• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Ok I'm especially sad that I lost all the comments to this comic. You guys are an interesting bunch so repost your comments! Tell me about you!

  • Angel

    30 Dec '09

    My name is Angel, I was born in Virginia, I have a cat named Hairy and two dogs named Molly and Shadow. I am obsessed with Johnny Depp and anything Sweeney Todd-ish. I LOVE musicals! (I'm a theatre geek!) And I am totally scared of dying alone and unloved. =(

  • Mokevo

    15 Jan '10

    Heh, welcome home. It's good to see New Zealand mentioned in a comic.

  • Jason

    20 Jan '10

    Hi Li. My name is Jason. I live in Los Angeles, and am of Chinese descent. I used to play baseball, and currently work in home construction while I wait for the results from my applications to architecture schools. I spend most of my time online reading webcomics and surfing ESPN.com... great comic! Also: I love Flight of the Conchords. Dunno if that gets me points in NZ.

  • Robin

    20 Jan '10

    Hi, my name is Robin, I live in belgium and my cat's name is Nouka. I study computer sciences at the university of Ghent and I have a problem with my attention span. I love knowing stuff.

  • Melissa

    22 Jan '10

    My name is Melissa. I was born in Detroit Michigan. I like graphic design and writing. I also like looking up pictures of cute baby animals when I'm sad. I love video games and I hate that stupid Italian guidos show on MTV because I'm Sicilian and that makes me look hella dumb :( oh and these comics make me a happy face :D

  • fermin

    06 Feb '10

    Im Fermin, almost 26, Panama city, panama. IT consultant and tech support, love online comics and video games in general.. i love knowing stuff (i try to read cracked and random info websites a lot) i have 3 red ear turtles and one tortoise.. i usually dont do much and i like about a bit of everything...

  • OIK2

    07 Feb '10

    Mike, in the US. Jen and I live with our 3 pet ferrets and 3 pet rats. Biggest addiction outside our furry family is World of Warcraft(This is about us! http://www.wow.com/2009/07/08/15-minutes-of-fame-the-two-shall-be-as-one). I love reading web comics. I have a comic(about Ferrets) stuck in my head, but it has to remain there because I have a case of dumb hands.

  • Yair

    13 Feb '10

    I'm Yair and I live in Mexico City, i really like cats but i have a dog named Jack, i'm 25 years i'm an IT guy and I do websites for smal and medium bussines, and i work in a Publisher (nice books). I really love your comic, y like zombie games/movies/stuff, videogames, and pizza. Saludos desde México (Greetings from Mexico)

  • Alex

    16 Feb '10

    I'm Alex, You know me, Li I'm friends with Sophie and Chris And Tian and Devan And Brendan J Cox And Jason I'm into poetry and wordy things I procrastinate And I'm very impressed with you

  • Alex

    16 Feb '10

    ...Impressed with you and your website, I should say Also the comic on it impresses me Bugger I double posted I feel i should demonstrate my nerd credentials here also So I shall say this: I am very into Dwarf Fortress I ended this prominent succession LP game of it: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3194790&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 It is worth reading this thread because it is made of rich amounts of WIN. I post as Pozzo on those forums

  • diy

    18 Feb '10

    hey, im from malaysia! graduate of maths. and am waiting to further on architecture so much. enjoy web comics big times and hope to have my one sooner ( like in dream ey?). btw i hate shoelace because i so not fancy cats. lol. and yes, i like you Li, very nice comic :D (it's 8pm in malaysia right now!)

  • gadevoi

    19 Feb '10

    I’m Alex M. and I live in Waterloo (Belgium). I have a cat named Kookie. I’m 15 years old. I love knowing things, I speak spanish, french, and some english (and I'm learning German and Dutch at school, and I'm interested in languages in general). I also like to create things (short movies, short stories, games, audio pieces, drawings,…) but sadly, I seldom do. I code sometimes. I just found your comic, thanks to someone who tweeted your last Lojban post, and I really like it (both your comic and lojban :p).

