic to cats, so I was forced to give her up. :( I one day hope to own a pet lobster or a hedgehog. I have monkey toes, can only do the Live Long and Prosper sign with my left hand, and I love drawing breakfast food.

  • Naomi
    13 Mar '11

    Hi, I'm Naomi. I'm 16 years old and I live in New Jersey, USA. I hope to move to Scotland one day, and my boyfriend wants to become an architect too- he's going to Drexel next year. I have a cat, Oreo, and a dog, Molly. I've only been overseas once, but I long for more, even though I think I'll always be an American girl at heart <3 I can't wait to grow up and leave home, and my absolute dream job is to be an international journalist. National Geographic would be pretty effing awesome, but I don't think I'm good enough for that haha. I am exactly like you with scary movies. I think your webcomic and art style are adorable :)

  • Taryn
    18 Mar '11

    Hey! I'm Taryn, from BC, Canada. I'm 18, and waiting to find out if I've been accepted into Emily Carr University in Vancouver. I'm hoping to major in Illustration eventually, so hopefully one day I'll have my own comic like you! I was addicted to Garfield when I was little, and just last night I found yours! I already love it, just so you know. It's so cute, funny, and well done, and the whole site is great! I also love music, I play drums, and hopefully I'll do something with that as well as the future illustration plans. I love exploring, and traveling, and finding new places. I hate stinkbugs - if you're familiar with them - they're gross and just... creepy. I procrastinate as well, I like gaming quite a bit (especially my Gameboy sp, I'm such a loser), and I have a cat names Snuggles! :3

  • Scotty
    20 Mar '11

    Hi Li! My name is Scotty and I'm a girl, I have 7 chinchillas : Slick, baby, spice, cinnamon, hoppy, sebastian and Timothy, but Sebastian is mine. The other's belong to my dad's fiance. I have a golden retriever named Sadie and a cockatiel named Simon. I'm 16, I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but I want to move to England or New Zealand :D I'm in grade 11 at an arts school called Canterbury, and I want to study Psychology and Criminology at Ottawa U when I graduate. My favourite colours are Green, Orange and Purple in that order, and I love all things sparkly. I'm afraid of spiders and the dark, but I have an irrational fear of things that crawl. I just ate two helpings of Macaroni and Cheese and it was delicious. I love zombies.

  • Jakob
    23 Mar '11

    My name is Jakob. I study mathematics because I like numbers and operators and that sort of things. When I am not studying mathematics I browse the Internet and collect Game Boy systems, games and peripherals. I have a hard time interpreting body language or any other non-straight forward conversational device. I see a psychiatrist because I hear voices and other things that apparently aren't there. I also read your web comic. I find it humorous.
    I have one friend. Her name is Amanda. She lives in another country, but I don't mind, because I don't like being with people.

  • Paulina
    24 Mar '11

    My name is Paulina. I'm from Mexico City. I'm 20 years old. I have a dog named Gerund (yeah, like the -ing form) and he's a craaazy-ass sweetheart. I live with my older brother who likes bananas and running from one side to the other of the apartament while yelling like a monkey. I don't like flowers and I believe in oranges as a cure for sadness. I like kitties but my nose doesn't :( I think Jakob needs an orange and i'm willing to give him one :)

  • Stefanie
    24 Mar '11

    Hi Li,
    My name is Stefanie, and I was born in Chesapeake, VA, however I have lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Washington State, and am currently residing in New Jersey. I live with my husband, Philip, my 11 month daughter, Susan, and our two cats, Hawk and Jasmine. We're expecting another baby in late November/early December. I am a font of useless information ranging from movie quotes to migration pattern of whales. None of this has relevance to my life since I am a stay at home mom. However, it keeps people entertained, and will come in handy with soon to be heard question of "Why?"

  • sarah
    27 Mar '11

    Hi, I hope I can do this and nobody will mind..
    My name is Sarah, I'm 22, and I am from the magical land of Colorado, USA. I love it so much sometimes it makes my heart ache when I think about leaving, which I want to do all the time and see the world and meet new and interesting people that think about more than farming or yelling at me because I tend to dye my hairs pink or purple or bright, screaming blue.
    I am hoping to double major in history with a secondary education degree and women's studies and am working towards that goal. I have four dogs names Suzie Q, Jilly Bean, Boone, and Ramsey, and am the oldest of seven kids (by three fathers, looong My favorite things are my dogs, reading (especially things by Mark Kurlansky or Tolkein,) and laughing. I am hoping to someday fall in love again.

  • Sarah
    27 Mar '11

    Oh, and I friended you on facebook and you responded to my odd little crush on all the characters in your comic..I love them and they make me happy when I am sad, and I feel like you and I do a lot of the same things, such as sit in cardboard boxes and pretend they are pirate ships. (only I love dogs and like

  • ian
    28 Mar '11

    oh crap now i cant stop looking at my horrible disfigured (hitchhikers) thumb. Dang you Li!!!!! :)
    love the comic

  • Jen
    2 Apr '11

    Yay! Jumping on the bandwagon late :D. My name is Jen, 19, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canadaaaa. :). I am at the University of Victoria finishing (today!) my first year, taking a Bacehlor of Child and Youth Care. I have three cats, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Shadow. I live now on farm with my boyfriend, and have 4 dogs, 3 horses, a salt water aquarium, a turtle, a rabbit, 4 cats, and a canary. phewph. And I aam spending all day today reading your comic :)

  • Yancy Fry
    Yancy Fry
    2 Apr '11

    Hi I'm yancy, I'm 21 and I was born in Springfield, IL. I now live in Coeur d'Alene, ID, I work at an amusement park and live with three other guys. I have no pets. I plan on going to college for CSI/Forensics. I draw with pencil for my hobby and I spend hours online on Stumbleupon and other awesome sites. I love online comics

  • Ella
    5 Apr '11

    I'm Ella and I live in Long Beach, California. I'm going to New York this summer for a music camp and won't be back in time to celebrate my 18th birthday with my family. After collage, I'm going to move to Germany and sing opera (I'm a coloratura soprano). If I could have any wish come true, I would have a lot of cool superpowers, one of which would be the ability to change gender at will. My favorite anime/manga are Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Petshop of Horrors, and Black Butler.

  • Alan
    7 Apr '11

    My name is Alan. I'm a junior at Covenant College studying English with a minor in Theatre. I still haven't figured out why there's a difference between "Theater" and "Theatre." I was born in St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the U.S. and it's the home I go home to during the breaks. I'm in love with a girl named Jordan, I have a cat named Junebug, two brothers, a mom and a dad, and an ever-burning hatred for the undead that matches the sun in its intensity which is, of course, why I love video games involving plastering zombie brains across the nearest wall. I claim that I am employed by the city of St. Augustine as a dinosaur hunter and that it's my job to ensure there are no dinosaurs within the city limits. Obviously I do my job very well. I love to sail, read, write, and play with my professors' kids. I'm also addicted to my DS and webcomics.

  • Helen
    7 Apr '11

    Well, I'm Helen... Age 17. I'm very indecisive about my future, as I love anything and everything that has to do with both writing and art... I'm going to art school when I graduate this year from highschool, already been accepted.... Errrr..... I can be a bit of a spazz. I love drawing O: And I absolutely adore your comics. You should teach me how to draw comics, I legit cant figure it out.

  • Gladys O.
    Gladys O.
    10 Apr '11

    Oh. wooooowww! Me and this guy ^^^^^^^ have the same place and age O.O
    Anyways, I am 17 years old I live in South Texas (where we basically live only two seasons... Summer being the worst). I'm Hispanic. I'm a bookworm and a nerdfighter. I haven't been outside my state, just Mexico (but I don't really count that since it is basically my backyard...) Ummm. I'm in Theatre. I am not sure what college I'm going to pick. I want to major in English. I speak Spanish, too. I have a hitchhiker thum just like you!!! ^-^ And pretty much, I am a very random kid.

  • Nick
    11 Apr '11

    Hi Li, my name is Nick, I live in Colorado, but before that I lived in Italy for 10 years.
    I have a ferret named Fenris, just got my first tattoo which is a Chrono Cross game reference, I like video games and reading.
    I graduated Massage Therapy school. but plan on continuing education on other fields.
    I really enjoy your comic Li, keep up the good work =D

  • Alex
    17 Apr '11

    :D browsing through your archive~

    My name is Alexander, I was born and raised and still living in germany (3 for 3, whoo). My cats names are Yade and Aiko, they had 4 kittens named Black, Grey, Ninko and Tubbs. I love webcomics, comics and manga. I study electronic engineering and IT.
    What I do with my free time usually involves any kind of video game and old TV shows as well as my cats and a ball of yarn. I have a friend who reminds me of the comic Li! She's as quirky and awesome as you are!

    I'll be a loyal reader from now on :D keep them coming!

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy
    21 Apr '11

    Hey, I'm Tim.

    I go to school at GWU in Washington DC. I love Baseball, Cold drinks, Kingdom Hearts, Going for walks, Pokemon. I can pitch a mean wiffle ball. I would Totally be a pterodactyl. And I have a girlfriend and feel that we are exactly like you and Jordan.

    Love the comic, I've been reading through it backwards all day.

  • bubo2000
    22 Apr '11

    Hi, I'm Hana from Slovakia :). I like your comic, especially the way you draw Shoelace - so adorable! I live in Bratislava (capital city), work as a programmer in a big company, I'm 25 and... hmmm... I love sport in general (most liked: volleyball + beachvolleyball), I'm addicted to Wikipedia like you ;), I live with my boyfriend, I like every kind of food except for those containing dill leaves and/or zucchini, I like computer games and real-life games & toys (board games, sport-like games, lego, puzzles...) and I would like to live in Scandinavia :-x. And travel a lot (but for that, I need money which I don't have at the moment).

  • Haloe
    22 Apr '11

    Ah, I'm Haley (Haloe!) from Florida. C: I'm currently 17 years old. I love video games, swimming, and drawing/painting. :D I'm very open minded and accepting, so I like a lot of things, and get along with many people-- Only problem is, I'm shy, so I don't usually talk to anyone unless I'm spoken to first. ;~;

    Your comic is adorable. >w< I'm a lot like you! And your some parts of your comic remind me of my boyfriend and I. :D Nyaa. :3 I don't know what else to say about myself lol ;;;;

  • Amber
    22 Apr '11

    Hi Li!!!!!,
    My name is Amber
    I am 26 years old
    I am on my way to get my masters in Psychology
    I live in Columbus Ohio with my boyfriend Dustin
    I am of Scottish and Irish decent ( Which means I am quite pale lol)
    I am a musician
    I have a back and white kitty named Tinker
    I love me some Zumba
    Sushi rocks too
    And oh, so does your comics!!!!

