• Li
    6 Feb '13

    No matter how hard you run, Lisp will find you.

  • Kaze
    6 Feb '13

    IT'S A TRAP!

  • donutmon
    6 Feb '13

    Shoelace is sad! :(

  • emma
    6 Feb '13

    It's 2:49 AM over here, and this totally woke me up more than caffeine ever did! Love you, Li!

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy
    6 Feb '13

    What da hell? Her cereal turned into a hammer, a staple, and a...pencil sharpener? >_>

    Li, you make the goofiest comics. Love it.

  • Derek Stone
    Derek Stone
    6 Feb '13

    I was stuck feeling a freelance writing project that was working on was too cute, too cheesy, too silly. But then I just read your comic and it brought such a smile to my face that I realize the world needs more fun and cute stories.

    Thanks Li! Your comic always brightens my day...even if it means Shoelace has to be sad for it to happen.

  • Moo
    6 Feb '13

    I hated writing in Lisp for my CS course freshman year, but when we had moved on from it I missed it's elegance.

    Also I HAD to count all of those parentheses. You win this time...

  • Dian
    6 Feb '13

    Nonono, the hammer was to break the lock on the diary! ..I don't know where the cereal went.

  • Matt
    7 Feb '13

    How do you annoy a LISP programmer?


  • Steph
    7 Feb '13

    Gah... I find myself compulsively looking for unbalanced parens (which is probably why I program in python now.

  • Steph
    7 Feb '13


  • phryk
    7 Feb '13

    (YELL Matt "Stop doing that!!")

  • Interrobang
    7 Feb '13

    @That Other Guy: Those are tools used to break the lock on the diary, I believe.

  • Susan
    7 Feb '13

    Jordan is a genius!! sad that you two were thwarted in your scheme tho!

  • Sayorain
    7 Feb '13

    Li, why is there a hammer next to you when eating cereal?

  • Addison
    7 Feb '13

    It is a hammer she used to break the lock on the diary.

  • Lisa
    7 Feb '13

    Love how Jordan's decoy-diary is decorated with hearts and Shoelace. I couldn't think of a more manlier decoy.

  • Xaromir
    7 Feb '13

    Your meal turned into a hammer, a sharpener and a staple. O.o (Don't eat it)

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    7 Feb '13

    Yay programmer jokes! :) What fun! You should do one bouts Shoelace writing a kitty hello world in Purr++ :)

  • Lisa
    7 Feb '13

    Oooo he is sneaks.

  • Kimberly
    7 Feb '13

    It's not a sharpener and staple. Those are pieces of the lock - look at panel one and then panel two.

    And I love this comic ^o^

  • Danver BBraganza
    Danver BBraganza
    7 Feb '13

    Loved the comic! I swear I had almost the same exact diary when I was a kid: it had a heart-shaped lock and everything.

    However: void-function decoy-diary :(

  • Tyler
    8 Feb '13

    Whenever I see that many parenthesis, i think of Lisp and Scheme.

    and then i regret ever programming in scheme.

  • Zemyla
    8 Feb '13

    Jordan's such a killjoy. He always ruins DEFUN.

  • ConsciousCode
    8 Feb '13

    (setq adorable T)

  • suBDavis
    9 Feb '13

    I have never commented before, but I wanted to say how much I love this comic. I have been following for about 10 months.

  • huangho
    10 Feb '13

    You're worrying about unbalanced parentheses? I'm worrying if 'decoy-diary' returns a function that when called returns a function that when called returns a function that when called ...

  • The One True Josh
    The One True Josh
    11 Feb '13

    Dammit! Now you have to figure out where he set up the continuation.

  • huangho
    11 Feb '13

    @The One True Josh: If the pun was intended, that was just genius. :P

  • The One True Josh
    The One True Josh
    13 Feb '13

    All the Schemers gotta stick together...

  • M
    6 Mar '13

    LISP strikes again!
    If I had a diary, I would include pages like that just to throw people off...

    - unbalanced paren in the comments) just can't help it :)

  • Jeremy
    26 Sep '13

    He's a geek: his real diary probably looks like this:

  • Bexandre
    19 Nov '15

    Lisp programmers will know... I laughed so hard!

  • Arlo James Barnes
    Arlo James Barnes
    4 Sep '19

    The hammer reminds me of the double-clawed hammer someone created to represent PHP...