  • Kaity

    24 Feb '10

    I'm Kaity B and I live in California (north of sanfran). I am 22 and in College. I was born in Florida, moved to PA. and then MA and now CA. I had a Corgi. She had a tumor. Now we are adopting 2 new corgi's. I crochet and doodle in comics myself (not super wonderful yet.) I love Shoelace and your comics. I also love wearing new socks. Especially if they are orange.

  • Raunak

    27 Feb '10

    Sup, maties ? Am Raunak S, from Calcutta, India. Am 19, and hating it. Am in College, and loving it. Am skipping 'I' wherever I can, and loving that too ... Own no animals, except a tank full of fish. Though I do feed all strays in and around the neighborhood - plenty of those. Extra... , Abstruse goose, xkcd and the Bad Astronomer make up my online activities - no facebook, no twitter no distractions. Loved wikis and loved uncyclopedia even more ... Sigh.

  • Alex

    10 Mar '10

    Oh wow, nice to see Black Books getting some love out there! It's one of my favourite series. You have an excellent comic; I'm enjoying reading it very much. :)

  • Greg

    22 Mar '10

    I'm Greg, I live in Maryland, USA. I can probably fly, although I'm somewhat nervous about checking. I am studying math in college, and do the part of knowledge that so many other people hate. You should all thank me. I have had a couple fish, but mine always seem to like dying. I also had a hamster once. It was very cute, and is now very dead. I play flute (I'm fantastic at it), and have sung a couple times (I'm not fantastic at it). I love someone I should not, don't worry about much, and get alone pretty well with most people, usually.

  • pirate_sephiroth

    23 Mar '10

    I'm hotter

  • Topaz

    25 Mar '10

    Hi Li, Im Topaz, I live in Hamilton, NZ. I have 4 cats named Isis, Knahla, Isa and Nevada. I also have a dog whose name is Sirius. I know your sister, Lan. I have met shoelace :) I'm good at speeches. I do gymnastics and I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I love the theatre. Yeah, i'm pretty uninteresting really. Oh, and I love your comics so much. Lan told me about them and I'm so glad she did. :)

  • Callum King

    06 Apr '10

    Hi Li ^_^ I'm Callum and I come from Edinburgh in Scotland. 21 years and a bit, I hope to one day open my very own scuba diving school, in Okinawa. I have a cat called Toffee who is 14 (I think) can't really remember because she looks sooooo cute I get lost in petting and speaking in baby language to her :P I was a chef now I'm a security guard, but that is paying for my scuba training ^_^ I love manga, anime and my kilt (also my cat but that is a given). Happy to see black books in some other place than the UK, it is my favorite series of all time (btw you can buy the "little book of calm" ^_^) also I HATE spiders, especially the "house spiders"......shudder. Anyway, just thought I would leave a comment. I have just found your web comic and have I very much enjoy the cute and well drawn strips ^_^ reminds me of "megatokyo" in the early days. Can't to read on!

  • Lobzy

    07 Apr '10

    Hi ^^ I'm Mali, also called Lobz, I love my garden, my friends, storytelling, and anything with cats on it. I have four cats named Kitty,Flower,Smoke and Tiger (I actually translated the names here, the real ones are Gatinha, Flor, Fumaça e Tigrinha) and a dog named Argus who's Smoke's best friend. I am very in love with them. I live with my parents and my siblings. I intend to code and design software for a living, but my real passion is in the books, specially fantasy-themed, and in the wilderness. I love trees! I'm 21, but that doesn't mean anything. I find Shoelace to be the single cutest thing the internet has to offer.

