• Li
    1 Aug '12

    Guys, I was walking home in the rain tonight and I fell over and grazed both knees and then I had a shower and they stung a lot :(

  • Lonegaider
    1 Aug '12

    Hopefully he didn't poke your eyes with the scissors

  • Nancey
    1 Aug '12

    Aww, I'll send good wishes to yer knees

  • Robine
    1 Aug '12

    That could have ended very bad!
    Luckily it's extremely cute ^^

  • Kaze
    1 Aug '12

    Hugging cats = insta-pain relief.

  • dmitri
    1 Aug '12

    i do that all the time :D

  • Dan
    1 Aug '12

    It's so refreshing to see comments made in my own time zone. If for nothing else, thank you.

    Also kitties.

    And generic cuteness.

    You may continue.

    (I make wine in Wanaka)

  • Makoto
    2 Aug '12

    Instant hat, just add box and scissors.

  • Alyn
    2 Aug '12

    Awwww, poor Li! :( Feel better!

  • Nicholas
    2 Aug '12

    I hope those are safety scissors.

  • Xaromir
    2 Aug '12

    Aww! Poor Li! *Blows on bubu and pats on back* :) Extraordinary cute strip today i may say! :D

  • Introbulus
    2 Aug '12

    Very kind of Shoelace to cut you eyeholes for your new helmet

  • Sabrina
    2 Aug '12

    I love your comics, they are so cute and filled with innocence love and dreams, also they are very expertly drawn, with each shadows and linings in place, and it's not a surprise you majored in architecture. I hope you continue this when I get married and have kids and I'll show this to them at bed time:)
    Thank you.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    2 Aug '12

    Ooooh playtime wif shoeace!

  • Totz the Plaid
    Totz the Plaid
    2 Aug '12

    Adorable as always!

  • Taylor
    2 Aug '12

    I thought Shoelace was putting the box on her head so that she couldn't stare at him, and she cut the holes herself...

    >.< Either way, super cute comic today!

  • Fern
    2 Aug '12

    Uh, yeah, Taylor is totally right. Why would Shoelace cut the eye holes? He wanted Li to stop staring at him!

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang
    2 Aug '12

    Get well soon!

  • a person
    a person
    2 Aug '12

    at least you weren't on a bike then fell off going 20 mph and ate asphalt in the rain

  • kelsey
    2 Aug '12

    a lot of your comics just make me go "lolwut"

  • Hanna
    2 Aug '12

    Awww. Poor knees. Did Jordan kiss your booboo?

  • Ed
    2 Aug '12

    Love your stuff. Not normally into this but a friend of mine got me hooked. Well done you :)
    And guys, pretty sure Li cut the holes herself so that she could continue staring at Shoelace.
    Hope the knees get better!

  • Ed
    2 Aug '12

    And then after seeing this i continue my comic run and this comes up next in my reader:

  • Allison
    3 Aug '12

    I find it interesting that people think Shoelace cut the eyeholes, so let me explain the strip people!!
    Panel 1: Shoelace is sleeping, Li is fascinated.
    Panel 2: Shoelace's tail moves, Li is considerably more fascinated.
    Panel 3: Annoyed, Shoelace places a box over Li's head.
    Panel 4: As Shoelace is sleeping, it is apparent that Li has cut holes in the box so as to continue watching Shoelace.

    That being said, I wondered.....are you and Jordan dating? Very cute if so....if not, interesting roomate sleep schedule xP

  • Leith
    3 Aug '12

    Panel 2: shoelace cracks one eye open and scowls at Li, Li is entertain

  • chris
    6 Aug '12

    li, meet box, box, meet shoelace lol

  • Ginger
    7 Aug '12

    So adorable!

  • DJ Mouthwash
    DJ Mouthwash
    8 Aug '12

    Shoelace didn't cut the eyeholes. Li did. Das da joke.

  • Lykos
    8 Aug '12

    i sympathize with shoelace when people stare at me while i try to sleep i find ways to make them unable to stare at me

  • bunnitos
    8 Aug '12

    I'm sure our new kitty feels this way about me. ;P

  • Elia
    9 Aug '12

    LI IN A BOX!

  • frappachino
    28 Oct '12

    why is shoelace's tail going into his mouth and out his eye in panel 2? :S