• Li

    31 Oct '12

    Jordan and I got back from Japan this weekend! I bought lots of tiny things.

  • Tortus

    31 Oct '12

    I would fill any survey in for you Li.

  • *filled in*

    31 Oct '12

    *you wouldn't believe it, but I filled this in as well*

  • Hiro

    31 Oct '12

    I actually won an Ipad from an Auckland Uni survey just recently. :o Buuuut I don't really need one so I'mma sell it. Speaking of, does anyone want to buy a brand new unboxed ipad3?

  • Pg-chan

    31 Oct '12

    Lots of tiny things is Japan's main export.

  • Bay

    31 Oct '12

    an ipad3?! is it awesome?

  • Kaze

    01 Nov '12

    *presses clipboard to Jordan's face* Fill in survey pwease :>

  • danny

    01 Nov '12

    i love this comic imma read every Wednesday

  • DJMouthwash

    01 Nov '12

    Will you be among the hot '60s-looking girls to wish Strap and Space Captainface a safe voyage? And if not, how come?

  • sarah penguin

    01 Nov '12

    Cute and funny as always :) *waves* I hope japan was fantastic!

  • Edith

    01 Nov '12

    I'm half Japanese and my Mom's whole family lives there. When I go visit them, I always bring back the cutest smallest things. Even basic things, but super cute. Like kitchen sponges shaped like bears and Hello Kitty. Or a soap dispenser shaped like a strawberry.

  • Danny crazypants

    01 Nov '12

    I love this comic, i know you are a busy busy person but i beg of you to do 2 comics a week! i will send you pancakes 0_0. thank you.

  • おかしい猫

    02 Nov '12

    Hiro- I have been thinking about buying an iPad forever. How much are you selling it for as I am interested. That is... if you ever get around to reading this comment. To you, Li, I love you and your comics an your comics and I have been lurking here since comic 52. Thanks for being awesome!

  • thex656

    02 Nov '12

    Got my books today - us postal service was a little rough but who cares!! love the books - keep up the great art

  • Vinny Lee

    07 Nov '12

    Woop! Got the books today too! It's frikkin BEEEAUTIFUL. (Now begins world domination) Keep up the great work! PS you've watched "Chi's Sweet Home" on Crunchyroll ?

  • Michelle B

    07 Nov '12

    Shoelace is outside the window creeping in

  • phryk

    09 Nov '12

    "Lots of tiny things is Japan’s main export." You are my personal hero. :D

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