  • Prunebutt

    12 Apr '10

    My name is Michi. I have two cats called Spike and Beppi (bavarian short version for Joseph... pretty far fetched now that I think of it...). I'm from Oberammergau from Bavaria and I'm 20 years old. I can't wait to go to college and I think I'm gonna become an engineer (Yay! like the guy from Team Fortress 2!) but I don't know for shure (I also like mathematics, physics and computer stuff). I play the saxophone, the clarinet, the blues-harp, the ukulele and a little bit of piano and I just love music , particularly Jazz. And I REALLY enjoy all those mostly-black-and-white-webcomics like XKCD, Abstrusegoose and this one. ^^

  • vincent

    22 Apr '10

    Hi! My name is Vincent and im from Ireland:) I only discovered extra ordinary about two days ago but im already in love with it! I'm 17 and im doing the leaving cert next year which will decide my future so the small amount of free time between studying I spend online reading stuff like this! I'm hoping to become a game designer but unfortunately I suck at maths:( I have 2 beautiful dogs and used to have cats but they kinda disappeared..... I live in the middle of the countryside so I think they found a better home in the wilderness!!! well I hope they did.... :( I love black books too btw:) Keep making awesome comics Li!! and im naming my next cat shoelace if you don't mind:D

  • Sarah

    28 Apr '10

    Hi there, My husband sent me a link to this comic/website - mainly because he was scarily amazed at how similar our lives are :) I was born in Tianjin, and moved to Auckland when I was 9; we have a little black kitten, and i swear to goodness that me and my husband look EXACTLY like how you've depicted you and your partner, down to the glasses/haircut on me and his blond(?) hair! I could even send you a picture to prove it :p anyway i'm in love with your work just because they depict our lives so perfectly, but also because it's amazing cute :p so keep up the good work! p.s. out of curiosity, where abouts in Auckland are you? p.p.s I totally get the spiders thing

  • Erin

    28 Apr '10

    Hi. I'm Erin. I just stumbled upon this site and I like it. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I was born in Florida. I am 25. I have a degree in biological engineering but I'm going to be a pharmacist. I have a corgi named Logan. Really excited to see someone else here loves corgis. I like to wear sunglasses even when its not that sunny outside. I procrastinate a lot. I think baby horses look like the cutest aliens I've ever seen. I don't like cockroaches.

  • popping.candy

    28 Apr '10

    hi im popping.candy i was born in england, live with my dad, older sister and younger bother and sister i have a dog named bear and i am currently working in my Alevel art corse and pepering for my exams :( i love the colour yellow (cuase it makes me happy) i love food bar parsnips | P and most od all i love my boy frend Seth... hes my sethie-bear <3

  • Katrina

    01 May '10

    Hi, I'm Katrina. I'm fairly certain you and I live the same life on opposite sides of the world. Many of your comics occur in my life, including the side of the bed, where the animal sleeps, and the drooling = pillow licking thing. Except I'm not Asian, I live in Pennsylvania in the US, and I have a dog not a cat. Other than that, TOTALLY the same.

  • K-bot

    04 May '10

    Hey .) I am Kaki, but sometimes I use the name of my imaginary robot friend - K-bot. I live in Prague, my favourite actor is Craig Parker and I seriously need to come over to NZ and see him (again. i was lucky.). I love T-Rex and I dont believe there were any mightier dinosaurs EVER. Everyone who says that is not my friend. So I hope you dont think that.

  • GreatCrow

    05 May '10

    Hello! My name is James, but I go by GreatCrow on the internet. I was born in Maryland and have lived in California, Nevada, Texas, Washington state, and Tennessee. I love anime, birds (especially crows and ravens), steampunk, books, and science. I am in college at Memphis and aspire to become a Paleontologist

  • Yolanda

    22 May '10

    Hi, my name is Yolanda, I'm 29 years old and live with my boyfriend near Bern in Switzerland and my mother is from Taiwan and my father is from Switzerland. My cat is called Häxli (small witch) and I'm afraid of spiders too. I love black humour and since a few weeks your website =)

  • Jordan

    23 May '10

    My name is Jordan, I am 13, I was born and raised in California and have lived there ever since. I have a dark sense of humor, and my friends call me "sweetly morbid." My cat's name is Angel, and she had 4 kittens, one of which I kept and named Oliver. I love to draw, and other than these facts, there is nothing much else interesting about me.

