• Li

    03 Apr '13

    I spent 3 hours cleaning my room tonight and found an old friend!

  • Walter Reinhart

    03 Apr '13

    But how can the tree write?

  • Bertie Gmaj

    03 Apr '13

    The tree gets the bees to write the questionnaire for him :D

  • Bryan

    03 Apr '13

    what a sneaky tree xD

  • Brohan

    03 Apr '13

    I hope you don't hurt the tree's feelings.

  • Zeis

    03 Apr '13

    So... the tree wrote on the message on one of his corpsified and processed brothers? He must really care for you!

  • Ronald

    03 Apr '13

    Very imaginitive as always, Li. :D

  • Lynda

    04 Apr '13

    Aww, the tree looks shy ^^

  • Josh

    04 Apr '13

    Does this mean the tree writes on it's relatives? T_T

  • Dom

    04 Apr '13

    Choose /

  • Joe

    04 Apr '13

    Amazing. This has brightened my day ^_^ Thanks Li!

  • crazyoctopus

    04 Apr '13

    Oh look it's the cheat!!! many hearts to HSR, and many hearts to your comic. (btw yes it is delicious)

  • Marilia

    04 Apr '13


  • Lara

    04 Apr '13

    Aw! So cute! I LOVE your comics!!

  • Taylor

    04 Apr '13

    Push it to the limit, the cheat is to the limit~

  • Dave

    04 Apr '13

    I also wonder if weirwood apples are tasty.

  • Ana Júlia

    04 Apr '13

    I hato to agree with Lynda, the tree looks realy shy!!! Why?

  • oish

    04 Apr '13

    Bee Questionnaire? Hmm, well they say that beauty is in the eye of the bee holder...

  • JohnB

    04 Apr '13

    The Cheat is not dead! I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead.

  • Pg-chan

    04 Apr '13

    That tree worked really hard to make delicious. omg, the Cheat XD;;; I never knew there were pillows~ I kinda want one XD;;

  • Kilby

    04 Apr '13

    If I were that tree, I would aspire to braeburn or granny smith. Most apples named "delicious" (no matter whether red or golden) have long since ceased being so.

  • Kaze

    05 Apr '13

    Li-sempai noticed!

  • JD

    09 Apr '13

    Oh, Li, your comics are one of my new most favoritest things! =^_^= But so many of the buttons on the website don't work... :-( If they did, I would totally buy all the things!

  • Mikki

    23 Apr '13

    D'awwww... I just found your comics and they are all so adorable! You have such an awesome blend between inquisitive and whimsical styles in this! It's so cute! I love it!

  • Nic

    11 Apr '14

    He wrote on his own skin :O

  • Paul

    10 Jun '14

    He needs to grow a pear.

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