• Li
    12 Sep '12

    A few months ago I was sick with a stomach bug so Jordan decided to keep me company. I slept for most of the day, but I would wake up every couple of hours in a hazy stupor, and every time, Jordan was watching a series of lectures called Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. It drove me INSANE. Everything about it is maddeningly 80’s and one of the guys had weird speech quirks and then there’s weird music and somehow some kind of wizard. It would be the first thing I heard when I woke up and the last thing I heard when I fell back to sleep, permeating my brain insidiously as I suffered without escape. And that is why I now hate Lisp.

  • Dan
    12 Sep '12

    Non-programmer that I am, I just thought your response should be "I already lithp, don't draw attenthion to it". :)

  • Dan
    12 Sep '12

    But theriouthly, I love your work. :)

  • Hiro
    12 Sep '12

    Hahaha.. I hope I don't do that to my girlfriend. xD

  • phryk
    12 Sep '12

    Don't hate on lisp :( Parens are part of a healthy breakfast!

  • Federico
    12 Sep '12

    Forget LISP.

    Try PERL.


  • Cr30s
    12 Sep '12

    LISP, both exciting and indigestible at the same time.
    I still have nightmares :(


  • Franky
    12 Sep '12

    ah, good old LISP ... lucky I never had to learn that particular beast but could stick with C ;)

  • melladh
    12 Sep '12

    As much as I approve of Jordan's response in the comment, I hear you about the gnawing of entertainment-for-those-keeping-you-company-while-sick! The worst of all is listening to really loud computer whirr or dungeon crawler sounds all day though, while your brain is already in a very frail state. BOOM-KRASCH-BAM-BOOM-KRASCH-BAM-BOOM-KRASCH-BAM... argh make it stop!

  • Kaze
    12 Sep '12

    Python is okay c:
    bUT LISP

  • Fernando
    12 Sep '12

    Python ^_^

  • Antcoolio
    12 Sep '12

    It's commong knowledge amongst computer scientists that growing a beard is a prerequisit for loving Lisp. It somehow has to do with all the parentheses.

  • Delakando
    12 Sep '12

    Feels like smacking the guy upside the head.. with a boot.

  • Audrey
    12 Sep '12

    It's your explanation that absolutely MAKES this comic!!! I love the comic on its own, even though it made no sense to me as a complete non-programmer. Then I shed a tear for you over your sad story!

  • smile
    12 Sep '12

    That's classic, I like those series, they are awesome!

  • smile
    12 Sep '12

    Btw, original course with cool wizard image:

  • soot
    13 Sep '12

    You make your bottle disappear, so you must be some kind of wizard too!

  • Eric H.
    Eric H.
    13 Sep '12

    Of the two, I think growing the biggest orange would be more useful.

  • Ariel
    13 Sep '12

    I don't understand what the big issue is with Python.

    Honestly this is maybe the second time I've ever heard of Lisp?

    Then again, I've been staying away from Python.

  • Introbulus
    13 Sep '12

    If you grew the biggest orange, would there be enough color left for the sun?

  • Zazu Yen
    Zazu Yen
    13 Sep '12

    Being sick as a kid in my house meant getting to sleep on the foldout couch in the living room so you could watch TV (this was back when TVs were the size and weight of todays economy cars). I once had the stomach flue, drifting in and out of a fever haze, while the rest of the family watch an old horror film with a giant squid attacking a city.

    So now some 30 years later illness is still inexplicably tied, in my mind, to images of giant squid attacks.

  • Zazu Yen
    Zazu Yen
    13 Sep '12

    Oh, and as a programmer of many years, I'd much rather have giant orange than need to program in LISP. However learning LISP can help budding programmers understand programing structures and logic patterns.

    Much like Pascal, LISP is a useful language for learning but not so much for using.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    13 Sep '12

    Wow, I was a programmer at one time by trade & training - C++ directx 2d graphics/game design and I never managed to learn Lisp. One of these days though I'll find a time when my head isn't goo and I'll learn! *hugs* Sowwy bouts your lisp nightmares. Here have a compensatory bonus hug! *hug*

  • Mike
    13 Sep '12

    I agree with Frederico, Perl is way better! See:

  • Zazu Yen
    Zazu Yen
    13 Sep '12

    Honestly I didn't learn anything about LISP until just several years ago (learned assembly, Pascal and then C all those years ago) but I can see how it could be informative.

    You want to try something that will bend your brain and challenge how you think about programming try Erlang :).

  • Nicholas
    13 Sep '12

    Picnics are nice.

  • Joe
    13 Sep '12

    As I'm sure has been said already, learning Lisp is a good idea if you want to be a serious programmer (functional paradigm blah blah etc)

  • Nahue
    13 Sep '12

    Jordan's awesome!

  • Evan
    13 Sep '12

    You could be Li and the Giant Orange, and have grand adventures with all your arthropod friends! And Shoelace, of course.

  • ConsciousCode
    13 Sep '12

    I love Python so much. C++ and Java are neat, but Python has so much syntactic sugar it's ridiculous <3

    Lisp is cool too, but I just know the basic syntax :x

  • acce245
    13 Sep '12

    I never asked for this

  • madaco
    13 Sep '12

    wait, do you actually hate Lisp?
    Is that like a permanent thing?
    if so:

    Lisp has some nice things about it!

  • Dehrk
    13 Sep '12

    I know Scheme, & that's bad enough!

  • Joshua
    13 Sep '12

    Jordan!! you ruined her appetite! :(
    Its okay Li, we'll get Shoelace to cheer you up

  • Harley
    13 Sep '12

    I love you!

  • Makoto
    14 Sep '12

    If you've ever seen Prolog or J before, you'd be crying for LISP before the end of the semester. If you don't know, I don't advise you go looking lest you hurt your head...

  • Mohan
    14 Sep '12

    LOL LISP, I remember learning that in two of my classes. It's not too bad, but wouldn't want to program in it for a living.

  • Alub Sulp
    Alub Sulp
    14 Sep '12
  • Rolling times
    Rolling times
    14 Sep '12

    Installation wizard?

  • Adrian
    15 Sep '12

    No, Esperanto is the way to go!

  • Yuki
    16 Sep '12

    What's lisp?
    By the way shoelace is so kawaii. :P
    (obsessed with cats) 8D

  • Ernesto
    17 Sep '12

    LISP is awesome, but is just a bit misunderstood, hehe


  • M
    24 Dec '12


  • Trey
    19 Mar '21

    That class, The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, has to be, hands down, the best CS class, period. End. Of. Story. In one semester you cover different programming paradigms: functional, declarative, algorithmic. You learn data abstraction, computational complexity. You learn object oriented, dispatched, and type-based data systems. You write an interpreter (to explore different language trade offs like different scoping mechanisms, lazy evaluation), you write a hardware emulator (thus learning some about the structure of the CPU/hardware), and then you write a *compiler* to compile the interpreted language you wrote to be evaluated on the hardware emulator you wrote.

    You basically touch *every* subject in CS (except perhaps AI) in ONE semester. No other course can compare.

    You don't have to like Lisp, just pointing out how incredibly amazing the class is - and truth be known, you cannot teach it using a language other than lisp (in one semester).

    I might have to go back and read that book again.