  • Amir

    23 May '10

    My name is Amir i live in Atlanta, Georgia. I love video games and movies about zombies, i also have a catcher hikers thumb xD. I can bend my fingers back scary far i can put my arms behind my back while holding my hands togther (people say its gross but i do it anyways) im black, also im 16

  • Chase

    23 May '10

    My name is Chase, my Friends call me Hunter which is the old english meaning of my name. I live in Vidalia, Georgia. I was in the army for Five years. I am a war veteran. I have been to more seperate countries than I have states in America. I am afraid of spiders, crowds, and Churches. I have a dog, a cat, and a ferret. I like to go hiking and camping for long periods of time. I also like to practise archery and grow things :D I am secretly addicted to romance animes. :">

  • rootbeer78

    23 May '10

    My name is rootbeer78 I am the 78th creation to the perfect RootBeer I was able to escape from my cryogenic imprisonment by means of exploding(was frozen too long). I survived of course Day and night I am hunted down by RootBeer hunters from Germany as well as the perfect RootBeer who is coded rootbeer87(I call him Kyle) Right now I'm throwing the hunters and Kyle off the trail(they are not all that bright so it's easy enough to avoid being cought by them) I'm afraid I will have to end this as it is. I've already said too much.

  • tjeerd

    24 May '10

    Hey, Im Tjeerd from the Netherlands Our cat is named Minoes, and i love your drawing style! grts

  • Jesse

    25 May '10

    my name's Jasper, i live in Lancashire, England, i have a dog named Sadie and a cat named Mievelle, and my wedding's on thursday.

  • Erica

    30 May '10

    My name is Erica, I'm 22 and I live with my husband, Josh, In Boone, Iowa USA. We have four dogs (Jack, Lexi, Fool, and Skye), Three cats (DW, Jinx, and Snowflake), and three bunnies (Humphrey, Frank, and Alice). This comic reminds me of some of the things my husband and I do. I'm cooky, crazy, and probably not from this world. And for a living.... I print images on t-shirts with a BIG machine...... I sometimes imagine the machine is alive ^_^ teehee

  • Lauren

    02 Jun '10

    Hi! My name is Lauren. I'm 20. I live with my parents, my brother, and my mean yet adorable cat named Kody. He is Mr. Alpha-male >:l. I spend 3/4 of the year in college studying English and Journalism. The other 1/4 of the year is spent sleeping until 10:30, waitressing, playing video games, slaving over the computer, reading webcomics!, and having a lot of bonfires with my boyfriend and my friends. Fun fact: I "stumbled-upon" this page, thanks to the best idea and toolbar ever, just yesterday! And I am completely hooked. Seeing your comics made me start drawing again, a hobby I gave up in high school thinking it would take me nowhere. Thank you very much, Li =).

  • shiNIN

    08 Jun '10

    I'm shiNIN, I use this name everywhere, my real name isn't important. I'm 33 but decided not to grow up. I live with my sweet boyfriend and have no pets yet but of course I like cats :D I was a programmer and I want to be a graphician too. I lack skills atm. I've watched all these comics just now, it's fun. Li has a very healthy attitude I guess. I almost pity Jordan sometimes but who doesn't LOVE tiiiny muffins, can't get my sympathy (tiny muffins are so adorable... *still shocked*).

  • alvaro

    09 Jun '10

    I'm alvaro and I live with shiNIN in a cute little Hungarian village. I don't have any cats (no surprise after reading shiNIN's post) just a motorcycle called Teresa. OK, my last pet was Radar, the chinchilla, but he died in an accident when I was far from home :( I must admit that I like spiders. I like to take photos and ride my bike while I do know that we'll run out of widely available oil soon - the result is a hypermiler. Fun fact: I'm a Touhou fan, I crossplayed Reisen Udongein Inaba at the last con. And to have some Asia in this post: I worked in China (Shenzhen) a few years ago (for a month).

