• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Jordan loved the present so much that he was speechless. Awwwwhhh.

  • Leighla

    14 Mar '10

    That is the sweetest present ever. <3

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    Do you think I should get one for my wife?...Her Bday is coming up!

  • Helena Verne

    08 Jun '10

    I did the exact same thing...except I haven't given it to the guy yet... I thought that you should know.

  • Brandon M. Sergent

    24 Aug '10

    You know a long time ago there was a guy busted (stalking) for stealing hairs from strippers because he planned to clone himself a harem one day.

  • Dane

    07 Sep '10

    It's impossible ot extract DNA form dead skin...

  • Zippomage

    11 Sep '10

    and you are so special for knowing better

  • naima

    02 Nov '10

    I did this to my sister after she chopped off a piece of her finger making salad for dinner... its amusing thinking back on it. ... but was painful for her..

  • allison

    28 Apr '11

    i think i am going to get that for my mom she is going to love it!!!

  • Zack Plog

    27 Oct '11

    ...this is everything I want from a wife. Essentially, everything you've done so far needs to be condensed in to a replica of yourself soze I can marry her...

  • Anthony

    31 Jul '14

    Awwww!! :D

  • Kallee

    12 Nov '18

    I'm going to give this to my future boyfriend :3

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