• Li
    8 May '13

    OH LAWD.

  • Arietta Yin
    Arietta Yin
    8 May '13

    Cute Shoelace stuffing their face!

  • Introbulus
    8 May '13

    I remember...the best popcorn.

    War is hell.

  • Johnnie Lucille
    Johnnie Lucille
    9 May '13

    I'm sorry microwave, but that just wasn't good enough.

  • Jacq Lind
    Jacq Lind
    9 May '13

    Excellent trigger discipline.

  • Chase
    9 May '13

    These never cease to make me smile and laugh, Li :)

  • Lear Rintoul
    Lear Rintoul
    9 May '13

    It's cute and all... but leeching off xkcd is getting pretty old (so many wannabe-popular comic artists do it.) I hope that you find your *own* voice and your own unique style; in time. :)

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    9 May '13

    Gosh, poor poppycorn.

  • Tyler
    9 May '13

    Sriracha popcorn. All you'll ever need in life

  • Kaze
    9 May '13

    The plot thicks.

  • J
    9 May '13

    Lear Rintoul must be new to the comic - Li - your art and story ideas are as unique as they come... btw, I do love your art and your surreal take on the normal - keep up the great work :-)

  • chronodekar
    9 May '13

    I like how attentive shoelace looks in the first 2 panels. -chronodekar

  • maravilla
    9 May '13

    Now I wonder about the secret?
    Or was ist that you killed the last microwave also for bad popcorn???

  • Betsy
    10 May '13

    Can you expound, Lear Rintoul? Is it that both depict humans with round faces?
    At least J and I think that this is a very unique comic that has its own particular voice. Keep it up, Li!

  • Mitch Piotrowski
    Mitch Piotrowski
    10 May '13

    I wonder if it was... Pop Secret...

  • mimacahe
    10 May '13

    @Lear Rintoul -- I read and love both Exo Comics & xkcd, and I don't see how Exo could possibly be ripping xkcd off? Both have very unique styles, both unique from other comics and from eachother . . .

  • Kilby
    10 May '13

    Termination of appliances and vehicles works best with a large tree branch (assuming borrowing from Faulty Towers is acceptable).

  • Ninnghazad
    14 May '13

    @Lear Rintoul
    Yeah, cause *anything* you did on the web even comes remotely close to anything not considered an eyesore. Where do you get off judging peoples' work at your age, when you have not done anything in the profession yourself? Any page you made on the web looks like s***. That wedding foto you use for 'jobs'? Yeah...

  • Jon
    15 May '13

    Well,....that's what happens sometimes when you start getting attract of the unfortunate results when we put our creativity out to the world. Idiots will try to knock you back down a few pegs so they are not quite so aware of their own mediocrity most likely.

    That critique is a kinard on it's face in that artists drawing inspiration from one-another is hardly a bad thing, and this comic-strip _surely_ crosses no lines. So what would be the problem from drawing some inspiration...IF that were even the case...Personally I see such a clear distinction between the two deliveries as to make to comment kind of absurd on that level two.

    Seriously, I can count on one hand the comic artists that I think have such a distinctive style in both graphics and story arc. Li's work is so 'stream of consciousness' that it's clearly distinctive and personal.

    Frankly what it appear to me to be here is the troll is clearly just strolling in and taking a dump because breaking things down is soooooo much easier than actually building something....simulates actually having an edgy opinion.....actually reads more like the purest form of envy to me though.

    In short Li, I hope you don't let an idiot like this give you a moment of fret.

  • phryk
    15 May '13

    I have to agree with Jon.
    I read xkcd, smbc, oatmeal, romantically apocalyptic, userfriendly, cyanide & happiness, questionable content, exocomics and other webcomics on a regular basis and am pretty sure that Li never "leeched" off of any other comic…