  • Kevin

    12 Jun '10

    My name is Kevin and I am studying History at the University of Virginia. I love ballroom dancing :) Ballroom = Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Samba, Cha Cha, Paso Doble, Rumba, and Jive

  • Starlight

    14 Jun '10

    Hi! My name is Cleo and I am ALMOST 18 (sucks to be born in august...) at this moment. Also I am from the Netherlands, which is something I don't quite like... What I do like is learning English and French (and some other languages too) I am going to study Psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen (or so I hope, because I do not yet know whether I'm accepted). Furthermore I like animals, especially cats, music, and my boyfriend who resembles your boyfriend remarkably (and creepily...) much. I dislike maths and grammatical errors. My boyfriend gave me the link to this comic and remarked that our relationship resembles yours xD It's true... Keep up the good work =)

  • Starlight

    14 Jun '10

    I forgot to say that I have cats too, they are of no particular race and named Nero and Dikkiedik. One's black and the other is... Well, he resembles the comic character Dikkiedik, you can google it =) Ours is not named by us, we adopted it from an adoption centre and they already named it then.

  • Sara

    16 Jun '10

    Hi Li. I'm Sara, and I'm twenty-years-old. I grew up in Pennsylvania, then lived in Sweden when I was eighteen, then moved back to Pennsylvania. Now I live in Arizona, but I get to go to Iraq in a month for a year. I'm in the Army while working on a Computer Science degree. I don't have any pets, but I want a dog someday like I had when I was a kid :3

  • Rach!

    17 Jun '10

    My name's Rachel, I have a cat named Penelope and two dogs Coal + Frank. Penelope is the supreme ruler of all things in this house. I giggle at the work "pudding", I hate olives. I'm allergic to pineapple. I'm a rainbow-chasing butterfly-loving recycling hippy! ♥

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    18 Jun '10

    My name is Samuel, and I've never left the -05:00 GMT time zone in my 15-year life. I've never rode an airplane or train yet, either. I spend most of my free time in front of the computer stumbling or playing video games. I am also a furry and a troll. If you don't know what those are, ignorance is bliss. I am allergic to cats and dogs, but we used to own three cats when I was a wee lad and we've owned five dogs in my life, two of which have not died or been given away.

  • Travis

    20 Jun '10

    Name's Travis. I live in Canada (Sudbury, Ontario, to be precise). I'm 24 plus change. I'm a musician, I play guitar and bass and keyboards, I've been in a half-dozen bands that have never went anywhere and I'm totally sticking with the solo route under the name Borealia for now. My favourite food is sushi. I share your distate for mushrooms. When it comes to television, I am pretty much addicted to Discovery Channel. My favourite genre of music is progressive rock. But not really that cheesy early 70s stuff. More like, the Porcupine Tree/Pain Of Salvation variety. My favourite colour is blue. I have bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder and if you make my stack of CDs any less than completely straight I cut you. Hahaha. I recently discovered Extra Ordinary Comics via an enemy, of all things. A friend I had a massive falling out with posted this link and I followed it anyways and found that this was awesome.

  • Gurdit

    22 Jun '10

    I don't know how many people you're going to actually read about, Lisa, but here goes anyway: I'm Gurdit, 23 years old, a student, born and living in India. I live on campus in a single room in a hostel. It's fun, sometimes. I blog, I write short stories and I used to write poems. I spend quite a portion of my time reading webcomics and I think yours are adorably cute.

  • Jon

    05 Jul '10

    My name's Jon, 23 years old living in Manila, Philippines. My ethnicity is Chinese. I work in a manufacturing company. I have a cat named Yuki, a gift from my girlfriend. Half Persian, half domestic shorthair. I love reading, writing, and philosophy. I love webcomics with a passion, and I like yours. Keep it up!

  • Dann

    07 Jul '10

    Hi, decided to do this for fun. I am Dann (with dos N's), I am hispanic, 17 years young, my hair is quite long for a guy. I live in south Texas (very hot D:). I am into graphic design and wish to pursue a career in that field. I like scary stuffs, preferably novels and short stories. I like all kinds of music, preferences are Trance, Soft Rock, and Metal (I love the variety). I like to play video games, mostly stuff on steam. I am attending a summer semester at a nearby college. I have trouble sleeping. I procrastinate quite a bit. I have a Zune :D I like to be random. I have visited a few places, Nevada, Florida, California, and Arizona. I like Arizona the most :D but I miss my gf a lot so I plan to move over to California so I can be with her.

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