• Li

    22 Aug '12

    I've been really busy packing and sending my books this week. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don't worry – I will be selling the books through the exocomics store soon! :D

  • Blue

    22 Aug '12

    Always so random... I love sholace

  • Wisknort

    22 Aug '12

    Needs more Adrenalini Brothers I think. YouTube "High Dive of Doom" if you don't know what I'm talking about.

  • Luke

    22 Aug '12

    New world record: Cat flying over the 1000m mark

  • Ian

    22 Aug '12

    I actually made an early post T.T So happy.

  • Kayla

    22 Aug '12

    Love it! ♥

  • Abhi

    22 Aug '12

    Butt burn...! poor shoelace...! :(

  • Fern

    22 Aug '12

    It's like you see into my dreams!

  • jasmintee

    22 Aug '12

    Long slide is ... long?

  • charen grace

    22 Aug '12

    aww shoelace is soo cute & adorable

  • phryk

    22 Aug '12

    What you don't see is that this slide is actually a ramp.

  • Pg-chan

    22 Aug '12

    Aw X3; The big slide always felt like that when you were little, and I guess Shoelace IS kind of small.

  • Loboguy

    23 Aug '12

    Unless that's slide's completely frictionless, something's going to chafe after a while. Just sayin'. :-P

  • Mr Fox

    23 Aug '12

    OMG. So my turn next.

  • Eliot

    23 Aug '12

    Cats get everywhere - this is fact. Have you ever opened a space and inexplicably found a cat in it? Clearly, Shoelace has enabled himself to ride / . So whenever you type / there is automatically a cat on it.

  • bunnitos

    23 Aug '12

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! =D

  • Makoto

    23 Aug '12

    That's quite a long climb up. Ծ_Ծ

  • Joshua

    23 Aug '12

    So if I were to type out something, can I imagine there are tiny Shoelaces on each letter? \ \ \ \ \ V __________

  • sarah penguin

    23 Aug '12

    Neat! Go shoelace!

  • Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    23 Aug '12

    Best slide ever!

  • Alan James Keogh

    23 Aug '12

    I have never wanted a slide to be real so bad in my life. There was a really big one on a hill near my house, like 50 foot long, but they removed it :-(

  • Elia

    23 Aug '12

    I want to go down that slide.

  • Alexandra M.

    23 Aug '12

    How long did it take for Shoelace to climb that?! :O

  • William

    23 Aug '12


  • Ryan

    23 Aug '12

    That last frame looks like the Enterprise (or at least a science vessel)!

  • Meowy_

    24 Aug '12

    Imagine the static shoelace could discharge at the end! Zzzzap!

  • Kaity

    24 Aug '12

    I showed this to a 20 month old that I was baby sitting, His response was "Kitty!" "Slide..." He loved it.

  • Jordan

    26 Aug '12

    Dear Li, I discovered this today, I figured to read the first comic and learned this is full of epicness! Like rainbows<3 anyway I spent my time reading from your first comic to this one so I am please to say I am happy because you are full of epicness just like those rainbows<3 But I am also mad because this made me waste time! D: I could've been doing something productive like.... like.... uhm.... I'll tell you what I can think of when I can so just stay right there!

  • Keith

    26 Aug '12

    Found out about extra ordinary today so funny/cute. Went all the way back to first one, found out about alt text at around 150, went back to 1 to alt text hunt. Completely worth it and i love your comics. It also must have been a huge pain in the butt to climb that.

  • Michael

    27 Aug '12

    How in the world did Shoelace climb that ladder?

  • Damiann

    13 Sep '12

    Go Shoelace!!! Go!!! :D And... Oh, he is burning up... *-* Max speed!!! n.n

  • alurie

    18 Dec '12

    So how long did it take Shoelace to climb UP the ladder?

  • bug

    30 May '13

    I warned you about slides bro ! I told you cat !!

  • Kirby_mongerr

    11 Sep '14


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