• Li

    20 Feb '13

    Have a lovely day!

  • Christian

    20 Feb '13

    These comics are the highlight of my wednesdays.

  • Marcia

    20 Feb '13

    Shoelace with a magic wand, oh the possibilities :)

  • Kaze

    20 Feb '13

    Angry eyebrows! >:)

  • bunnitos

    20 Feb '13

    Oh My!

  • feii

    20 Feb '13

    Fail magic lol

  • JustJarron

    20 Feb '13

    This same thing happened to me while I was vacationing out in Montenegro. The locals warned me, but I didn't listen. Great place though. (minus the screaming frogs.)

  • tilde

    20 Feb '13

    :) thank you

  • Michael Kilby

    20 Feb '13

    I wouldn't want frogs sneezing on me, either.

  • amalbum cover

    21 Feb '13

    I don't always get the joke but I can still enjoy the wonderful artwork.

  • Merulotte

    21 Feb '13

    My guess is that the shoes didn't want to be turned into a living creature, and having such an existence thrust upon them was terribly agonizing. And yet, it's still somehow adorable and funny! I love these comics.

  • Marilia

    21 Feb '13

    Oh my... I love this draws!

  • sarah penguin

    21 Feb '13

    Oooooh magical wednesday! *waves* Awesome as always!

  • Jag

    21 Feb '13

    I had the same interpretation as Merulotte. Except that I don't think the shoes wanted anything. They're shoes.

  • Pg-chan

    21 Feb '13

    Oh my. Such immediate dismay with magic.

  • daniel

    21 Feb '13

    sometimes i wish i could be in these comics im always alone

  • suBDavis

    21 Feb '13

    This was an excellent stop on my way to download some Exo Comics Wallpapers.

  • MetaDavis

    21 Feb '13

    I think the frog screams for the same reason a newborn baby screams.

  • Seantunder

    21 Feb '13

    Frogs are natures tornado sirens. Science.

  • Micah

    21 Feb '13

    Have you been playing Ni No Kuni?

  • Theresa

    24 Feb '13

    I just thought I would let you know that I am an art teacher, and currently in one of my High School classes I am teaching the art of cartooning and comics...i am using your website to show my students examples of great comics! I love your work! Keep 'em coming! :3

  • Amanda

    25 Feb '13

    Hey is there anyway to get to the first page withought having to keep pressing the back button

  • Holly

    26 Feb '13

    I found your comics today, and read them ALLL!!!!!!! You're amazing. I took love Studio Ghibli, Adventure Time, Sims and cats!! bahhh! Anyway, I'm glad that I now follow 3 cat comic blogs. Made my day.

  • Jag

    26 Feb '13

    @Amanda: Click the icon slightly to the left of the back button that looks like a rewind icon.

  • Moo

    06 Mar '13

    This is oddly reminiscent of adventure time.

  • melissa

    09 Mar '13

    reminds me of the pumpkin from baman and piderman

  • elizabeth

    13 Mar '13

    do you have a tumblr?

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