• Li

    08 Aug '12

    I love one panel weeks :)

  • Olivia

    08 Aug '12

    Fish baggie! :3

  • Grizz

    08 Aug '12

    Why not get shoelace a Anchovy pizza? :P

  • bunnitos

    08 Aug '12

    Nawww. So cute! I bought my cat a seafood pizza once but he wasn't too impressed. He didn't like his fish cooked.

  • soot

    08 Aug '12

    I love all wednesdays :D <3

  • dmitri

    08 Aug '12

    these ones are my favorite :D

  • Fogetti

    08 Aug '12

    Awww... This is so cute... ^_^ Which one will Jordan be eating? Will Shoelace treat him also? :D

  • Jess

    08 Aug '12

    Just thought that this was the cutest thing ever :3 Amazing <3

  • Xaromir

    08 Aug '12

    DAAAAW! Can i have a print of that? Pretty please! <3 No seriously - i would love to put that on my wall!

  • Rob

    08 Aug '12

    Damn! that's one big pizza! Tomorrow left over pizza for breakfast.

  • Makoto

    09 Aug '12

    I presume that the bag of fish is for Shoelace's half of the pizza.

  • Indie

    09 Aug '12

    Awwww! Also, is that a Sal's pizza?

  • sarah penguin

    09 Aug '12

    I love this art. The style, the pizza, da shoelace! So cute, so snazzy! I gibs you 1000000000 points.

  • Winter

    09 Aug '12

    I really really love this comic... actually I love all of them. Your comics have such a lovely peace about them, and reading your comics is like a little island of peace and happiness in my difficult life. This is the second of your single-panel comics that I've saved and re-sized for use as a desktop image. So much fun, I want to start every day with it!

  • María

    09 Aug '12

    I love the cat :D

  • Elia

    09 Aug '12

    CUTE! <3

  • Kendon

    10 Aug '12

    Li, would it be possible to get higher resolution images of your drawings?

  • Momo

    10 Aug '12

    Adorable! I love Shoelace

  • Kilby

    10 Aug '12

    Why do I have the feeling that she's going to run into Edward Hopper right around the next corner?

  • Praxis9

    11 Aug '12

    I love this watercolor style. Maybe there should be more watercolor in the full-colored comics?

  • Nash

    12 Aug '12

    Yussss! I'm finally caught up so I can comment. I read all 240 in two days! Do I get a prize?

  • Kiara

    12 Aug '12

    I love all wednesdays. Your comics reflect off every day life.( Mostly)

  • Lou

    14 Aug '12

    "I love one panel weeks :)" And what a singular panel it is too. Thank Li, for what you do.

  • jrmy

    14 Aug '12

    that's a huge pizza you got there girl :]

  • Josh

    15 Aug '12

    Piiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa D:

  • M

    16 Aug '12

    Love the shading on this, and the colour splash in the footpath and road. The depth in the sky reminds me of HDR photographs :) I almost missed the cakes in the window, as I was looking at the screen from the wrong angle :p

  • Felia

    26 Aug '12

    Aww, this is beautiful! <3

  • Ashley

    30 Aug '12

    ohsocute <3

  • PheonixGRX

    30 Aug '12

    Aww, love these images.

  • Platypus

    18 Sep '12

    How do you color your images? They look so legit! Could you take a look at my work and give me some advice as a growing designer?

  • Nitin Khanna

    10 Nov '12

    This is gonna be my next wallpaper... :)

  • Tom Digby-Rogers

    28 Sep '13

    Now THAT is beautiful

  • Jonathan

    15 Apr '15

    This is a pretty sight, soothing. :3

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