• Li

    14 Dec '09


  • WC

    14 Dec '09

    Huzzah! Congratulations!

  • Mokevo

    15 Jan '10

    Holy crap what are the odds! I honestly had no idea that any comic would mention a place in New Zealand. (The odds are smaller than the place itself, which can be scaled via Honda city)

  • Carlos

    23 May '10

    What did shoelace graduate with?

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    18 Jun '10

    A Masters in Eyebrowology.

  • Josh

    01 Aug '10

    Congratulations! I love your comic, by the way. >w<

  • JS86

    10 Aug '10


  • Originality_is_Dead

    14 Aug '10

    I need glasses. I The A in Auckland looked like an F to me. -___-

  • monster

    15 Aug '10

    I agree I thought it was an F at first too. Haha...Great comic

  • LVN

    03 Sep '10

    I'm at canterbury myself, go go kiwi!

  • travis

    17 Sep '10

    I cant imagine people aren't making the joke F***land everywhere at that school o.o

  • Hilary

    19 Sep '10

    I'm visiting the University of Auckland in December from the USA :) Glad I stumbled upon your comic, Li!

  • Lucy

    22 Sep '10

    ^^ Well done!

  • Sooshi Meo

    10 Oct '10

    I'm so jealous. Your comics are overly cute and funny and you've graduated... >:\ Meh.

  • Geraint Scott

    31 Oct '10

    OMG New Zealand FTW!!! Wellington is better though =P

  • Ava

    17 Nov '10

    The anti-asian car comic suddenly makes sense. You're not from America.

  • Morgan

    14 Dec '10

    =O NZ! I'm in CHCH =D wouldn't think a webcomic I like would actually be from NZ =P And excuse me Ava, you're saying that American's aren't racist xD what a joke...

  • Anne

    07 Jan '11

    woohoo! architecture! congrats!!

  • Kate

    04 Feb '11

    ^_^ I'm an Aucklander. So pleased someone from here has a popular webcomic!

  • Alison Croop

    17 Feb '11

    You have a b.arch? Thats so cool! :) im a second year working on getting my bachelors architecture degree from clemson university in south carolina. and I LOVE your drawings <3

  • lumikuma

    29 Mar '11

    i don't know why... but it almost looks like f*ckland... just saying

  • Sam

    19 Apr '11

    Awesome! Im from NZ too, always figured for some reason you were from America. Love the comic ^_^

  • Mark

    24 Apr '11

    Ahh I totally studied in Auckland! That's awesome!

  • Ross

    17 May '11

    Horray! Congrats! Don't you go getting a job now... We need you to keep these comics coming!

  • Hudsik

    22 May '11

    wow congratulation! ... I am from Czech Republic, but I've been in NZ, and I love it so much... amazing country ! go kiwis go :)

  • Matt

    17 Jul '11

    I didn't realise this was a NZ comic until I saw this one. You are awesome, I love the comic! I live down in Greymouth, go New Zealand :)

  • esmeav

    29 Jul '11

    oh god I'm going to be an architect too! congrats!:)

  • Addie

    23 Sep '11

    I can't believe you're from NZ! I love your comics, they're amazing. I'm living in Dunedin and moving to Auckland to study at AUT next year. Go NZ!

  • Rodrigo

    03 Oct '11


  • Tabor

    28 Oct '11

    Is it wrong that as soon as I read this I looked for the "like" button?

  • randi

    19 Nov '11

    Grats! (lil late tho :p )

  • Ashley

    24 Mar '12

    Woo!! you go! I didn't know you lived in nz! Rock on.

  • José Luis

    05 Nov '12


  • Bexxiic

    29 Dec '12

    Yay! I live in Auckland :D

  • Maw

    23 Apr '13

    Congrats!!! :D

  • Annie

    23 Mar '14

    Super late congratulations!!

  • Anthony

    31 Jul '14

    And it looks like Shoelace graduated from the University of Cuteness with a degree in Snuggles! :D

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