• Li
    11 Jul '12

    Extra Ordinary Comics volume 1 & 2 are getting printed as we speak! It’s so exciting to see them, I almost can’t believe they’re real!

  • Kaze
    11 Jul '12

    Dey be grabbin'

  • Incia
    11 Jul '12

    Haha, no ninja cat. :P

  • John
    11 Jul '12

    Usually the z's grab me :P

  • Blue
    11 Jul '12

    It's science!!!! XD

    You're always so random :)

  • Becki
    11 Jul '12

    The most important and scientific of experiements *nods wisely*

  • Pg-chan
    12 Jul '12

    Our youngest kitty is exceptionally hard to grab. But he wants us to try anyway.

  • Introbulus
    12 Jul '12

    That's an awfully high grabability quotient for a shark. Are you sure this research is peer-reviewed?

  • DepressedRacoon
    12 Jul '12

    You ought to publish your findings as the theory of grabbity.

  • bunnitos
    12 Jul '12

    So Grabable! =D

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    12 Jul '12

    One of my dogs is grabable, but then she just relaxes everything. It's like trying told hold a big, half full bag of squirmy water.

  • Nicholas
    12 Jul '12

    I'm surprised fog got that high. It is not very grabable

  • Carlos Bonilla
    Carlos Bonilla
    12 Jul '12

    I'll ask the same a professor asked me once:

    Is shoelace a boy or a girl?

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    12 Jul '12

    I wike it! More science! :)

  • Fern
    12 Jul '12

    The graph proves it is true.

  • Lia
    12 Jul '12

    Your science experiments are truly a gift to the world! First cat eyebrows, now grabability. What's next?

  • Jessplox
    12 Jul '12

    Shoelace is so cute ;)

  • nikkinerd
    13 Jul '12

    hedgehogs. Squee.

  • Almas
    13 Jul '12

    Another great comic, what does the second bar say though?

  • koos
    13 Jul '12

    @almas - "some z's"

    Jordan is easy?

  • Joan
    13 Jul '12

    No RSS? :O

  • Vijay
    14 Jul '12

    @Carlos, silly — Shoelace is a cat!

  • Equinoxe
    14 Jul '12


    I am indeed really disturbed about what I can see in my everyday life.

    As I see that one of my friend does not think that Li's marvelous!!!

    I somewhat pretend to do not pay attention to what, with his spiteful language, he can say. But I can't ignore him anymore! These scurrilous sayings are tearing my chaste ears! I am gradually sealed in darkness by these words!!

    But... From the bottom of my heart, I can see something as luminous as Li with her comics!! She makes me smile everytime!! NEVER GIVE UP, LI!! We are your fans!!

    (All I wrote in this message is none of my (now cursed) friend's business. However, if somebody read these lines, DON'T TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. I WILL NOT COMMIT SUICIDE OR ANYTHINGS LIKE THIS...)

    Post-Scriptum : I am very, really, awfully jaded at the time I write these lines so... If they don't make sense, don't try to understand. I was tired.

    On this, Have a nice Saturday the 14th!!

  • Ana Esther
    Ana Esther
    17 Jul '12

    What does Z's mean?

  • Kyle
    18 Jul '12

    It means sleepin' silly ;p

  • Josh
    19 Jul '12

    Jordans grabability seems abit low. Has this data been passed with the FDA?

  • Allain
    24 Jul '12

    The grabability is too damn high!

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    11 Nov '12

    I have two cats, Jupiter and Neptune... Jupiter is not so easy to grab, but Neptune is a Shoelace level grabee.

  • Prince Jacob
    Prince Jacob
    8 Aug '13

    lol this reminds me of "coolness graphed" his charts are awesome. lol "some z's"