• Li
    7 Nov '12

    I know it’s early but if you want to buy the exocomics books in time for Christmas, please email me soon! Postage can take ages, especially around this time of the year :)

  • notaname
    7 Nov '12

    that's adorable

  • Negi
    7 Nov '12

    I would not be able to refuse some lil cat socks :D

  • Ali
    7 Nov '12

    Shoelace, y u so cute and irresistible? So funny.

  • Hambo
    7 Nov '12

    I got my book in the post a couple of months ago and it was awesome! The best part is my name will be in everyones book too! I AM EVERYWHERE!!!

    Thanks Li!

  • soot
    7 Nov '12

    Must obey the mustache!

  • Celes
    7 Nov '12

    Jordan calls Shoelace "cat"? Doesn't he know their name?

  • Austin miller
    Austin miller
    7 Nov '12

    Is there a reason the socks have a moustache?

  • Charissa
    7 Nov '12

    That's the best :) Awwww!

  • Tess
    7 Nov '12

    These comics just make me squee. Just a little bit.

  • Jill
    8 Nov '12

    Hi Li!
    Just wanted to let you know that I got the books all the way in Canada! I can't WAIT to surprise my friend with them!! Thank you so, so much!

  • Carlos
    8 Nov '12

    lol dat Alt Text

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    8 Nov '12

    Those are some fairly threatening socks!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    8 Nov '12

    *giggles* kitty socks

  • Adam McDouche Nuggets
    Adam McDouche Nuggets
    8 Nov '12

    Behold comedy in New Zealand. AKA 10-10.

  • Baily
    8 Nov '12

    OH NO!!! What will the evil socks do now that they are on Jordan's feet?!!?!?

  • Jon Keam
    Jon Keam
    8 Nov '12

    I imagine the socks speaking in a dirty French accent. Entrez!

  • Bridget
    8 Nov '12

    This is so adorable. I can't form the words!

  • Lee
    8 Nov '12

    Oh my goodness, so cute!

  • Kaze
    8 Nov '12

    I wonder what happens if Jordan doesn't obey D:

  • Joe
    10 Nov '12

    Oh my word. This is amazing! Any chance of a print?!

    Keep up the amazing work :D

  • Senior Platypus
    Senior Platypus
    10 Nov '12

    That is so cute and disturbing at the same time. Simply awesome!

  • Lydia
    11 Nov '12

    your comics are so funny and creative!

  • Andi
    11 Nov '12

    Shoelace's face is soooo adorable!!!!

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    11 Nov '12

    Wonderful comics, I bought both books this week, can't wait to get them. They capture the essence of a very happy place within.

  • Martina
    12 Nov '12

    Your fantastic drawings made me desire my own comics, thanks <3

  • maravilla
    13 Nov '12

    wait... jordan smiles on the first picture OO I think... yes, its a first! He ALWAYS looks the same! THIS aint Jordan! Where is Jordan? Did you forget him in Japan and replaced him with a robot that looks like him except that the robot can actually show emotions????

  • Baily
    14 Nov '12

    still laughing over this one.

  • Gabriel
    7 Dec '12

    This comic has been featured on the Cheez Burger website about a month ago. Just thought you'd like to know. :)