  • Deanna
    27 Apr '11

    hello. i am excited that you are in auckland - i found you through jeph jacques' comic. your comic is cool.
    my name is deanna. i live in whakatane, i have 27 years. i have a floppy black cat named Mal. i am a social studies and history teacher.

  • Leilani
    2 May '11

    My name is Leilani. I currently live in South Korea, stationed with the Army. I LOVE writing and traveling around Korea with my boyfriend and WEBCOMICS! Recently found yours, today, as a matter of fact. I'm almost 23, and that is about it.

  • Demopoly
    6 May '11

    Hi I'm Don, wrapping up a MCS degree and then I will continue for a doctorate in processor programming. I'm a real estate agent, amateur astronomer, and I build robots. Real ones. The cost of technology has dropped significantly over the last ten years especially, and building a robot shoelace/cat wouldn't be much of a challenge today. And, it won't eat your flowers unless you program it to. I have a collection of old cars including a 1963 Thunderbird that I really love to ride around in. Odd people make me smile. I live in Seattle WA USA.

  • Paloma
    7 May '11

    I normally don't do this but i'll do for once. My name's Paloma (dove) I'm 18 and spanish, living with my boyfriend in Madrid and I'm on antidepressants, too long to explain.
    I have a dog called Marte (Mars), love reading, photography, cosplay and manga stuff.
    My other personality is called Eva and is a little girl, but few people knows about that, which I suppose is better.
    My boyfriend also has a cat, Grisom, way too cute XD
    nice to meet you all =D

  • Sally
    8 May '11

    You love British comedies such as Black books. ... I love you.

  • Cat
    9 May '11

    Hi, Li!
    I'm Cat. I'm 23, studying computer science at MIT. I wish I owned a cat. I love to travel, and am trying to move to Japan for a few years, though I'd settle for any place I haven't lived before. I also adore British comedies and wikipedia and am good at reading maps. However, I can't draw, so I'm very impressed with people who can. Every week your comic makes me happy. Thanks!

  • Jonathan
    11 May '11

    My name is Jonathan. I live in California. I started reading your comics about 20 minutes ago because I'm procrastinating on work. Reading the comic about procrastination made me laugh. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I go to school full-time, work part-time. I love meeting people and any kind of new music is welcome to me. I'm currently in J-rock at the moment because it reminds me of U.S.'s 90's rock. I love anime and house of the dead was the very first shooter game I ever beat. I am holding my girlfriend's cat as I type this. Her name is Amber, but I call her princess, because that's what she is.

  • Jade
    12 May '11

    My name is Jade. I came here from Korean when I was 7 years old. I am now 22. I, too, am scared of spiders and peacock feathers (I thought I was the only one!) I suck at reading maps but I'm extremely good at reading music. I, too, have a hitchhiker's thumb. I love oranges but can't eat them because of the citrus ruining my stomach making me get sick.

  • Masami
    13 May '11

    I'm Masami
    born and raised in Fresno California
    I'm Japanese and Chinese
    I work at abercrombie and fitch so I can't smell anything anymore! Jk
    I also have a hitchhikers thumb... We're awesome!
    I'm addicted to words with friends and stumbleupon which is how I found this awesome comic.
    I'm allergic to everything
    I love webcomics hahaha

  • Sarah Liz
    Sarah Liz
    16 May '11

    My name's Sarah Liz. I am in high school and live in the United States. I want to be a member of the FBI. I have a boyfriend; we've been dating for over a year and a half. I have a dog. Once I'm moderately successful and (hopefully) have married someone that I love to be with after I finish college, I hope to move with them to Africa and help in orphanages there.

  • Xandra
    17 May '11

    Hello ^-^
    My name is Xandra. I am 21. I was born in Wisconsin but have lived in New Mexico, Maryland and currently Michigan. I love cats but only have one named Spider. I love food and can go a little crazy cooking things for my family. I'm studying Art Education and obsessively collect anything I think I'll use in a future art assignment. I hate history class because the dates are so hard to differentiate, I hate avocado, banana and coffee because they give me stomach aches, I hate cold rainy weather but I like it when it snows really hard. I love foreign music, movies, tv shows especially lakorn, k pop, Asian love stories and Korean horror movies.

  • KantiO
    17 May '11

    My name is Barbara. I was born in Virginia but now live in Tennessee. My parents were in the Navy so I have also lived in Florida, Guam and California. I am 24. I live at home with my parents for now because my Husband and I are trying to save to go to school. I want to Major in Midea Arts and Animation. Someday I want my own graphic novel. My cats (I have many) are Kesa, Squeek, Dr. Satan, Aurora, Talouse, Tituba, Khaleesi, and Pyewhackette. I admire your work though it is very different from my own and your ability to put together so many. Keep up the good work!

  • nanairo
    29 May '11

    Did you really read all these comments? o.o
    Well, my name is Sebastian, I live in Chile, I speak english and spanish, I'm 21.
    I like chocolate and cute things. And your comic is the cutest thing I've ever read.
    What else... I study computer engineering, I'm learning to play bass guitar, I like to translate things (in fact I would love to translate your comic but my handwriting is not cute like yours), and I want to have a cat but I can't, because I barely spend time on my house.
    I'll keep reading this comic, it's just too awesome.

  • Jacob
    6 Jun '11

    Hey! I just found your site and it's awesome!

    My name is Jacob; I live in San Antonio, TX -- and work in tech support currently =P. I'll be leaving soon to start law school and a career with the USMC, as JAG Officer.

    I like hiking/camping; floating down the rivers here in tubes (when there is enough rain...); kitties (naturally), of which I have two; eating out with friends and family --

    We'll do yoga and martial arts here, which is alot of fun since everything else is pretty lame. I live by myself currently; the girl I wanted to marry isn't around anymore so I date here and there. Can't wait to find someone truly awesome who is worth loving and taking care of!

    Thanks for the comics; they're great and they make the internet a better place!

  • Sara with an H
    Sara with an H
    7 Jun '11

    My name is Sarah. I was born in California, I moved to England when I was 20. Because my mom is from Hawaii my first language was Japanese (yeah, I'm a white person who speaks Japanese :P) When I was 5 we learned I was hearing impaired, I became legally deaf when I was 19. If you were to ask me I would say I was hearing impaired out of habit.

  • Debi
    11 Jun '11

    I've just finished reading all the comments from your fans and I am surprised because I am unlike anyone else that has posted. I am old (54), a nurse, have a daughter that is 22 so I could be mother to most of you. My husband died in 2002 at the age of 45. My daughter lives with me and attends college to be a nurse. We have 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs. She "stumbled upon* this site and sent it to me. I am working my way through the entire site. Love little Shoelace!

  • Kayla
    21 Jun '11

    Hi Li! Such a big fan! (: I am 19, from Utah, currently in a LDR with my adorable boyfriend who introduced me to your comics, love to draw (mainly people) and Im going to go to school for graphic design so I can create video games, love zombies (Shaun of the Dead is my fave!), enjoy scary movies until they are over (thats when shadows start movin...eeek), I want to travel the world, I'm afraid of flocks of birds, I'm addicted to starbucks caramel fraps and banana cupcakes... and I think sushi is nummy!! Yup!

  • Maus
    30 Jun '11

    I just found your comic and am reading through the entire back catalogue. I am an artist and a musician in an industrial band. Everyone thinks I hate everything but in truth I am just outspoken on the things I disagree with. I like a lot a lot of stuff very very much. I love all genres and styles of music, movies, games, and books. I drive my wife crazy on a daily basis with shenanigans of all manner. When I was in 5th grade I was in an accident and ripped my nose from my face. Since then I lost my sense of smell which in turn made me very picky about the texture of food. Yes, I can taste food still but it took several years for it to come back. One time, I got in 4 car accidents in 1 week. I have 2 small Jack Russel dogs. I prefer cold weather and mountains. My family is of Jewish decent, so I have a tattoo on my wrist of numbers like auschwitz because that is a memory that even though painful should never go away. I wanted my great grandfathers numbers from his wrist, but they were not documented. So I got the numerical equivalent of my initials.

  • Camila
    4 Jul '11

    Hi li!
    My name is Camila,I'm 21 years old, and i live in Brazil.
    I like a lot of your comics.
    Obs.: I'm learning English.

  • Sho
    7 Jul '11

    Hey =^w^=!
    My name is Sho, I'm Japanese but live in the North-East United States. I'm 17 and I enjoy these comic's greatly. Going to be studying accounting and the local university, I have a cat named Fee that was a present from my father for my birthday. I love stumble-upon and Tumblr! Great job on your comic's and I am looking forward to reading more!

  • Tropylium
    9 Jul '11

    I'm a math/science geek and academiac-in-training of 26 years from Finland. My name doesn't matter, I think.
    I read more webcomics than I can keep count of. (They're a half-adequate substitute for having a life.) Yours is pretty nice.
    Wikipedia is pretty cool, agreed, but I keep wanting a version that would be useful for doing actual science too…
    Some other things I like include bright colors, cheesy and/or hypnotic synth music, and origami.
    Oranges are not bad but a little overrated IMO.

  • Phil
    11 Jul '11

    The names Phil.
    I was born in New Zealand (Wellington) and moved to England when I was 9 years of age. I am currently studying film and television at Aberystwyth Uni (mid-Wales on the coast for you who don't know)
    I like RPG games and I am a fan of Edgar Wright and want to be a camera man one day.

    And that's all I will give away about myself for now :)

  • Paw
    14 Jul '11

    hi! M'name's Paw and I am from Surabaya. Indonesia. I am 22 yrs old this november *aww..* and I have 3 dogs, named Pie, Esse, and mei-mei... I like to play PC games, reading your comics, and browsing through internet.

  • Randell
    16 Jul '11

    I'm Randell, 27 y.o., Filipino. I discovered your web comic today (/188) and I already subscribed to it using Google Reader.

    I basically write code.

    I like Fedora Linux better than Ubuntu.

    I like chocolates and pizza.

  • Li
    16 Jul '11

    Hi Li! As it happens, my name is also Li (though I doubt the Chinese character is the same). Also born in China, albeit in Shanghai. I am 22, moved to New York at age 9. Discovered your webcomic today browsing reddit, and became instantly hooked. Looking forward to more of your work!

  • Patty
    16 Jul '11

    Hi! My name's Patty and I just discovered these comics, I LOVE IT! I'm about to start grad school for a PsyD in neuropsychology. I have a cat named Pupi. I love the internet. I was born in Cuba. I'm 21 years old. I save bugs, I actually like spiders.

