• Li
    12 Feb '13

    Stay tuned to the Facebook page for a colour version of the last panel to give to your friends! Or dont. I’m a sign, not a cop.

  • Brandon
    13 Feb '13

    Love it!

  • Matthew
    13 Feb '13

    I swear, your comics are so adorable. I just wanna be your friend so bad ;~;

  • Kaze
    13 Feb '13

    So perfect
    Happy Valentines Day!

  • Sharrakor
    13 Feb '13

    Was that... a Red vs. Blue reference in the description?

    'Cause if it was, that's totally awesome.

  • bunnitos
    13 Feb '13


  • maravilla
    13 Feb '13

    I guess Jordan is no fan of Valentines days? Or did he bake that muffin XD
    But I totally understand, its really hard to take it slow with a delicious muffin! also the realtionship usually easily can become hard and crumpy if you don't make a move fast ;)

  • dave
    13 Feb '13

    Absolutely wonderful. Also nice Simpsons reference =p

  • daniel
    14 Feb '13

    .........i wont even have a cupcake to comfort me on valintines/my bday.................

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    14 Feb '13

    *noms* :)

  • DJ Mouthwash
    DJ Mouthwash
    14 Feb '13

    Heh. People don't know that the sign joke is from the Simpsons. I am amused. Carry on.

  • Charliewoo
    14 Feb '13

    OH LAWD. What happened to your glasses in the last panel!? xD

  • Ana
    14 Feb '13

    Exactly how I plan to spend my Valentine's Day! ;D

  • Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie
    Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie
    14 Feb '13

    I'm pretty sure I have had this exact experience.

  • Jag
    14 Feb '13

    Actually, without the rest of the comic for context, the last panel may be misleading.

  • Abbie
    14 Feb '13

    This is amazing! As are you, Li, of course. :P long time reader and first time poster. But I love your wit, lady! This may be one of my favorites! I want to hand out the last panel as Valentimes Day cards... But sadly... I'd have a huge smile on my face, waiting for my loved ones to get it and laugh/love it... Only to have to explain to them why it's so GREAT! Not enough of the people I'd share this with read you (their utter loss!)... But I'll still probably hand some of these out. :P thanks for bringing smiles at least once a week!!! :)

  • Louis
    15 Feb '13

    Its so nice Li's glasses vanish.

  • Kilby
    16 Feb '13

    "I'll have what she's having!"

    "What? You actually want to eat her muffin?"

  • San
    16 Feb '13

    You should tumblr. I love your illustrations...

  • gbrlgrct
    19 Feb '13

    There appears to be a bug with your RSS feed images. The images won't load -- I get 403 Forbidden HTTP error on Google Reader. Maybe you're trying to prevent hotlinking, but it's breaking RSS reader support?

  • Sean
    20 Feb '13

    Dirty cupcake sex. My favorite.