• Li

    16 Jan '13

    I try to touch all animals at least once.

  • G-Force

    16 Jan '13

    If only I could txt my animals! xD

  • Alden

    16 Jan '13

    Meow. :D

  • Karma

    16 Jan '13

    Eeeeeeee bunneeeee! Officially now my favourite comic because it now has a bunny as well as a cat.

  • Seifer Katt

    16 Jan '13

    Li, that Bunny is absurdly cute. You have outdone yourself in cute bunnies. Now there is only downhill from here. Because down the hill are baby ducks. And they are also adorable.

  • Editha

    16 Jan '13

    I want to! But it really all depends on the animal :c...

  • jc rivers

    16 Jan '13

    i wanna pet it too :(

  • Mr Fox

    16 Jan '13

    Oh My God Becky.

  • Hairybad

    16 Jan '13

    Look At Her Butt.

  • Hexel

    17 Jan '13

    Aw! On the bunny's phone, it says "BUNS" instead of "BARS" :3

  • red sweater

    17 Jan '13

    But how did you get its number?

  • sarah penguin

    17 Jan '13

    superadorable as always *pets the bunny too*

  • Lisa

    17 Jan '13

    Shoelace has some cuteness competition, that bunny is very adorable!

  • Balentine Comics

    17 Jan '13

    Touching micro-organisms will be the hardest.

  • Pg-chan

    17 Jan '13

    D:!!!! Where'd you get the bunny's number?! AHGAHD is there a directory I can look up with cute animal numbers so I can let them know I just want to rub their bellies?!

  • Moojoo

    17 Jan '13

    At first I thought Li's phone was a graham cracker. I was confuzzed.

  • El

    17 Jan '13

    I can't tell if that's the bunny's nose or if it's grinning like Li... My mind says nose, but I prefer grin. :P

  • Blue

    18 Jan '13

    Good luck with cocodriles ;)

  • feii

    20 Jan '13

    I'll try it with my dragons..

  • Lynda

    20 Jan '13

    So cute!!! I have a rabbit, and he likes to cuddle when he's not being a butt >.>

  • GuyveroZ

    22 Jan '13

    I'm surprised no one has said this yet... "Dem BUNS!"

  • Terry

    22 Jan '13

    did you get my email way back when about fixing the old comments on your website?

  • Pilar

    23 Jan '13

    Have you heard about this guy Gareth Morgan who is trying to get rid of pet cats in New Zealand? http://news.msn.com/world/new-zealand-to-eradicate-pet-cats-purr-ish-the-thought Crazy!

  • Drake Saul

    25 Jan '13

    lil Rabbit fur pocket

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