• Li

    05 Dec '12

    Look at Li's cool shirt! You can get them here.

  • GreedyRadish

    05 Dec '12

    When you think about it, is it really that different? (Also, I want a body pillow shaped like a hotdog bun...)

  • Jake

    05 Dec '12

    I want to become a sausage like you one day, Li D: This is beautiful.

  • Johan (dutch..)

    05 Dec '12

    Awesome, I love the way you draw.. it's so cool :] keep it up!

  • Abdiel Guzman

    05 Dec '12

    Lol this reminds me of Robin Williams in Mrs.Doubtfire :P

  • Laura

    05 Dec '12

    I loooove these comics! c: but it makes me so sad that the t-shirts are in dollars and in America D: sad face,

  • Diana

    05 Dec '12

    Awwww... A sad Li

  • Sam

    05 Dec '12

    Dinosaur shirt? Li cosplay unlocked!

  • Kilby

    06 Dec '12

    Turning into a sausage is strange enough, but at least she's not imagining herself as a sausage roll.

  • D

    06 Dec '12

    Could you release this in a larger size? : http://i1.cpcache.com/product_zoom/601455970/shirt.jpg It would make an awesome wallpaper!

  • Mario

    06 Dec '12

    @Laura there's a button to change the currency right at the top, you know :/

  • Alan James Keogh

    06 Dec '12

    Well, if you think about it, we are just all random bits of meat stuffed inside a skin casing. And now all I can think of is a person in a giant bun, rolling down the street to get to places.

  • sarah penguin

    06 Dec '12

    Ooooh nother amazing comic yay!

  • Balentine

    06 Dec '12


  • Nicholas

    06 Dec '12

    I hope you like your new life.

  • Kurt W

    06 Dec '12


  • Who Are You?

    06 Dec '12

    This has always been great.

  • Josephine

    07 Dec '12

    someone please explain the alt text to me? I don't get it :(

  • Diana W

    07 Dec '12

    I'm A Sausage Now Life Is Different First letters =IASNLID

  • Jellybean

    07 Dec '12

    Soooooo this is my background now. Just because I find it so amusing. My friends think I'm weird XD

  • Dan

    10 Dec '12

    Nice bun(s)!

  • Ren

    10 Dec '12

    Not only do I own that shirt, but my Minecraft character has it too!!!

  • lucy

    17 Dec '12

    Ok. 1) abdiel thank u for mentioning Mrs. Doubtfire. 2) jellybean I love the marceline pic.

  • Laotzu

    25 Jun '14

    Ich bin jetzt eine Wurst. Mein Leben ist anders.

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