• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Shoelace and I have a mutual understanding now which involves me not washing him anymore and him not killing me. It's a good deal.

  • OIK2

    07 Feb '10

    You should have seen that coming, he warned you with his eyebrows. Ferrets are easier to bathe, as long as the water is warm enough(remember little animals are warmer than us, and water feels colder to them than it does to us).

  • Kuri suta hall

    23 Sep '10

    tard never stands a chance i dont start the bath till hes in the bathroom with me and he proceeds to hide in the corner... till i pounce and jump in the tub with him..yes he gets no chance to escape...i hold him in..it takes me and my sister me in the tub and sarah outside the tub to get the whole affair dealt with..i have a swims suit thats in shreds because its for his baths..

  • Rich

    26 Sep '10

    we get into outfits that can be shredded and prep the bathroom before even catching the kittehs first. first in is the oldest one (going on 19 at this point) while the youngest one (just a little older than 2 now...) is now locked in the bathroom forced to watch the water torture begin...and knowing that she's next. it's mean...but then they're nice and clean and eventually forgive us.

  • Crystal

    05 Jan '11

    Come on people!!! Cats wash themselves!! Unless they are cover head to toe in sludge type material, Cats just don't want to be in water! Its funny, I live on a pond and when I swim my cats sit at the shore and meow at me ^_^ like they wanna join if it weren't for them getting wet! ^_^ Cats+water=death

  • Evilestine

    06 Jan '11

    But some cat swim right? Anyway I love ur drawin so cute~ (*^_^*)

  • Josh

    23 Sep '11

    When I got Miss Kitty, as a kitten, she had a wounded back paw. I had to hold her hind leg under warm running water twice a day, for the first two weeks. To this day she glares at me when I use the sink. Love the comics, btw!

  • michael wylie

    29 Mar '14

    that is what motorbike leathers are good for.

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