• Li
    10 Apr '13

    If you haven’t seen it already Dave from Pflugerville, TX, USA found a tree that bears a creepy resemblance to the apple tree in last week’s comic! Creeeeeepy.

  • X
    10 Apr '13

    Shoelace as a casual observer.

  • feii
    10 Apr '13

    that day, shoelace stay cool

  • Seifer Katt
    Seifer Katt
    10 Apr '13

    It's like Starship Troopers all over again!

  • BaconFairy
    10 Apr '13

    Are you aware one of your comics got to the front page of 9gag about two days ago. It was your 'USB' comic.
    Thought you might like to know.

  • Eric
    10 Apr '13

    Oh god, imagining all those ants all up in my biz. HEUGH.

  • Areefa
    10 Apr '13

    I love your work. Huge fan in Johannesburg, South Africa ;)

    This reminds me of the time my husband went against an ant mob in our kitchen a few days ago... they kept thieving from the kittens food bowl :-/

  • Lynda
    10 Apr '13

    Don't fight the ants Li... It never works out in the end... ^^;

  • Chris
    10 Apr '13

    Those Army ants will get you every time.

  • RA
    11 Apr '13

    As Deiter said, "Ants... ants... ants!"

  • Forest_GS
    11 Apr '13

    I am reminded of the scene in an indiana jones movie where giant ants eat people.

  • averystrangeplace
    11 Apr '13

    Oh, thank god, I thought I was the only one this happened to.

  • Eric "Parthon" Spain
    Eric "Parthon" Spain
    11 Apr '13

    I have an ant phobia for this very reason! True story!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    11 Apr '13

    oh noes ants! neber taunt them! I live in the land of fire ants and this i know!

  • Bonabopn
    11 Apr '13

    I used to have a friend who poked a mysterious hole in a tree with a stick, and within seconds he was covered in ants! That was funny. c:

  • Brit
    11 Apr '13

    Where I live, you cannot do this, as the fire ants will burn you alive. You must always watch your back for the sneak attack.

  • kuva
    11 Apr '13

    please consider adding a "random comic" button to your navigation panel, thank you

  • Mordred
    11 Apr '13

    I just discovered this comic three days ago and I'm so hooked. I'll be following you! Thank you for having created this!
    It really makes me happy .. which is good.

  • Paracelsus
    12 Apr '13

    I think I've had nightmares about this.

  • Anonymoose
    13 Apr '13

    Those ants are all over you because... You're just so sweet! *ba dum tss* Thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen.

  • jo
    14 Apr '13


  • Steven
    15 Apr '13

    This is the first comic you have drawn that has made me feel sadder after viewing. Nonetheless, keep up the good work!

  • Cassidy
    17 Apr '13

    Yay! I caught up! It took my two whole days. Beyond that, this is incredible. I can't wait for it to update!

  • Nelson
    25 Apr '13

    once walking a dog from a shelter i stopped by a store leaving the new puppie tied to a tree outside while I went in... little did i know there was an anthill under the tree and once i came back out the dog had chewed the leash off and ran away from them. I guess what im trying to say is its not only people that dont like Ants. :)

  • nia
    15 Aug '13

    A boombox is not a toyyyyyyyyy!

  • Cool man 25
    Cool man 25
    13 Feb '14

    Fire ants: DIE LI DIE HAHAHA!!!
    don't blame us it's what we do for a living :{}