  • Nicole
    16 Jul '11

    Hi Li and Jordan and of course shoelace,
    My name is Nicole, but i prefer Nicki, I was born in Toronto, Canada. And i now study english at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. My father and sister are visual artists and my brother is an actor. I like to sing a alot, but i prefer broadway or jazz. More soul than pop :P. I live with my boyfriend at the moment. Hes from germany. I have three cats named Monty, Winston and Teddy. But Teddy is going blind.
    I like your comic a lot. :)

  • Jennifer Wang-Filomeo
    Jennifer Wang-Filomeo
    17 Jul '11

    Hi I'm Jennifer from California. I am of Taiwanese/Chinese decent. I am married to a man name Kevin. I am 26 years old. Kevin told me about your comic and he say that your character Li often remind him of me and Jordan reminds me of my husband. I have a pet rabbit name Chloe and my husband has a cat name Kirbie (which I am allergic to cats). I am born in Argentina but I do not speak any Spanish. I finally immigrated to the US in 1996. I was going to be an elementary school teacher but decided to work with even younger children. I work for a child care center ages from infant to 5 years old. I love jewelery making and doing pottery. I could not draw for the life of me I stink at 2D art I am better with 3D art.

  • Marielle
    18 Jul '11

    I'm Marielle. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada. I'm half Japanese and half French. I have a cat named Gravy and he likes to play fetch. I'm in Scotland right now for my sisters wedding and I want to move here! I am a chef and love to make food but I am now working at my dads art gallery. I turned 26 yesterday but I am told I look much younger which is ok because I like most things 14 year old girls like. I don't have a boyfriend but I'm ok with that as I've just gotten out of a year and a half long relationship. My favorite drink is beer....mmmmm. I also love eatting and making sushi. :)

  • StealthNull
    20 Jul '11

    I am David aka Null
    i am 19 (way to close to 20)
    I to like british comedies (Black Books especially!)
    I'm from the US, i like video games, music, movies, funny web comics, and not being at my house as much as possible lol. So i guess out going? i dunno go to my facebook it tells more about me then i know about me...(because i am to lazy to type it all =D)

  • TJ Radcliffe
    TJ Radcliffe
    21 Jul '11

    I was born on the periphery of the ruins of an empire
    That ground itself to dust about the time
    When I was born, forty-eight years ago (you do the math.)
    I'm addicted to knowledge, and try to get a hit 'least once a day
    I'm scared of... well, not much, which is a problem sometimes
    I live by myself, although I'm surrounded by family and friends
    and I've known true deep and genuine love
    which makes me kind of warm inside, where
    dark and sometimes empty places dwell.
    I don't play games, but I sail, so maybe that counts,
    and I love apples the way a zombie loves his brains
    (or someone's brains at least)
    I have a cat named "Yogurt"
    so I'm sitting on my porch across the world from you
    with wine and Yogurt
    which goes to show
    what a difference capitalization makes.
    I have a surgeon's hands
    sitting on ice in back someplace
    (should have paid his debts... how did the hitcher piss you off?)
    I love space opera and caper films
    and quite a few other things besides.
    I've lived here for thirty years and have come to think
    it's time and past to go back home, two thousand miles away
    where cold black water rises with the tide
    and seals sun on the rocks.
    I hate... willful ignorance.
    But I think if hate's the answer
    you're probably just asking
    the wrong question.
    My name is Tom.


    I also (shameless plug alert!) am the writer for an illustrated Web serial novel: that isn't quite as whimsical as your extraordinary webcomic, but it has other dimensions of interest, and seals, mermaids, love, adventure, and possibly penguins (although honestly I've not figured out how to work those in yet...)

  • John
    21 Jul '11

    Hello there! My name is John.

    Here are a few things about myself:

    I am 18 (19 in october)

    In Highschool (Senior)

    I am planning on going to college at either The University of Pittsburgh, or Waynesburg (For Computer Science)

    I lived in Pennsylvania (United States) all of my life, and I hate it. I plan on moving somewhere with simple weather. Hot, or cold. not this humid crap.

    I LOVE cats! But my adoptive mother is allergic to cats :[

    I have a dog named Angel who is a spoiled brat.

    I am technically an only child.

    My mother passed away when I was 15, so I moved with my friends family (My current home)


    And I am a very down-to-earth, yet very relaxed person. I am known as The Guru of Life, The Universe, and everything else.

  • elizabeth
    23 Jul '11

    my name is Elizabeth I was born in England raised in America and came to NZ last year i have a cat named Dexter and I want to be a writer

  • Donovan
    26 Jul '11

    I'm Donovan I'll be 20 soon and I was born and raised in Texas. I have two dogs, Cassie the Golden Retriever and Gabbie the Golden Shepalow (Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Chow, Labrador). I figured if people can come up with dumb breeds to call their dogs then so can I ^_^ I'm in school and I want to be a High School History teacher

  • April Marie
    April Marie
    26 Jul '11

    Hi! My name is April Marie. I live in Northeast Ohio, USA. I was born in Virginia. When I was very young I lived in Italy for 4 years. I am currently 22 years old (23 in Sept.). I have a black labrador named Bella and a cute kitten named Bob. I love photography, comics, rock music, zombies, books, and all things Doctor Who. I aim to own a bookstore later in life. Oh! One more thing, I adore your comic.

  • esmeav
    29 Jul '11

    Hi, my name is esme, I'm from Mexico. I just graduated from high school and I'm going to study architecture:D I love architecture so much I could marry it! ...If it was legal of course. Anyway, I love chocolate, coffe and jolly ranchers (they make my tongue look funny:P) I also like painting and drawing. I don't have any pets but I would like to have a snake or a hedgehog or a hare or an unicorn or dog or an octopus or any other cute animal. btw I really like your comics, they're cool:)

  • Jeremy
    29 Jul '11

    I'm Jeremy. I just started reading your comic today because there was a link to it from another webcomic I like. I was born in Dunedin. I live in Wellington and study computer science and Mandarin, but I'm moving to Shenzhen at the end of the year because my girlfriend told me to (and because I liked it the last few times). I would do a webcomic too if I were able to simultaneously hold a pencil and remember what I was just laughing about. I play mandolin when I can be bothered. I usually have music in my head but it stops whenever someone asks me what kind of music I like, or when I'm holding a mandolin and someone tells me to play something.

  • patrick
    29 Jul '11

    hi, my name is patrick, i am of irish and native american decent and i am 21, i live in texas, play airsoft often at large games, am an avid video game player, a bushcraft camping enthusiast, build custom computers for people locally, as well as minor networking and a classic car lover

  • Lammy
    29 Jul '11

    I'm Lammy, and yeah, it's short for lamington. I also have a hitchhikers thumb, which is great to pull out at parties. My drink of choice is soco and coke, and despite doing a degree in health science I'm a lazy slob. I do have a first degree black belt in tae kwon-do though! I have a kitty, a puppy and a boyfriend, and spend most of my time asking if I can get more pets. For some reason he keeps saying no. Attach cats will help me to world domination.

    One day my army of soldiers armed with cats to fling at the heads of their enemies will win the world for me.

  • Gracia
    30 Jul '11

    Hi I'm Gracia I am a hopeless dork with a black belt bad combo i know. I want to be a neural scientist when i grow up. My cat's name is Snowball it's a boy for that he most likely hates me. The song White and Nerdy has got to be about me i swear.

  • jade
    31 Jul '11

    Hello, I'm Jade. I was born in Anchorage Alaska, and I still live there. I am a huge nerd and enjoy watching top gear, dr. Who (with david tennant), watching simon pegg's movies, and reading. I love this comic, along with xkcd, the oatmeal, hyperbole and a half, and a softer world. I am 15 years old. I am a freak and proud of it. I love music, especially tokyo police club. I love zombies, unicorns and robots. I tend to accumulate a lot of stalkers.

  • Alex
    2 Aug '11

    Hi, im alex, im 17 (18 in a month) from the UK and a complete geek (WoW, Steam, MH3 Tri) Going to be doing Game Design at GlosCol. Love comics (especially Deadpool) and almost all kinds of music, i have trouble with spacing out sometimes and get very easly angered when hot. Hope one day to move somewhere nice and cold and have a cat named Thor :P i also have red hair and a Van Dyke beard :P (im told it makes me look evil)

  • Kacy
    4 Aug '11

    Heehee! My name is Kacy, and I just got a job to be a private school librarian. I've lived in Texas all my life, but I hope to travel all around the world. I especially want to go to Prince Edward Island near Canada to see Green Gables and the beautiful scenery! I love to read most anything as well as make crafty-type thingamajigs, and I think it's really neat that you live in New Zealand! Your comics are just precious, and my boyfriend thinks so too. His name is Allen, and he's the one who showed me your website! YAY!

  • saturn
    5 Aug '11

    I'm amber I was born in Kansas and I have two betta fish, three cats, a dog, and two horses. I hate jellyfish and spinach. Also I have a small phobia of mascot costumes.

  • monica
    8 Aug '11

    im from panama city panama, but i live in spain. i have a white odd-eyed cat named aranda. i'm alergic to shellfish. i have a pair of clip-on cat ears that i bought last halloween, and i wear whenever i feel like.

  • Benjamin
    10 Aug '11

    My name is Benjamin. I'm 18. i love mushrooms. i have 4000 points on wii tennis. :D I live in america, and my friends are all weird and random and awesome like you seem to be. procrastination might actually be my worst quality. -_-' i used to have two cats that i loved to death, but they ran away when i accidentally left the door open all night. D: they usually would come back, but they didnt that time, and it still makes me sad. i have three chihuahua's now, and and i love them very much. except the black one. she's mean to me. T-T i enjoy anime and manga, and cooking. i love to cook. :D my friends always get what i get, because they know that i have a very good palate. i enjoy your comic very much, because you remind me of my friends.

  • Jan
    14 Aug '11

    Hi, my name is Jan. I'm from Czech Republic, 20 years old, student of Charles University in Prague. I'm computer and fantasy geek a little bit. I'm not really good in English, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes. I spend a lot of time just with surfing on net (I procrastinate a lot) but reading fantasy books or playing go (wei chi) too. I do some sports sometime, I like riding my bicycle and my kayak. I love watermelons and my nice girlfriend :)
    ...and I like your comics :-)

  • becca
    16 Aug '11

    im becca i live in scotland im 14 i love animals i love this site i like writing and drawing, im always reading, i've moved around a bit, you wont find me without music with me, my favorate author for the moment is camilla lackberg (she writes crime books), i love orchids, i can see arthurs seat (edinburgh) from my bedroom, my mum is an artist and my idol <3, i play mario cart and black opps alot, i have ALOT of movies in my lounge, i want to be a fashion designer when im older, i used to want to be a lawyer. im going to take linguistics and buisness in uni,i like cooking and baking, im not a scary as people might think on first glance or before they get to know me.

  • Elizabeth
    17 Aug '11

    Hi Li my name is Elizabeth I am completely insane and enjoy putting my cat on a leash and dragging him around my house, (he needs the exercise) i love your webcomic and im hooked I also emmigrated to NZ from America... I h8 it hea :,( saadddd but im glad you found happiness here. I am british and I read your comics in a Russian accent... dont ask me why

  • Ina
    18 Aug '11


    My name is Ina, 22.
    I'm from Germany and I will be moving to Frankfurt in a few months to study. (If I'm still alive til then... I'm going nuts because of it! Me, poor little girl, alone in a big city...)
    We have da dog, Paul. I love him... He's so stupid sometimes. And this confused look on his face. I'll really miss him! Ow, and two horses, Maya and Falco!

