• Li

    08 Oct '12

    Hey guys! I'm in Japan for two and a half weeks so I'm going to be slow at replying to emails, orders, etc. but I'll still be posting comics! Just a reminder if you backed me on Kickstarter and you live in US/Canada your books are in transit and will arrive near the end of October (I will release a new update when they arrive)

  • Mercedes

    11 Oct '12

    Amazing, like always ^O^ Great work! and enjoy the travel :D

  • Jman012

    11 Oct '12

    Oh dear Li/Jordan. That is definitely creepy.

  • Keralee

    11 Oct '12

    Thanks for the update! I was starting to wonder where my book was :) I can't wait.

  • Kaze

    11 Oct '12

    Moon Pizza Li Do I prize? Have fun in Japan! So jealous :>

  • smile

    11 Oct '12

    Orange, Button, Li (Jordan would have half-eyes...).

  • Oreko

    11 Oct '12

    Sorry guys. All answers are wrong. Please play again.

  • NKH

    11 Oct '12

    Answers: 1. Moorange! 2. Buttonizza! 3. Jorlidan!

  • kleer001

    11 Oct '12

    Who was prize?!

  • AquaCoon

    11 Oct '12

    1. The orange is in fact, a moon orbiting a planet in a zesty citrus nebula. 2. A button, for a pizza, made out of a tiny pizza. 3. Trick question, it's shoelace. Somehow...it's shoelace.

  • Sari

    11 Oct '12

    1. Trick question...The moon is not made of cheese, it is made of an orange. 2. Is a tiny pizza that can be worn like a button in case you get hungry somewhere where there is no food. 3. Is Li and Jordan's secret child.

  • Adam

    11 Oct '12

    Excuse me while I recover chunks of my brain

  • andreas

    11 Oct '12

    1: dumpling 2: pie 3: no idea. But he she it looks like a serial killer. One of the creepy ones.

  • Baily

    11 Oct '12

    Mmmm.. button pizza!!! :) I do like Andreas' idea though.

  • Zakiya

    11 Oct '12

    This so amazing! I <3 your drawings!

  • Awesome Sauce

    12 Oct '12

    Aweome! The Li-Jordan is scary, and that button pizza looks fabulous! c: Enjoy your trip to Japan! You should totally make a Japan-themed issue when you get back. Looking forward to your next one, as always.

  • sarah penguin

    12 Oct '12

    Gosh that's amazing! Moon/pizza for me :)

  • Cliff

    12 Oct '12


  • George

    12 Oct '12

    Orange in space, pizza, Jordan in disguise as Li :3 Did I prize?

  • rolling twenties

    14 Oct '12

    Oroonge. Pizzutton. Liordan. Heck yeah, I prize.

  • Mikusagi

    31 Oct '12

    I read "Please pay again". I had to look 3 times before realizing I was wrong.

  • Cody

    22 Nov '12

    Haven't heard from Li in a long time, would love to see another comic!

  • Kirby_mongerr

    11 Sep '14

    orange, cause the shape witdraw-y thing, pizza cuz deliscious smell, and Li because li can magics and such, while jordan appears... mostly bound by the laws of physics. also the eyes.

  • Leon DK

    07 Jun '16

    This is a hot button issue!

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