• Li
    9 Jan '13

    Hello everyone! Welcome back, hope you had a great Christmas break. Jordan and I went back to our hometown to visit our parents and we played with kittens and ate icecream. Leave me a comment and tell me what you got up to!

  • Joe
    9 Jan '13

    I spent a month travelling Asia and Christmas was in Saigon. A very traditional massage was my gift to me :) Happy new year to all three of you!

  • Nicky
    9 Jan '13

    I was home and did nothing and ate food!
    Happy new year!

  • Editha
    9 Jan '13

    I stayed home! Everyone came over for christmas and new years! I got a lovely surprise on christmas to find my boyfriend hitched a ride with my family to come visit me for christmas and new years! I had an AMAZING time! Glad you had fun Li! xoxo♥

  • John
    9 Jan '13

    I got my house robbed! They took my big-screen TV but left my Extra Ordinary books lying right on top of the desk they ransacked. What idiots! :D
    (Seriously, I am way happier than if it was the other way around :)
    Happy New Year to all!

  • Knot Just A Scarf
    Knot Just A Scarf
    9 Jan '13

    I was pretending to be a kitteh at home :3 Happy new year! Extra cat treats to Shoelace~

  • Blue
    9 Jan '13

    I spent most of the time preparing for exams (yes we have them just after Christmas) But My girlfriend and my family made that time quite good and I'm going on holidays in February.... So can't complain :)

  • Totz the Plaid
    Totz the Plaid
    9 Jan '13

    My 99-year-old great grandma slipped into a coma until Christmas, when she screamed in pain for hours before mercifully passing away.

    The funeral was two days later.

  • Isaac
    9 Jan '13

    I was lucky enough to go visit and spend time with my girlfriend for the holidays! I even got to surprise her on Christmas when I arrived and she discovered I caught a ride with her brother and his family hehe. Best Christmas/New Years ever! Good to hear you had a great time and glad to have you back Li :D

  • Nakymee
    9 Jan '13

    I slept a lot and played various rpg games^^

  • Ronnie
    9 Jan '13

    Are Editha and Isaac boyfriend and girlfriend? If so, that's super cute that they both commented on this <3

  • Editha
    9 Jan '13

    @Ronnie; ♥

  • Isaac
    9 Jan '13

    @Ronnie Haha yeah ^^

    @Editha Lol stop derping around xD

  • Kaze
    10 Jan '13

    I spent my time ingesting as much food as possible whilst catching up with family whom I haven't seen in a year.
    When I wasn't doing any of that, I was sleeping :D

  • Poupée
    10 Jan '13

    I went to Xeling snow mountain for a ski trip but ended up caught a cold and lost my voice.
    No skiing...

  • Sally
    10 Jan '13

    I was allowed to go home and see my family for one day. Needless to say I cried buckets when I had to leave! But it was nice to see them :)

  • Sara
    10 Jan '13

    My boyfriend and I spent Christmas with my family. It was a lot of traveling but we had a lovely time catching up with everyone. (We're three hours away from them.) New Year's we spent alone, I had to work so we didn't go too crazy. Then this weekend we went out to visit his family (they're four and a half hours away). All in all, we had a very nice holiday. Glad to hear yours was just as lovely. ^_^

  • Xaromir
    10 Jan '13

    Woo! Welcome back Li! All of teh interwebs missed you! :D

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    10 Jan '13

    Visited with family, took some of them out to eat at a nice place (yay seafood!) and hugged our dog and cats.

  • Amanda
    10 Jan '13

    I didn't travel, but I'm glad I didn't. I got to see my friends almost every day for two weeks ^-^

  • Becks
    10 Jan '13

    Had my very first Christmas with my husband <3 and visited home with my family for a few days as well.

  • Alzarath
    11 Jan '13

    Oh good, RSS feeds are working now. Yay~.

  • Johnnie Lucille
    Johnnie Lucille
    11 Jan '13

    My parents and I hosted Christmas for the family at our new house! ^_^ Our kitten had his first Christmas, and almost broke several ornaments. :P Then we held our 6th annual New Year's party! And I played D&D like a nerd. XD

  • Zeke
    11 Jan '13

    Are these song lyrics? Google is being no help at all.

  • Mary
    12 Jan '13

    I stayed home with my parents and have been watching a 24/7 livestream of a family of kittens and their mama pretty much the entire time. (Link here if you're interested: )

  • AnyWaffle
    13 Jan '13

    It's beautifull *W*

  • Sam
    14 Jan '13

    I'm from the East coast of the United States, and I left the country for the first time. For my Holiday vacation, I decided to go to New Zealand, where we stayed with friends in Hamilton for a week, then in a hotel in Wellington for another week. It was the best Christmas and New Years ever! :D

  • Amber
    14 Jan '13

    My daughter was born in october, the first little one for me and my hubby, so we got to spend Christmas with her, and opened tons of cuddly gifts from family. Hearing her giggle (and watching her sleep thru half the presents) was the best gift ever!

  • Antony H
    Antony H
    15 Jan '13

    Great comics Li, couldn't sleep last night and stumbled across them, since then and now I read the whole lot.

  • Jeremy
    26 Feb '13

    I didn't get a Christmas holiday, but I went to a small town near Honghu city in Jingzhou prefecture during Chinese new year

  • Mrambiguous
    15 Dec '13

    Just stopping by to say, hi:)