    I love Johnny Depp and Disney movies. I hate horror movies. I watched one with my boyfriend. I put the blanket over my face for about 85% of the movie, still I couldn't sleep without the tv runing (some stupid old Jim Carrie movies). They have cats... Dunno how many beats my heart skiped after the movie. Just because of the cats knocking over things or starting to fight.

    Spiders and bugs scare me... I hate bugs. They are so ugly! Urks...

    I'm good at driving in the wrong way or failing at computer games. But I'm best in forgetting things. Most of the time forgetting everything that is important...

  • Kealey
    20 Aug '11

    My name is Kealey, and Im 19. I was born in Germany on an army base, but only lived there for two years. After many times moving i now reside in Maryville, Missouri. I have a cat named Jake, a fish named Pickle, and two Guinea pigs (Izzy and Lilah). At my mom's house i also have two dogs (Frankie and Kody) and another cat named Kitty. I love playing video games (my current favorite being Call of Duty: Black Opps), creating things, and scary movies (Insideous is my favorite) Im also attending a college in town and majoring in art ^^

  • Jeffrey
    21 Aug '11


    I'm a US citizen living in the UK. My ladyfriend and I love your comic. Thank you for creating it.

  • Barby
    22 Aug '11

    Hi Li!!!! My name is Barby, I live in Argentina, I am a cub scout leader, I got to know your comics through 9gag, I love to bake cookies and cakes, I spend too much time at the computer, I take a lot of pictures with my cell phone and own 13 cats. I visited Mexico in 2010, I am a scout bagde collector, I prefer Metal Rock and I am very bad at drawing.

  • Steve
    22 Aug '11

    O hai, I'm Steven, I'm 21 years old, I live in Maine, I was born in Massachusetts. I had one dog named Roger, my family now owns a cat with no established name, so I just call her cat. I'm studying Information Security at the University of Fort Kent, I'm a gamer, I love webcomics (including this one :D) I'm scared stiff of arachnids and reptiles, sometimes i play games just so i can get achievements (for a sense of achievement, i do lots of nothing all day.)

  • Anita
    22 Aug '11

    Hellou^^ I'm Anita and I'm (sigh) 30 yrs. old.
    I was born in Korea but was raised in Denmark and now I live in Ireland.
    I've had a cat named Benjamin von Franklin.
    I've completed Resident Evil 2 a bazillion times and I also love British comedies.
    I love chocolate and hate asparagus.
    My favorite hobby is to sleep.
    I'm also addicted to my Google reader news feeds and I don't think I'll ever finish reading all of them.
    You're also included there but I've read all your comics and I love them.

  • bobbiraptor
    23 Aug '11

    My name is Bobbie, I live in England and am in love with Bernard Black (you have very good taste in sitcoms :D
    I have three cats called Millie, Minstrel, and Jim, and I had a lovely dog called Cookie who passed away recently.
    I am also a dinosaur. Rargh.

  • Tucker
    25 Aug '11

    I'm Tucker and even though my name is a boys name, I am a girl. I've written 2 novels but don't know where to publish them. I have 7 brothers (Thom, Tyler, Tyron, Tait, Tim, Towns, and Tobias) and one snake (Fluffy).

    I like pi.

  • Petros
    27 Aug '11

    Hi, here goes. My name is Petros and I am 21. I was born in Ipswich (the one in the UK) and I moved to Rhodes, Greece when I was 1 and a half (oh yeah im half Greek, quarter Croatian and quarter Estonian). I finished school there and moved back to England when i was 17. Did two years in a college for art and design and now im going into my third year of uni doing animation. Im into pretty much anything funny on tv (especially QI, mongrels and black adder) plus a few more serious things (Lie to me, heroes yada, yada). As for music i like metal, rock and almost all variations thereof. I used to have a dog called Pepina but she died years ago and my landlord doesnt allow pets (..........dick). Love the comic, keep up the good work.

  • Karen
    1 Sep '11

    Hi, I'm Karen. I'm 32! I was born in Newfoundland and live here now, but I've lived other places (Italy, the UK) too. I have three cats, three dogs, and no room on my bed, ever. I'm afraid of squid and octopi. I'm leaving this comment cause I just finished watching all of Black Books and loved it and get really excited when anybody mentions it (including you, it's now 2 people).

  • Lauren
    7 Sep '11

    Hi Li, I'm LAuren, I just stumbled upon your web comic :D I was born in Mount Gambier in South Australia and I now live and attend university in Adelaide, South Australia. I have a bachelor in medical science, and am now studying a bachelor of nursing. I turn 24 on 9-9-2011. I have two cats, Seth and Cindi who live with my parents. I love to read fantasy novels and gaming, especially Legend of Zelda on the 64.

  • Tyson
    13 Sep '11

    Ooh I'm bored, my turn! :D
    Hiya I'm Tyson and I is recently 18, I like to study technology and invent things based on what I know, Unfortunately everyone keeps my away from anything remotely destructive because they think I'm gonna kill them . However I recently have been being allowed to get such things if I have my own money mainly since I pointed out that my more angry little brother has a buncha weapons and partly cause frankly I plan to move out asap anyhow if I get enough from my job at a country club that I recently got. I tend to look on the bright side which is \weird since I tend to be a glass is 50% capacity. also I like cookies and ramen and cheese and butter . Also I wonder if the gas station is open at 4 am.....? they have cookies but so does

  • Izy
    23 Sep '11

    Hello. My name is Alizsa (Uh-Lie-zhu) I am 13, born and raised in Ohio. I am brunette, white and have hazel eyes. I have 5 cats, Boomafoo (Booma), Lucky, Apple, Nooki, and Nail. I also have two dogs, Luna and Chewy. I hate bugs and physical contact. I love sushi, anime/manga (especially Death Note and Naruto) cats, Minecraft, and the color purple.

  • Thea
    26 Sep '11

    Hi Li,

    I'm Thea. I live in the Philippines. My mother is Filipino, and my father is chinese, so I guess that makes me a half-breed. I don't know if you'll still be able to read this, since the last comment was made July 7 2010. I'm 21 years old, in Uni, and currently feeling very lost. I usually talk to my dogs about it, but either they don't care, or they don't understand me.

    I like your comics. Especially the one about feeling sad because the other person's not a dragon :( I feel that a lot.

  • Rachel
    29 Sep '11

    I'm Rachel, I was born and raised in Canada, I have a cat named Salem who is the best mouser in the world. She likes to sleep on my chest and she's REALLY small for a full grown kitty. I live with my fiancé John. He matches my crazytude. I'm really good at photography. I hate asparagus and brussel sprouts. I love poached eggs and toast. I'm afraid of wind-chimes and the noise when you click your tongue. My grandmother and I have the same necklace we wear religiously. I love to read and have a massive collection. Sad I'm running out of space :-( And when you don't post a new comic fast enough, I go back to the beginning and start again! Every day is a new surprise if you know where to look. Love ya muchly, Li!

  • JuSantana
    29 Sep '11

    Hello, Li.
    My name is Juliana, I'm a 28 years old from Brazil that lives in China. I have a dog named Flor, but she had to stay in Brazil with my mom. I'm maried with Breno (his job is the reason we live in China).
    I love mango and and I hate tangerina.
    I'm addicted to 9gag (it was where I found out about you), love sitcoms (from both US and UK) and I'm also really scared of spiders.
    Nice to meet you! =)

  • o-o
    30 Sep '11

    other than coming from Beijing and fearing peacock feathers, i suspect we're life-style twins. oohh, and I don't have a wii, but if I did, I imagine i would be very good at wii bowling.

  • Rodrigo
    3 Oct '11

    Well, I'm Brazilian but study chinese since I was 12. (more than 5 years ago).

  • Ramya
    4 Oct '11

    I'm Ramya. I'm 23 and I live in India. I draw comics with cute stick figures and bad frames. Horror movies get me hysterical and cold weather makes me cry. I think Exocomics exhausts superlatives.

    Hi, hi!

  • Yan
    5 Oct '11

    I love cats! I'm Yan! I only just found out about your website and have read all your comics from number 299 to here! And realised that you are from Auckland!! I am so surprised!

    I'm from China and I can meow like a cat!

  • Marcela
    10 Oct '11

    Hi! I'm Marcela from Costa Rica, 21 years old and have 4 cats named Nina, Cerveza, Niger & Cookie. I'm studying architecture and I also hate spiders :/

    I read your comics since april or so, but this is the first time I comment one...

  • Cristal Rodriguez
    Cristal Rodriguez
    16 Oct '11

    Hi Li! My name is Cristal, I am 28 and I live in Nashville, Tennessee but I am originally from Chicago, Illinois USA. I just graduated from college 2 months ago with my degree in Photography. I have a dog named Lucky and I own my house. I love watching the Sundance channel and I love to cook! I love your comic and I can't wait to keep reading more.

  • Bathysphere
    17 Oct '11

    My name is Emily, and I was born in Atlanta, GA, USA. I'm engaged to a pretty cool dude named Derek. He thinks I secretly draw these comics. I have a rabbit named Dr Atheist. I volunteer at a local cat shelter, and I want to steal all the cats. I have over 1000 edits on Wikipedia, but most of them are just reverting vandalism. I like tomatoes, swimming, facial piercings, and candy. I'm sort of allergic to bees. I'm not scared of spiders; I think they're cute. Peacock feathers are maybe a little bit scary. I'm a rationalist, and I like SPACE and SCIENCE.

  • Alexandra
    23 Oct '11

    My name is Alexandra, normally I live in Germany (but now for 3 months in Norway), I'm 23 years too, I have a hamster called Flöte, I love travelling, sleeping and reading books, I hate insects, warm winter days and cold, rainy summer days and I'm still in love with a young man which often reacts and looks like your Jordan. But we never have had a cat like Shoelace, maybe that was the problem... :]

  • Carol
    3 Nov '11

    My name is Carolina, I live in Brazil and I love writing and reading. I'm addicted to fairy tales and comic and loved your drawings.

  • Trobby
    9 Nov '11

    My name is James. I live in Central New York. I have a highly unhealthy obsession with games, especially old ones from the days of yore. I have a Bachelors Degree in Communication Information Design, and am currently pursuing a Masters, though I am starting to think I will never, ever finish my thesis. It took me 4 years to get my driver's license.

  • Mandie
    14 Nov '11

    I'm Mandie and I'm 22. I'm from Miami Beach but now live in the Appalachian Mountains. My kitties are Apple and Blooper. John is my roommate with benefits. It offends me when people type "I LIEK CHOCOLATE MILK" because I love chocolate milk. Also I work in a place where I get to say things like "excuse me, I'm needed in surgery" and "YOU ARE SUCH A PRETTY PUPPY".

