• Li

    13 Mar '13

    Yus, one panel toime! Also, last week I made a guest comic for Twitter the Comic! I hope all of you are having an awesome day :D

  • Psicomaquia

    13 Mar '13

    Oh Li ~~

  • Kaze

    13 Mar '13

    Nice ride :>

  • Bone

    13 Mar '13

    It's so sunny, it burn my eyes!

  • Ronald

    13 Mar '13

    It is your imaginative creativity that you express in these that I adore- very reminiscent of 'Calvin and Hobbes'; and knowing that your imagination can take you anywhere.

  • Kilby

    14 Mar '13

    If Shoelace is at the wheel (on the right side of the car), then he'd better move over to the left side of the street!

  • Evette

    14 Mar '13

    Sometimes it's all you can do, here's hoping one of my pets decide to pull up and tell me to get in the car. Also, I'm hoping that it's my dog and he's so big I can just piggyback off into the sunset.

  • maravilla

    14 Mar '13

    I wish I had a nice sunny day like that *looking out seeing snow and grey clouds* now I really miss summer ^^

  • Mario

    14 Mar '13

    Getting a Calvin & Hobbes vibe from this comic. I love it :)

  • sarah penguin

    14 Mar '13

    Ooooh! Supercute! :)

  • Mousee

    14 Mar '13

    ooh could you make this a wallpaper? I love it :)

  • Lisa

    19 Mar '13

    I don't even wait for Li to make wallpapers. I'm just like, "I don't see how a higher quality version will make this any better. Screw HD -- new wallpaper!!"

  • sovathary

    19 Mar '13

    Omg...finally i've found the kind of comics I so love. You're the best cartoonist in the world!

  • Nando

    20 Apr '13

    LoL... This is so occurrent! You SO funny!

  • Filppu

    16 May '13

    Swag master

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