• Li
    6 Mar '13

    Jordan and I updated the site! Take a look around the other pages and let us know what you think :D

  • mishiko~
    6 Mar '13

    No way to have known indeed! Now I feel like having some raisin buns... lol

  • Ernest
    6 Mar '13

    Rogue raisin is rogue.

  • Momoko
    6 Mar '13

    Raisin bun eating is serious business x)

  • Me
    6 Mar '13

    The site looks snazzy. Subtle upgrades are the best :)

  • Eric
    6 Mar '13

    You split a Raisin Bun, not an atom! lol

  • Seifer Katt
    Seifer Katt
    6 Mar '13

    Huehuehue there was a raisin between your buns.

    That happened to me once :/

  • Kilby
    6 Mar '13

    The classic "two kids and one piece of cake" solution: You cut, I choose!

  • J
    6 Mar '13

    I love the new footer.

  • Baily
    7 Mar '13

    Damn raisin!

  • The wandering Intellectual
    The wandering Intellectual
    7 Mar '13

    Schrödinger's Raisin?

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    7 Mar '13


  • Jag
    7 Mar '13

    The new site looks snazzy, indeed. One thing: navigation links to the right of these comments is showing both the sketched image and the alt text at the same time so it appears to overlap. I'm not sure if this happens for everyone or is the result of my company still using Internet Explorer 8.

    Also, is there a large version of the last panel? I'd like to make it into a wallpaper.

  • newmexicanfan
    7 Mar '13

    i think u may of broke somthing, i cant see anything but the comments and the comic, so harder for me to navigate site.

  • newmexicofan
    7 Mar '13

    by way, i got java deactivated on my computer due to vulnerabilities, so please make sure that u not using java or site broken to those fans who are security aware. i do love your comics thou.

  • tony
    7 Mar '13

    For some reason I'm thinking more paranoid then aware

  • Kilby
    7 Mar '13

    newmexicofan is probably is simply confusing Java (which is vulnerable) with JavaScript (which normally isn't).

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy
    8 Mar '13

    FINALLY YOU HAVE A SINGLE MAIN PAGE! Now I can add you to my plethora of web comics...

  • S3rvant
    9 Mar '13

    Ok, I admit it, I laughed wayyy too hard at that one ^_^

  • Jake
    11 Mar '13

    Weapons of mass deliciousness. >_< I love the upgraded site! It's subtle but it looks really clean. I love it.

  • Lila
    11 Mar '13


  • Johan Holmes
    Johan Holmes
    11 Mar '13

    FFS Li, I've been looking everywhere on teh interwebs to find a picture of RL you. WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE?! The plot thickens.

  • subdavis
    13 Mar '13

    I like the changes. And am thoroughly frightened by the peeking Li at the footer. Thanks for that!

  • analbumcover
    14 Mar '13

    I don't always get the joke, but I still enjoy the terrific artwork!

  • Miracle
    14 Mar '13

    I like how every comment I post on this page gets removed. That's nice.

  • David
    29 Aug '13

    I was kinda expecting a fork of time and two alternate realities where the raisin ends up on one and the other buns.

  • Snickerdoodle
    30 Sep '20

    Little know fact, but this is exactly how Einstein discovered his most well known theory.