    Also I like funny comics like yours.

  • Jeff
    29 Nov '11

    My name is Jeff, I'm a student at Emory University, I love to make things even if they're new and kinda scary (computers, food, a big ol' trebuchet, etc.), and I just realized how old this comment thread is and now I'm embarrassed for pretty much no reason.

  • Courtney
    3 Dec '11

    I am 22 years old
    My boyfriend lead me to your comic.
    I used to own a squirrel named Jason.
    I feel like your comics relate a lot to the way me and my boyfriend Andrew act.
    I love small cars and hope to one day visit a foreign country if not live there.
    Love cats, dogs, lizards, birds...
    I hope to one day own my own chickens, pigmy goats, chinchilla's, and skunks.
    Hope to one day marry My boyfriend, he knows me better than anyone else, and I really am great full that he can put up with my crazy.
    My Boyfriend enjoys being smart, and I enjoy playing with cute fuzzy things.
    I tried being a vegetarian since I don't even really eat meat all that much.

  • Pokémon Trainer Chris
    Pokémon Trainer Chris
    4 Dec '11

    I'M CHRIIISSSSSSSS who is eighteen. I like photography and cinematography and "traditional art" or whatever it is when you draw things with stuff with lines and sometimes paints and stuff. I was born in the US but I'm gonna go to other places, because that'd be cool. I learn Japanese on my own time, but I also take Mandarin Chinese at school and had German in high school, and I'm pretty alright with what I know in each of them. I'm eventually going to school for digital design and game design and will probably go to more school later in life for interesting things that I probably can't get jobs in. Pokémon is the best, and I'm also the most serious person in the world. So serious. Everything serious.

  • James
    7 Dec '11

    Hi, I'm James, I live in California and I go to school sometimes. I work for :Best Buy and I like playing Video Games and your comic is absurdly win.

  • Carenza
    8 Dec '11

    My name's Carenza and i'm 15. i am addicted to your comics and i have named my pet snail Shoelace in honour of you! I also have another one called Fluffy. they are my babies :) i have a hitchhikers thumb too ;). I love Jedward (dont groan), Nevershoutnever, System of a down and Bowling For Soup. xx

  • Adrian Carter
    Adrian Carter
    11 Dec '11

    Hi my name is Adi, I'm 40 and I'm a musician from Sheffield, England. I have a cat with terrible manners called Ellie. I love comics and I discovered yours via twitter. I was a mature student and studied at Sheffield University part time for six years (my degree is a combined English & Music and Performing Arts). Passionate about electronic music and love technology.

  • Gigi
    25 Dec '11

    Gigi is what people call me but my real name is Jerea and I am 22 years old.
    I live with my husband named Joshua
    I have a cat named verd'ika (which means little Warrior in Mandelorian...Josh is a total geek :D)
    My best friend in the whole world showed me your comic and I have adored it ever since :)
    I love art! Animation, paintings, sketches, sculptures, woven tapestries, all of it! But I'm a sucker for manga <3
    (sorry I'm late, but it still sounded really fun a year later)

  • Andrew
    10 Jan '12

    Hi Li!
    (That's an aesthetically pleasing sentence to type)

    I'm Andrew Orton. I was born in 1986 and live in Denver, Colorado in the states. The cats in my life are my girlfriend's, and they don't seem to like me very much, probably due to my obsession with poking them in their fatty regions. I fancy myself a cartoonist too, actually. Technical problems have prevented my website from coming to real fruition, but I have samples on my facebook, I think. I'm working towards the creation of a pilot-episode for an original cartoon show, hypothetically entitled Life and Youthful Angst are Killing me on the Inside. I really appreciate your comic. It's wholesome, and authentic, and not over-produced, and in that - beautiful. I stumbled upon you for the first time while entertaining this joke I was writing about a vicious space-shark, and wanted to see if other artists had any of their own visual conceptions of one. (lol) Your's wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but it drew me into what a wonderful little kitty-filled world you've created for all of us. I wish you absolute success in all departments, and hope you continue your work as a cartoonist.... well... forever.

    a big fan,
    Andrew G. Orton,

  • Alyn
    13 Jan '12

    I'm Alyn! I'm 28 years old and an IT nerd and horror writer. I mostly write about zombies, but I enjoy other things, too! I love sushi and crab rangoons and have two little goldfish named Greivous and Riker. I live in Boston, Massachussetts, USA! Thank you for making such a wonderful comic! It is very entertaining! ^_^

  • Cookie
    14 Jan '12

    Li, do you know someone named Alex Court? Because I know him, he lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and he's not my friend, more like my rival, but I just wanted to know if you knew him because, well, you're in the same area as him...
    Also, do you know a school called Kristen School? That's where he goes... so um yeah... love your comics! <3

  • Tianwei
    15 Jan '12

    Well, hi! I'm Tianwei, and I'm from New Zealand, too.
    I moved from Shenyang, China, when I was five, and am currently 17. I live in Epsom, Auckland (though I'm right now back in Shenyang visiting family).

    I play the piano, violin and I sing, and I like history and literature! I hope to become an architect when I leave school, and I think your art is really cute and cool.

  • god
    6 Feb '12

    hi im god, i gave birth to the human race and all around it, im graduating from mit and will be moving back to heaven soon. gottaa go.

  • Harold
    8 Feb '12

    Hi. My name is Harold. I'm the third-generation Harold in my family. I hate mushrooms. I live with two roommates, both of which are my best friend. I think I'm funny, oftentimes when others don't agree. I work at a pizza place. I like to sing. My favorite thing to do is waste time on the internet. I love Dr. Who. I want to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I might be slightly obsessed with Zombies. I love video games. I've traveled to about 30 of the 50 states. I've never been outside the continent of North America. I love cats. I love dogs. But I really love cats more. But dogs are okay every once in a while. I hate spiders, and any small thing with more than two legs and flies. I got stung by a sting-ray once. I love the rain. I really like the kitty-face emoticon; both :3 and =3. My favorite color is orange. Crazy stuff happens to me all the time, and now I'm pretty much used to it. I like to take every-day objects and figure out how I can make them into a weapon, just in case. I love to sing, but I have little talent.

  • Dawn
    13 Feb '12

    I'm Dawn: I was born in Singapore (I'm Chinese too) but moved to the US when I was five. I'm a singer-songwriter (check out, dancer, and web designer with a background in experiential marketing and writing. I've also been paid in almost every area of the arts, traveled to 17 countries, and performed my music in 10 states. My book collection dominates an entire wall of my apartment. Once upon a time, my language skills were good enough to study existentialism in French, but these days I'm so rusty even a children's book would be a challenge. I'm a huge computer/literature/science-fiction geek, have a penchant for starting organizations, see a crazy amount of live performances (around 70) every year, and am one of the more extroverted and chocolate-obsessed people I know. Apparently the only one of my hobbies that hasn't turned into a job is food. Yet. :-)

  • paula
    19 Feb '12

    I'm turning 17 this year. I reside somewhere in South East Asia. I love literature, art, astronomy and music. In my free time I read books, make mixtapes and look at art. I like animals. I have 2 dogs, and I wish I owned a cat and/or rabbit. I keep a journal. I like putting my thoughts on paper, even though it's hard. I like antique things. I like looking at porcelain. I am very interested in people and Japanese culture. I also am interested in interior design. I don't like my high school that much. I like video games and anime. I am initially shy. I am only myself when I'm with my friends. I'm not a social outcast, but I'm not fond of gatherings, clubbing. I am mostly in jeans. If it were socially acceptable, I'd walk around in my pajamas. I think too much, and this year I would like to become more optimistic and myself. Other things I like are snow, letters (be it electronic or handwritten), polaroids, fancy handwriting, love, French/Australian films, photography, math, ice cream, planetariums, bath tubs, the piano, etc. etc. I would like to move to somewhere in Japan when I'm older. Or Australia/New York.

  • BlackBeast
    23 Feb '12

    Well, my thumbs it's hitchhicker too.. Love Wikipedia, im admin on es:wikipedia. and... Love your drwas!

  • Fae
    29 Feb '12

    I think the most noteworthy part of me in comparison to what you've mentioned is I have a cat named ukelele.. We call her yuki. And I totally relate to your comics.. I live with just my boyfriend and the cat and we have weird comical lives also

  • Alex
    7 Mar '12

    The name's Alex, 25, from Germany. Actually I'm just commenting because my mom and her husband went to New Zealand two week ago and will stay another two. Somehow I'm envious.

  • Jacob
    10 Mar '12

    Hai ^-^ Names Jacob Hart, people call me Coby, I'm getting married tomorrow, to a girl named Abigail (She much more perfers to be called Abby so I'l refer to her as such) we are both people who play minecraft online too much (Over 80 hours a week for me XD) I was born in oregon and moved to vancouver pray my wedding doesnt get messed up I need to go so I'l go into detail later bai thar

  • Jessica
    22 Mar '12

    I'm Jessica and just now stumbling across your comics via a link posted on geek and Sundry's G+. I'm 27 (and had to think about that), been married to my middle school sweetheart for almost 4 years (in May). We have 3 cats (aka piglets) by the name of Stella (who's nearly 6), Sparta (2) and Sasha (6 months). I live smack in the middle of Oregon. I'm studying Health Information Technology and should be graduating with an Associates this Spring. Starting to think about/plan for my Bachelors. I spend the majority of my free time reading or playing Sims (but that's an addiction I'm always working on controlling). Once I'm done filling my brain with medical homework stuffs I plan to learn German, and Swedish. And possibly Yiddish because it's similar to German and easier for my brain to compute. My husband and I spend a lot of time cooking together, and trying out new recipes. He's teaching me to cook because I never learned, and I'm teaching both of us how to eat healthier.

  • Karen
    14 Apr '12

    Hi. I'm Karen. I was born in California, and moved to North Carolina. I currently live in Virginia. I share my living space with two cats and two humans, and we all enjoy reading and playing video games. I collect rocks. My favorite rock is sodalite, but I also consider myself a fan of turquoise, labradorite, obsidian, hematite, and tiger's eye. I like the color blue in most of its variations--from navy to cyan. I like brussels sprouts and hate tomatoes. I have spent over 1000 hours playing Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I'm glad Minecraft does not track how many hours I've spent playing it.

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    14 Apr '12

    British comedy is the best: Fawlty Towers, The IT Crowd, Monty Python, Red Dwarf, I love me some British comedy <3

  • Thegirlwiththegoggles
    14 Apr '12

    Hi Li! I'm Courtney I'm from the states, born and raised in Wisconsin. I'm obsessed with everything steampunk (and your comics of course). Recently I've been getting into sowing and hopefully will create my own clothes one day, that or fight giant space squids with my sassy otter side kick. I currently am in a relationship with my best friend and ultimate ninja Caleb. :3 Blessed Be!

