• Li
    14 Dec '09

    I bet all of you do this!

  • Angel
    30 Dec '09

    TOTALLY! It's so fun!

  • Ben
    10 Apr '10

    GTA 4! fun fun.

  • Carlos
    23 May '10

    May I add you on xbox live?

  • Kuri suta hall
    Kuri suta hall
    23 Sep '10

    i play rpgs when frustrated...its so nice to see humans hacked into bits when i paste my peers face onto them...

  • PheonixGRX
    25 Sep '10

    Hey, I've always done that, and now that GTA4 works on my new laptop, I can do it all the time! Not to mention flying a helicopter then jumping out mid air to crash into buildings >w>

  • Rich
    26 Sep '10

    wanton destruction and mass slaughter always make for a good end to a baaaad day!

  • Fasuhn
    22 Nov '10

    *laughed* I love Shoelace in this. xD

  • Serge
    27 Nov '10

    Haha! I'm actually just replaying GTA IV right now. I should try this strategy to enhance my entertainment return.

  • Allyza
    29 Nov '10

    Same gamer face. this is weird. but im comforted im not the only one haha

  • zane
    24 Dec '10

    it took me a really long time to bet the game cuz i spent so long killing people.

  • The Editor
    The Editor
    4 Apr '11



    Love the comic. :)

  • Sarah Liz Anderson
    Sarah Liz Anderson
    16 May '11

    I've recently started reading, and your comics make me smile--I'm glad that there are still comics that can do that without a lot of swearing and sex-jokes. I must point this out because it bugs me--although I'm sure others already have: Pedestrians.
    Otherwise, can't wait to see the wanderings of your mind and the reactions of your...boyfriend? (read some in the middle of the series, then started at the beginning)

  • Chelsi
    15 Jun '11

    Is Jordan standing sideways?

  • Carol
    3 Nov '11

    I never thought about doing this...
    excellent idea!

  • Katifer
    3 Nov '11

    Heh, this is the exact reason why I do fencing. You can just rock on up and whack people with swords, what more could you want?

  • Laurs
    31 Jan '12

    lol i take my anger by making sims look like people i hate, and naming them after them, and then burning them in a house fire... :D i have a whole graveyard full of them :)

  • Name (required)
    Name (required)
    18 Apr '12

    My outlet for my anger is chasing moths up walls and falling on the couch with a thud like Shoelace. You depicted this perfectly.

  • Jim
    15 Apr '13

    Lol shoelace