• Li
    31 Oct '12

    Jordan and I got back from Japan this weekend! I bought lots of tiny things.

  • Tortus
    31 Oct '12

    I would fill any survey in for you Li.

  • *filled in*
    *filled in*
    31 Oct '12

    *you wouldn't believe it, but I filled this in as well*

  • Hiro
    31 Oct '12

    I actually won an Ipad from an Auckland Uni survey just recently. :o
    Buuuut I don't really need one so I'mma sell it. Speaking of, does anyone want to buy a brand new unboxed ipad3?

  • Pg-chan
    31 Oct '12

    Lots of tiny things is Japan's main export.

  • Bay
    31 Oct '12

    an ipad3?! is it awesome?

  • Kaze
    1 Nov '12

    *presses clipboard to Jordan's face*
    Fill in survey pwease :>

  • danny
    1 Nov '12

    i love this comic imma read every Wednesday

  • DJMouthwash
    1 Nov '12

    Will you be among the hot '60s-looking girls to wish Strap and Space Captainface a safe voyage? And if not, how come?

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    1 Nov '12

    Cute and funny as always :) *waves* I hope japan was fantastic!

  • Edith
    1 Nov '12

    I'm half Japanese and my Mom's whole family lives there. When I go visit them, I always bring back the cutest smallest things. Even basic things, but super cute. Like kitchen sponges shaped like bears and Hello Kitty. Or a soap dispenser shaped like a strawberry.

  • Danny crazypants
    Danny crazypants
    1 Nov '12

    I love this comic, i know you are a busy busy person but i beg of you to do 2 comics a week! i will send you pancakes 0_0.
    thank you.

  • おかしい猫
    2 Nov '12

    I have been thinking about buying an iPad forever. How much are you selling it for as I am interested. That is... if you ever get around to reading this comment.

    To you, Li, I love you and your comics an your comics and I have been lurking here since comic 52. Thanks for being awesome!

  • thex656
    2 Nov '12

    Got my books today - us postal service was a little rough but who cares!! love the books - keep up the great art

  • Vinny Lee
    Vinny Lee
    7 Nov '12

    Woop! Got the books today too!
    It's frikkin BEEEAUTIFUL.
    (Now begins world domination)

    Keep up the great work!

    PS you've watched "Chi's Sweet Home" on Crunchyroll ?

  • Michelle B
    Michelle B
    7 Nov '12

    Shoelace is outside the window creeping in

  • phryk
    9 Nov '12

    "Lots of tiny things is Japan’s main export." You are my personal hero. :D