  • Livi♥
    20 Apr '12

    Hello, Li!! My name is Olivia, but everyone calls me Livi. I was born in Corona, Ca. I am the youngest daughter of three, and 1st generation Mexican-American. I am 24, I love reading, writing, and singing! I am in a band called Shattered Melody. I live with my boyfriend, Robert, and my best friend, Mark, and I have 5 cats :-3 I work in a tiny office that makes chicken and pig feed, and we have an office cat with one blue eye, one brown. I love animals so much! I want to get a puppy, too, but I have to wait *pout* I love your comics, you're so adorable!!!!!!!!!


  • caitlyn
    22 Apr '12

    hello, I'm caitlyn. i live in Calgary. i have two dogs named Frits And Lizzie there pit bulls. i'm a big fan of your comics i hate and am afraid slash allergic to flying stinging bugs

  • Sian
    4 May '12

    Hi I'm Sian. I live in Australia and have a cat named Kitty. I try to hug him but he always runs away from me... I think he just uses me for food. I finished my BSc last year and doing honours now. I love Doctor Who and Naruto and think your comics are amazing <3

  • Becky Hunt
    Becky Hunt
    7 May '12

    Hi Li!
    Congrats for your books that are getting published! And super yay for the New Zealand comic book industry! I'm Becky, also a kiwi and about to become a qualified graphic designer. Me and my boyfriend are also comic artists in Auckland He is also part coder and has just started a web comic called "Snow". My two comics are still in pre production but hopefully will be online soon too.

    I wish you a very happy future in comics! (I sound like a granny)
    you are hilarious, keep it up (please)

    Becky Hunt & Izak Smells

  • Tuca
    9 May '12

    (Just discovered this comic, so I thought what the heck)
    I'm Arthur, but everyone calls me Tuca. I'm from Brazil and I live in São Paulo with my older brother, I'm really into music (varied taste with a great love for heavy metal (my favorite band now is probably Lamb of God or Matanza (a brazillian contrycore band), but old time favorite is Metallica) and techno music), games and most arts. I do game design, 3d modelling and I'm starting programming in a game company that focuses in using games as a tool for education. I've struggled financially for most of my life (I'm 22), but I'm slow and steadily climbing out of this hole. I'm always trying to be as positive and constructive about life as I can, but I love some sarcastic, ironic and/or black humor. My favorite movie is The Big Lebowsky. I play Ultimate Frisbee and I love playing drums. I long for the day when I'll be able to travel frequently and see all the people and places out there in the world.

  • Nekoko
    17 May '12

    Haha... MY name is Teddy, (I'm a girl) I'm 14, I was born in Ohio, but moved around a lot (Virginia, Tennesee, Texas, Louisiana, and then we moved to Europe, and are now living in England, I think there are more from America, but idr)
    Um, I have no boyfriend (unless imaginary counts XD) I'm scared of the dark and showers... I suck at wii tennis but love it, I like strawberries and peaches best, I have had three dogs, Sugar, Shadow, and Charlie, all of whom we've had to sell (TT^TT)
    I like biking, and I, also, hate mushrooms >:(, and I suck at geometry...

    But I'm good at languages and love all things Asian, (especially anime and Dramas, my favorite Chinese drama is probably Down With Love..

  • jonty
    26 May '12

    I am a Mizo guy who has found your 'life' very amusing......... :3

  • Gergő
    28 May '12

    Hi Li!
    My name is Gergely, but my friends call me Gergő or Gary. I'm 29 years old and I live in Budapest/Hungary now. I'm a programmer/web developer. I'm big fan of Japan. My hobby is learning Japanese and playing guitar. I used to do paragliding but I quit recently. Apart from that my most memorable experience was flying into a cloud on my own... ^_^ I'm also crazy about cats. My parents have two adorable lazy guys in my hometown Szolnok... Theyare super cute and super fat... :) I love Shoelace a lot. He is so adorable! ^_^ I bumped into your cartoon series today and I can't stop reading it! :) Thank you for drawing it! :)

  • Paty
    31 May '12

    My name is Patricia, I am 22 and I live in D.F., Mexico I like cats but I don´t have one because when I was child my mom was sick and now I don't have time and I live in a small flat but in a near future I want to have one.

    I finished my major in Computer Science at IPN, I like everything about technology and gadgets.

    I am studying Japanese, I started it because I like the anime, manga and cosplay, I used to do cosplay at conventions such as "The TNT" or "The MOLE", but now I work there as Coordinator.

    Twice a month I go to the karaoke with my friends, I am a little shy with the microphone, but I'm getting better ^0^

    Also I like go at the cinema, so I try to go with my boyfriend every weekend.

    I do not like contemporary art because I do not understand some parts and sometimes scare me, I do not like the soursop, the liver or berdolagas >-<

    I just started reading your comics and I really like it (for Li's character) I think you're very cute, honest and a little crazy, I like you! ^ - ^

  • Yadiel
    22 Jun '12

    Hi, Li. I heard about your comics on Facebook.

    I'm Yadiel. I am a Puerto Rican and 13 years old. I am very self-concious of myself and the things I do, so I take insults very emotionally, and pretty harshly. I'm very shy and meek, and it makes it hard to meet new people. I love sleep when I want it. I live in Florida, where's it's not as hot as people say now-a-days. I love video games, but I really love drawing! (I'm having an Artist's Block right now...)

    Sometimes I like to talk, and sometimes I shut up 24/7. However I'm quiet most of the time. I procrastinate, and I'm proud of that. I worry about my future however. I usually visit my hometown Bayamon often, and trust me, it's a BEAUTIFUL place!!

    I'm not really a fanatic in reading books, but that's because I don't really like something until I get hooked to it. I'm neutral when it comes to music, knowing that I just like whatever has a beat, however, music boxes have a tendancy to control my moods.

    I love comedies, and I try to be funny too. Everything that makes me laugh is something that stays in my mind.

    Lastly, I'm in a long distance relationship. She's a very self-concious girl, as well. She is the same age as me, and I try my best to make her happy (However things aren't looking good :/ ).

  • Kat*
    29 Jun '12

    My name is Catalina . I was born in Romania . I'll be 14 in 5 days . I live with my mother . I'm afraid of God , some ghosts and half afraid of heights . I love K-pop , J-rock , K-dramas , animes and manga . I have a cat named Waffle and a dog named Mopi . I wish I had a dog named Chapucinkca and a cat named Sakura . Yume , Kokoro or Sora . I lived in 6 houses in my life . I'm good at drawing . singing , dancing, making weird sounds , reading japanese romaji and acting ( most of telling lies ) . I'm addicted to japanese music or korean music and I have to listen to it every day . I'm addicted to my headphones , I can't live without them . I play football , and I'm good but people do not count on me because I'm a girl . I love strawberries and giraffes . When I was 6 I lost most of my memory and now I don't know what I've done half of my life , and now I store thing pretty easily because ( I think ) most of my memory is empty . I wish to become a singer in Korea or Japan , or to become an English teacher in Japan or Korea , or if not just to live there . My eyes are blue-green in the summer and autumn and really green in the winter and spring . My hair is quite long but I'd want to cut it and then let it grow 'till the end of my back . I often fight with my mother . My father works in foreign countries since I was 1 . He went to France , Germany , Greece , Ireland and most of the european countries . Now he's in England living with my uncle and my sister . My biggest sister lives in Bucharest , the capital of Romania . I've never went out of my country . I tend to be alone and in like a year I'll be alone because my best friend leaves to another high school far away and my cousins who for me were like some brothers will leave to England in 58 days . They were like the last persons I could tell anything to or the las persons I could trust . Thanks for reading . :D

  • Mazzu
    30 Jun '12

    Hi Li! I'm Mazzy and i'm from Malaysia, 25 years old. i live with my family. i have a cat named melmel. studied a bit of graphic design, film and sound, would like to pursue graphic design more but roped into the world of paintball as part of the organizing committee. i love your comics, anything to do with cats, dogs and harp seals <3

  • XuTong
    9 Jul '12

    So many people!

    My name is XuTong,a chinese girl.
    I'm 19,and i live in Anhui.
    I find your comics,and i find many intreseting words~such as LOL/ROFL/pfft……Hah!

  • XuTong
    9 Jul '12

    I have a cat named niuniu (妞妞).
    I love she I love love~~~❤

  • nikkinerd
    11 Jul '12

    Hi Li, I'm Nikki, I'm 14 but has been on this planet for 15 year and only on this planet. I live in Austin, Texas. I love hedgehogs and Doctor Who. My dream is to go to get a hedgehog named Sunny shine or Sunny flower and move to the UK. I love to play video games especially with zombies. I'm a internet/theater/scify fantasy nerd. I hate boring stuff and I don't like seeing the same thing for a long time. I know I'm rambling but that's what I'm like because being normal is boring. That is my argument for everything.

  • Alixx
    24 Jul '12

    Hi Li!
    I'm Alixx, I'm twenty, and I live in Seattle, Washington. I have two kitties - Buster and Koko - but at some point, I'd really like one of those ridiculously big dogs, like a St Bernard or a Great Dane, so I can feel small for once (I'm 6'). I always dislike being the biggest one in a crowd, and ironically, teeny things like spiders and dirty toenails and balloons scare me more than big things like monsters and zombies and t-rexs. I love reading webcomics, and yours is adorable! I also love peaches, tattoos, summer dresses, Dr Who, and the water. I'm moving to New Zealand in a few months (102 days, but who's counting?), so it was exciting to learn that you're in Auckland! I'll be living in Wellington, but I'll definitely come to see your city, just to say hi to it. Thanks for the webcomic! <3

  • Issa
    31 Jul '12

    I'm Issa. I had three fuzzy babies before the move. Turtle (my orange tabby rescue) is living with a guy friend she loves more than me. Sneakers is hunting somewhere and doesn't come home (she does beg food/porch space from my former neighbors though), and Molly Puppy got ran over. :'( He DID save a six year old from the truck though, by dint of scratching him so he jumped away. Now we share a dog and cat with our neighbor. I love your comic style, and I blame one of my girl friends for my addiction to it. She posted your zombie strip ("mean") on FB.

  • laura
    9 Aug '12

    Hi Li! I'm Laura.
    I'm from Michigan and have cupboards stocked with tea. I live with my dog, Honey who is blind (what she lacks in vision, she makes up for in enthusiasm). I've always been an avid reader and lover of fantasy stuff. I like road trips and traveling. The farthest away from home I've been is South Korea. I'd like to visit Australia someday but I'm scared of the gigantic bugs. I'd also like to see a moose in-person at some point.

