• Li
    29 Aug '12

    I’ve been spending the past week packing books for Kickstarter backers. Once I finish, my books will also be available for purchase in the exocomics store. So much packing.

  • Blue
    29 Aug '12

    If only it really worked that way...

  • Random
    29 Aug '12

    Stay still. DON'T FREAK OUT.

  • john
    29 Aug '12

    Tie the books to giant wetas and send them on their way :P

  • bunnitos
    29 Aug '12

    Once the spiders grow to full size they'll be super handy. They can weave nets to use as slings for carrying boxes and they have lots of legs for packing books.

  • Seth'Rurushi
    29 Aug '12

    So, did they help at all?

  • Kaze
    29 Aug '12

    Can't wait!

  • Blue
    29 Aug '12

    I'ts hard to have so much fans... but it also has it's upsides, has it not?

    Cant wait to get my copy :)

  • Es
    29 Aug '12

    I am really regretting not backing you more. I want dem books (later)

  • Suzanne
    29 Aug '12

    I have just adopted a motto...and I think it is applicable to you too! Stay calm...and celebrate!

  • Banana
    29 Aug '12

    Does each book come with a free spider(s)?

  • Kieran
    29 Aug '12

    Aww, and you looked so proud too.

  • Pg-chan
    29 Aug '12

    The saddest happy ending of all D8

  • Introbulus
    29 Aug '12

    Sadly, Li failed to realize that Princess of the Cute Animals was already a taken title, and the only animals left to be Princess of was spiders.

    They really wanna help though!

  • Hiro
    30 Aug '12

    Totally reminds me of those soot friends in Spirited Away! :D

  • Jake
    30 Aug '12

    That was the funniest scene in that Ever After movie.

    Actually... it was the only funny scene...

  • Xaromir
    30 Aug '12

    Be strong Li. ^^

  • Josephine
    30 Aug '12

    ...that's basically what happened in Enchanted.


  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    30 Aug '12

    Spiders! You'll never have household bug problems again, long as you treat them well.

  • chris
    30 Aug '12

    you're welcome li. i sent you some helpers lol

  • Simon
    30 Aug '12
  • Zazu Yen
    Zazu Yen
    30 Aug '12

    Hmm, what colors and types of cloth were in that dress? That can have a lot to do with what kind of critters show up. (I spent some time in Princess Technical Support) Spiders are actually pretty tricky, I'm kinda impressed. Going forward you might want to avoid leatherette (strong for reptiles), vertical stripes in cotton (bats, owls) or poly cotton blends (great danes, hunting dogs) and also avoid singing in a baritone unless you're near a large body of water.

    They should really put together a FAQ for this stuff.

  • PheonixGRX
    30 Aug '12

    I wish I could have helped on kickstarter, or could afford one of those book :(

  • n
    30 Aug '12

    Shoelace just does not care.

  • Ya, i went there
    Ya, i went there
    30 Aug '12

    Ummm...Li? I think that only works for virgin maidens...just saying.
    J/k of course, love your work. Huge grats on the book thing.

  • -Librus-
    30 Aug '12

    Haha. And I thought spiders were nasty! Those little guys seems to be a good source of help. 8 limbs do come in handy, and the ability to climb up walls should make things easy. I wish I could do things like that, but the only animal in the house is my cat, and I'm a guy. Oh well, I still have my keyboard wizardy to help.

    "Attention! I need the kitchen to be cleaned up, posthaste!"

    ... Nothing. I guess it's a talent.

    -Keep up the good work, Li, and I can't wait to buy your books!

  • Keith
    30 Aug '12

    Spiders could still help, with packaging

  • Megan
    30 Aug '12

    You look way more like Princess Peach than a Disney Princess, dear! Surprised you didn't get goombas, haha. I guess cute forest animals are TM Disney though - intellectual property laws mean your options were spiders or honey badgers. Be thankful.

  • Nakymee
    31 Aug '12

    Eeeeek, if spiders are helping you, I'm not so sure if I want my books ^^;

  • Allison
    31 Aug '12

    Teehee! You look like Princess Peach here :3

  • Momo
    1 Sep '12

    Yeah....that's probably what would happen to me. And I don't like spiders touching me. Yep.

  • lu
    2 Sep '12

    it never works Disney's way!


  • DJ Mouthwash
    DJ Mouthwash
    4 Sep '12

    did she diede

  • Please fix
    Please fix
    11 Sep '12

    Previous comic
    says 502 Bad Gateway nginx.

  • Danielle
    23 Sep '12

    My kitty just passed away, and this comic and Shoelace are making me feel better. Thank you!

  • Kirby_mongerr
    11 Sep '14

    You look like princess peach. Except you actually do stuff when not made of paper, I assume.

  • Addy
    16 Oct '14

    That did not go where I thought it was going, and now I can't stop laughing! That was genius!