• Li

    17 Oct '12

    Hello! Jordan and I are having an awesome time in Japan. Today we went to the Ueno Zoo! There were very small animals.

  • Kaze

    17 Oct '12

    Cute! And oh my god the chinchillas!

  • p1x13st1ck

    17 Oct '12

    Wow, 250 already - congrats, also I can't wait to get your books in the mail :)

  • nonamegirl

    17 Oct '12

    Reminds me of the song Paper Planes by MIA, tee hee.

  • Anthony

    17 Oct '12

    Can this be a wallpaper pleaaaase? <3

  • Kat

    17 Oct '12

    Hello! I love all of your work! I have a large wallpaper folder with a lot of your work in it so i can see it every day, thank you SO MUCH for making your comics easy to save from right here!

  • sarah penguin

    18 Oct '12

    Oooh I wanna fly in da paper planes!

  • Introbulus

    18 Oct '12

    :D Wow, that looks like fun! And the paper airplanes look fun too.

  • sky wilcox

    18 Oct '12

    this is epic.. I love it so much! you're so cool Li!

  • Arek

    18 Oct '12


  • Chris

    18 Oct '12

    Absolutely adorable, also i have a pet chinchilla, they are so soft and fluffy

  • Ed

    18 Oct '12

    Oh look, new wallpaper material. Thank you!

  • Lucy

    19 Oct '12

    Wow - I want to fly with you! (Is that a chinchilla or Shoelace?)

  • SeanUnder

    19 Oct '12

    Always brightens my day to read your comics!

  • Floor

    21 Oct '12

    This one would be great awesomeballs as a wallpaper indeed!

  • AlexYW

    21 Oct '12

    Wish I could meet you two (three? is Shoelace with you?) - I live in Tokyo, not far from Ueno Zoo :) Btw, I bet Shoelace would love to meet Baron Humbert von Gikkingen.

  • Nick

    22 Oct '12

    It was only a few months ago that I went through your entire archive. You quickly became one of my favorites. Can't believe you're at 250! Congratulations!

  • Julianna

    25 Oct '12

    Yes, this should definitely be a wallpaper! It's so pretty!

  • Juan

    30 Oct '12

    Will this comic be available as a poster? It's so effin' cute *__*

  • KeithFromCanada

    01 Nov '12

    I love how all of your drawings are done so whimsical-Li. :grin:

  • Artist :D

    22 Feb '16

    Amazing!!! :)

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