  • Anthony
    2 Oct '12

    My name is Anthony. I haven't really had the best of lives, but I haven't had the worst. I'm also in south dallas and (had) A girlfriend in california. I play lots of video games and love this tread of comments so far. But yeah, keep these up :)

  • Andi
    11 Nov '12

    I'm Andi, I'm 19, married to a wonderful man, I have 2 cats, Phooka (pronounced pooka), and his littermate Tootsie. They are 11 years old, and act like they're 5. I live in Tennessee and I am going to school to be a teacher.

  • Genevieve
    15 Nov '12

    Hi! I live in Montreal Quebec, Canada. I've got 3 cats: Aisha big lazy grey girl, Nanochat a silly little thing that has suffer a lot when she was kitten (totally adorable now) and Millie the new one who's got thumbs and extra toes!!
    I like games and making doll clothes.
    I live with my Love of nine years now.
    I also hate mushrooms but only cooked one I like them fresh.
    I have a weird habit of taking off peppers from pizza because my first cat used to love them so I would give them to her.
    I like cheesy movies and historical books.

  • Lisa
    16 Nov '12


    I'm Lisa and *hushed voice* I'm allergic to cats. *tear* I know, it's tragic, but I cat-sat a Sophie once, and even though I broke out in rashes and sneezed until I my eyes popped out, I fell in love with her. I recently adopted a chihuahua mix (he's muh baby Joey) and I write code, but nothing fancy, just generic GUIs and I like chewy cookies and cheesecake and I'm gonna buy brownie mix because I don't have the ingredients to make it from scratch and I want it now. Ciao! Oh, before I go, I'm also you're most recent fan. Kay, bye. *waves*

  • lawlietismine25
    7 Dec '12

    I'm sorta late jumpin on this here...But I wanna feel included. xD My name is Megan, and I'm from Maine in the States. :3 I have 6 cats (Sage, Felix, Cozy, Moxie, Crissy, and Big Red) and 2 horses (Denny and Saucalita). -_- I hate mean people, I love cookies, and am going to college in September to learn how to teach children with mental disabilities (like autism). I also am obsessed with Japan to the point where I think I need some serious help. xD And your comics are amazing. :D

  • feii
    29 Dec '12

    Hello, I'm Felicia from Indonesia, I'm 14 this year (yay) I don't have any cats or pets.. but I named my friend's cat Sol. I love rilakkuma, potato and your comics, I hate people who likes to bad mouthing people. I like to play online games, having tea with my dad, watching dramas with my grandmother. I dreamed to be an artist / designer. I also like some jazz and classical music, but mostly I love K-pop and J-pop.. I love manga, novels, etc

  • anon emus
    anon emus
    7 Feb '13

    Hello, I'm Jhem from the Philippines. I've only recently became your fan. I've seen some of your strips via reddit and other websites over the past year but I've only recently found out about your website. I also only recently found out about RSS so I'm now updated whenever you release a new comic strip. So about me, well, I spend most of my time on a computer. I'm mostly on reddit, youtube, and ikariam. I also enjoy watching movies and sitcoms. If I'm not on a computer, I'm usually either going to or coming from school. That's because I'm taking up Computer Science. We take care of some chickens, so I decided to feed the stray cats so they wouldn't touch the new chicks. There's this one cat that decided to make our kitchen her home. She sleeps there and spends most of her time lying around the rugs. She's currently pregnant. Can't wait for the kittens to come out! I'm gonna name one of them as Shoelace.

  • Lord
    15 Feb '13

    I'm too late. Hi, Li. My name is Zaira, calle me ZASA or Zai, how you want. I live in Colombia, South America. A hispanic girl. I have 17 years old. I love reading stories and drawing, mostly drawing. I studied Arts. My dog is a pug call Loki, like Loki, the god. I like to joke and the rainy days. :3
    I listen asian music and Linkin Park. I'm friki and relax person. My dream: be a big cartoonist *u*
    Love watch movies and eat cookies. I like many things! óuò
    Nice to meet you :DD

  • Ai
    4 Mar '13

    Hi! I'm Ailen, I live in Argentina, I'm 23. I live with my friend Eva and our cat Mishka, and she's the most curious cat in the world, I swear!. I'm a graphic designer student (just one year to graduate, yeeey!), this year I'm starting a career in Fine Arts and my dream job is to be a concept art artist/illustrator. I was born in a patagonian city named Bariloche, full of mountains and lakes and nature all around, but I moved to Buenos Aires 5 years ago to go to college. I never liked it too much here. In my hometown I have a cat named Olivio and three dogs: Lovo, Kenai and Negra. I like to read fantasy novels, art books and magazines, and webcomics. I'm scared of spiders and have some kind of mushroom phobia... yep, I'm scared of mushrooms!. I love chocolate and all kind of berries. My boyfriend works as an illustrator and he used to be my Photoshop/illustration teacher at a design studio. I love your comics, they really remind me of him and myself. Oh! and my cat (: I like rainy days. I listen to indie music mostly, but don't have one favourite genre. I'm addicted to tv series and movies of all kind. 80% of the time I live in a unicorns-candy-fluffy kind of state. Your comics are the cutest, and your cat's name is just awesome.

  • Roger
    11 Mar '13

    just got introduced to your comic and am reading archive. Love it! And love how you gave love to Dad's Army and Black Books!
    I am in grad school studying Public Affairs, currently in Paris, France

  • anna
    16 Mar '13

    OMG you live in New Zealand! I do too! and I am 23 and I was born in Japan. We should be best friends.

  • Sarah Takahashi
    Sarah Takahashi
    9 Apr '13

    I'm Sarah, 22, from Aberdeen, Scotland.

    I've never left the UK mainland, only travelled to England, Scotland and Wales. I live with my soulmate, Mike, who is 36 and we've been together for 3 years. My boyfriend and I are both pro-photographers and always work together. We have 2 cats, Holly (5) and Florence (1) and they are both tabby house cats. :)

  • Lu.
    15 Apr '13

    Hi ! My name's Ludyvine and I 'm 16 years old. I am French and I live in Paris. I don't have any pets ( anymore... :( ) but I love every animals !
    I love music ( all kind ), drawing, dancing, singing, reading, taking photos : in fact I love art. I also love playing video games ( I'm a geek :B ), travelling, or looking to the sky ( or things related to it ). I hate insects and ghosts. é_è ( but as you I like zombies stories! ). I'm a dreamer... ( and very talkative too. ._. )
    I just discover your webcomics ( yeah, I'm kind of late... ^^" ) and I really love it !

    Ps: Sorry if my English is bad. *read her comments 3 times to make sure she did not make any errors*

  • Lucy
    17 Apr '13

    Hi! I just discovered your web comic recently and instantly loved it. (I think it is becuase I have been guilty of pushing the husband off the bed and holding on to the dream husband's bad behavior the next day.
    I am Lucy. I am from West Virginia, but live in Florida. (Really close to all the theme parks) I am 34, and teach 2nd graders. I have a cat named Nikki and a dog named Fred. I am married and have been for over 10 years. :) I love reading manga, learning new to me languages, cooking, shopping, drawing, writing, watching Asian Dramas and British Comedies, and listening to music.
    Thanks for asking about your fans! :)

  • Ben
    17 Apr '13

    I'm Ben, from Derby in the U.K, I live with my fiancée (Amelia) and our two black fluffy cats (George and Puddle) who are twins and soon to have a baby, due beginning of August. Stumbled across the comics on and think it's great. :D

  • Amanda
    18 Apr '13

    Hello! I'm Amanda and I'm a 2nd generation Chinese born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I like to read and play music and browse the interwebs. And read webcomics!

  • Frances
    5 May '13

    Hi I'm Frances, I live in England with two cats called Theo and Jethro (brothers) and their little sister who is a dog called Henny. They all get on very well. I love your comic. Jethro just fell into the pond when the rushes he was leaning on gave way. It was very funny, would have made a great comic :) I'm also 23.

  • Joe
    9 May '13

    My name's Joe and I like pie.

  • Isabelle
    9 May '13

    Hi Li!
    My name is Isabelle. I'm from Cananda, I have two dogs and I'm in university right now for acting/directing, planning on getting a masters. I have a friend that is EXACTLY like you, right down to the boyfriend. So much that for the first couple months after finding this comic I was convinced that it was her and she was just pretending her name was Li and that she lived New Zealand so we wouldn't know it was her. Don't worry, I know you're a real person now. (Probably.)

  • Danielle
    15 May '13

    Hi, My name is Danielle I'm 14 years old I'm from Manila Philippines, I have a pet dog named shiro who likes to eat my hair (i think he's half cat), i love pudding i usually take my sister's eyeliner and draw a mustache and a beard, shiro and I are both scared of going out out of the house for some reason we would rather stay inside locked up reading your comics, Me and shiro loves your comics :)

  • Tania
    20 Jun '13

    Interesting, I'm also an asian gamer (but from Taiwan) who moved to NZ at 5 and is living with a tall skinny white guy with a goatee and eyebrows that look like they're always angry, and a cat ha ha. Littl'e bit older than you though I'm 25.

    Ironically I found this strip through an American friend of mine.

  • Seth
    6 Aug '13

    Hello, my name is Seth. I have a cat name Chicago and a dog name Victor. My favorite band is The Devil Wears Prada and I'm in love with Mike Hranica. Not because he's famous, because he's adorable and shy. Oh I'm a very shy person and socially awkward at times. I love anything indie, hardcore, metalcore, folk, dubstep, and rockabillie. I graduated high school barely this year and going to school for either photography, filming, composing, or producing. Oh and I'm a complete bookworm, love to play guitar, drink coffee with a cigarette, and write. Thanks for reading.

  • Senna
    10 Aug '13

    Well let's give it a go
    I'm Senna, I'm from the Netherlands and 15 years old ;D almost 16 >->
    I have a boyfriend, he lives in England ;D I do not -sobs-
    I love video editing with anime and manga
    Logic: I love anime and manga
    My favourite video game is kingdom hearts
    I have a super cute weird cat named jippie ( means something like yay ;DDD )
    My nickname is finny ;3

    So love finny

  • Mike
    20 Aug '13

    My name is Michael, I am a United States Sailor. I am currently in IC "A" school, learning my rate. I love colorful and pretty things, but I only really wear colors with a lack of color. Especially grey. I like to write poetry as an outlet. I play video games often, but I love reading much more. Cats are my preferred house pet, even though I hate changing their litter box. Ermm, and, uhh, YAY POKEMON!

  • Nemo
    31 Aug '13

    =w= I'm Nemo. I live in Harbin, China. I'm 17 and still in high school. I love drawing comic and playing video games, especially RPG. I love metal and folk music. But I hate cherry sauce and green tea. I found your website on a geek web ( . And I love your pictures, they are soooo cute!

  • Emily H
    Emily H
    14 Sep '13

    Hi, my name is Emily, I'm from Massachusetts but I live in Arizona right now. I'm 21 and I'm a junior at the University of Arizona for Public Health. I do ballroom dancing sometimes and really like to read. I have a boyfriend named Derek who is Chinese and Spanish and he's pretty cool. I have a kitten named Shaq and she's the cutest thing ever. (Shoelace reminds me of her sometimes, it's great). I love your webcomic. Keep it up!

  • Jayde
    24 Sep '13

    I'm jayde ^-^ 14, Chicago, high school wooh. Uhhumm. I like to draw and sing and eat and play with mah pupps. I've got a bunch of disorders like OCD and split personality. Yay. I like food. Okimdone

  • Liana
    12 Oct '13

    Hi Li, my name is Liana. I'm 25 and from Australia. Your comics put a smile on my face. My sister showed me them and she's awesome for doing that. I'm glad I've seen them now. We'll done!

  • Seger
    15 Oct '13

    I'm Seger, I killed my fish half a year ago.

  • T-dawg
    17 Oct '13

    So my name is Trevor. I'm half Japanese and half Filipino. I now currently live in San Diego with my cousins. I have two dogs: Butternut and Coconut... They're both Shih Tzus. I have a brother who died on December aaaaand I have a baby sister named Mallow. I bake and I'm also taking up architecture in Woodbury :D

  • Sarah
    12 Nov '13

    My name is Sarah. I have a cat named Khaleesi. I was born in Canada but my parents are from Trinidad and Pakistan. I am in university studying political science. I love grocery shopping and super hero movies. I get sucked into the portal that is YouTube whenever there is something important to do. I love raspberries and mango, and I love your comics.

  • yairi
    14 Nov '13

    Born in Puerto Rico moved to florida when i was 3 my bff sent me your comics to read saying it was just like me xD but i love mushroooms!!!! 23 BA in fashion design and merchandising and i hate it ^^ ~love to draw my Deviantart account is

  • Tristan
    23 Jan '14

    Have you seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz? They're great! I love your comics you have a very unique personality.

  • Jon Miller
    Jon Miller
    6 Feb '14

    I was born and grew up in Texas but... the best year of my life was spent living in Auckland. I stayed in Blockhouse Bay but used the incredible mass transit system to get around. Queen Street, K-Road, Lion's Head... such a beautiful place. I miss it terribly and hope to return.
    I've just begun reading the archive. You are charming, adorable and very, very funny!

  • YuJia
    14 Feb '14

    Hi my name is YuJia, I was born in ShenYang, moved to NZ when I was 9, currently working/living in Hamilton. Was really surprised when I found this awesome web series and even more surprised when I found out you are in NZ too!

  • Renèe
    17 Feb '14

    Hi! My name is Renèe (without the accent it's Ruhnae) I live is southern Texas and I am 12 years old. I love pasta and, ironically, I have two cats named Shoe and Lace. I am OBSESSED with My Little Pony: FiM!! :D I'm female, 5", Asian, and
    insane (in the good way. :)) I must say, although we've never met, you seem like a fun, active, awesome, yet lazy person! Just the kind of friend I like! :3

  • Renèe
    17 Feb '14

    Also, @Seger, what an interesting story.

  • Gem
    1 Mar '14

    Hi! I just saw this from my friend's post and I like your site very much. Im Gem. I live in the Philippines. I love the color blue, chocolates (yum), most junk foods, cheesy foods, dragons, music, books and movies. I dont like horror or tragic stuff though. I am afraid of spiders and most animals with a lot of legs like bugs and spiders. I am a Harry Potter fan, and active on pottermore website. I also read fan fiction from time to time. I have 2 dogs and a 6 month old rambunctious kitty named Meming. All males, all adorable. :)

  • Tim
    10 Apr '14

    I am Tim, going by KBABZ on the internet. I'm 23 years old of Dutch decent, but have lived in Wellington, NZ all my life. I have a cat named Spice, and love Salt & Vinegar chips. I hate Chicken chips. I have hitchhiker's thumb too! I love Ratchet & Clank and other fun and free-feeling video games. I've recently become a huge fan of Exo Comics!

  • Mayna
    3 Jul '14

    Hi Li,
    I'm Tamara and come from Germany! I love your comics and also draw by myself - but only pictures (mostly women, most faries - I love Faries! in Anime-Style). I am 24 and married and got 2 beatiful and wonderful children =) I love them!
    I live 300 km away from my mum and I miss her much =( But it's ok! We visit her as often as possible!

  • Anthony
    31 Jul '14

    I was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1985. I am married to Bethany, and we have a girlfriend named Kay. I do not like dogs or children. I am addicted to YouTube, which I watch every day. I am very good at logic and working with computers. I have a PlayStation 3 save game from "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" with over 400 hours on it. I love pizza. I have detached ear lobes, which are fun! I also like British comedies and do not care for mushrooms. I moved to Houston when I was 28 years old.

  • Clare
    28 Aug '14

    Hi, I'm Clare. I'm 23, I love cats and cute things, and I am currently reading through your archives ;)

  • December
    29 Nov '14

    My name is December... literally.... December....
    I have no clue what my parents were thinking when they named me. Im white, paler then the rest of the kids at my school, which makes it tough for me to make friends, especially when they all think I'm a vampire. I live in Minnesota (yay...) I just finished high school, and i'm going to Rhode Island to pursue my dream of becoming a professional writer/ animator! I'm quite quirky and I have one best friend (Ray who is a girl and hispanic) who is coming with me to Rhode Island so we can live together. Not a lesbian... I just never want to leave my bestie's side. Anywho- my parents are divorced, but my dad has custody of me. I never worry about my mom because well... she was a jerk. My dad is awesome and inspired me to do what he never got to. Also I share his love of Rock and Roll. ( Thunderstruck- ACDC. *squeal*) I have a boyfriend too, best guy in the world... love him to death. He's sweet and funny, not to mention he was my crush since middle school, so... victory there. His name is Felix and he's trying to be a doctor which requires a lot of school... so i'll miss him but I have my bestie and my cat Munchkin

  • Meredith
    24 Jan '15

    Hi Li! My name is Meredith. I live in Montana in the USA with a boy named Eric, two cats named Chygee and Sheba, and a salamander. We go rock climbing, rafting, curling, and horseback riding for fun. I went to university for wildlife biology and eric is a geneticist. We bake cookies and make curry and love webcomics!

  • Justin
    19 Feb '15

    My name is Justin. I was born in Denver and grew up in Minneapolis. I'm 31, am phobic of cephalopods, and live with some friends and their daughter. I have a cat named Leonidas, I have a AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in Gender Studies, and work at two jobs (neither of which I use my degree for).

  • Georg
    26 Feb '15

    I'm Georg, 26 years old and born in Kazakhstan. When i was 1 year old, I was brought to Germany, where I live right now^^ I have a bachelor's degree in biotechnology, like to draw every now and then, play the guitar (a little) and used to sing/scream in a metal band for a year or so. Live's pretty cool altogether, although it sucks sometimes. I like your comics :D

  • Sean Freeman
    Sean Freeman
    23 Jul '15

    My name's Sean and I'm brand consultant. I was in the U.S. Navy and live in California with my fiancé. We're having a baby next year! I love your art and think you're awesome to the maximum. Lots of love,


  • Evan
    1 Aug '15

    My name is Evan Voyce, I am english, was born in london, am addicted to trove, my fave music is dubstep, have a greyhound called charlie, do taekwondo and guitar, and want to go to america one day so i can weird ppl out with my accent.

  • Kim
    10 Oct '15

    OMG you're so young and you do the most amazing things. I'm 32 and I do mediocre things. I print 3D things in plastic and sell them. You're the same age as my brother in law. How are you, Jordan, Shoelace, and the menagerie of animal followers? You bring huge smiles to the faces of me and my husband; we love you! We live in College Park, MD and are from NYC. We do many a thing, but it occurs to me that I'm not 100% about sharing all of them on a public forum. I'd love to hear from you as you're my cartooning iddddddoooooollllllll. <3


  • Pamela
    2 Jun '16

    Hi Li, my name is Pamela and I live in Victoria, BC Canada which is on Vancouver Island. I have a cat named Dorie and a husband named Ray. I love them both. I just came across your comic today so I'm only now learning about you and the things you love.

    Things I love include baby animals, trains, ice cream, flowers, the ocean, beaches, ice cream, flying, cows, music of all types, playing on the computer, slot machines (just for fun on the computer) and ice cream. I am 54 years old, I have 2 grown up kids and three grandsons. I also love to be silly. I love your comic and I'm happy I found it. Sending you good wishes and hugs!

  • Hanna
    23 Jun '16

    Hi, I'm Hanna, l am 22 year old hungarian, now i study in university, hopefully i became a chemical engineer. I have a boyfriend, Wei, he is 29 year old chinese, who working hard.
    I love your comics, one of the best moment in my days when i find your comic on facebook, now i start to read them from the beginning ^^

  • Khalis farhana
    Khalis farhana
    29 Jun '16

    Hi, i'm Khalis.16 y/o and live in Malaysia..I am a graphic design and art student in my school..i want to be an artist thats why take art lesson...I really love reading your comic strip...I hope can be as good like you..Keep working sis...Please give some advice to encourage me to reach my dream..Fighting sis!!!

  • Kallee
    12 Nov '18

    Okay, EVERYONE is doing this, sooo...

    My name is Kallee, I'm a 13 year old living with 3 annoying siblings, 2 awesome parents, and a partridge in a pear tre- wait, no, that's wrong. I have 3 pugs named Oakley, Roxy, and Daezee. (Sadly, Roxy is going to be put down this week on Tuesday...). I love reading, writing, drawing, Webcomics (Like THIS, LoadingArtist, Ghost Eyes, EDDSWORLD TBATF, stuff like that), Sushi, all animals, and much much more! I dislike stuff too, but why would you need to know what I dislike, unless you are plotting something? You, along with many others have inspired me, so I'm going to try to make my own web comic when I can!

    It would be very nice if we could chat via email, so that I could get some suggestions, and legitimate feedback on ideas for my web comic.

    (We don't have to though)

    Keep up the good work!

    (Yes, I know these are older comics I'm commenting on, I just haven't commented on them before.)

  • Neko Cross
    Neko Cross
    23 Feb '19

    Hi, you can call me Cross. I'm an engineer living and working in Suzhou. I love cosplay (mostly female character although I'm male myself XD) . I really love your comics because they are extraordinarily cute and healing. It really help me a lot when I'm in bad mood.

  • Charlie
    15 Mar '21

    My name is Charlie. 29 years old at the time of writing this. Asian american. Youngest son out of eight siblings. Parents are first generation immigrants.

    Always saw snippets of your comics, but I never really bothered to them fully. Well recently my job (secret!) has been getting very stressful, so I've been trying a lot of different things to relax. I started this comic around page 400 and have been working my way backwards. And I must say, this has been a wonderful, joyful read. Thank you for writing these comics.