• Li

    20 Jun '12

    I had a dream last night that Joffrey turned into a penguin outside my house, so I brought him in and when I tried to turn him back into a person I realised I had the wrong penguin and it turned into another human instead. Then I got a call from Cersei because Joffrey's crown was shrinking on his head and he couldn't take it off but when I got there I couldn't fix the crown so I had to shrink Joffrey until he was smaller than a kitten to get the crown off and he was like "Thanks, Li" You're welcome, Joffrey.

  • Other Jordan

    20 Jun '12

    LSP Cereals \o/

  • jade

    20 Jun '12

    Love the comic. Crazy dream Li!

  • Kaze

    20 Jun '12

    IT MOVES! D:

  • Lesh

    20 Jun '12

    Oh my glob, I would eat These Lumps cereal all the time if they existed!

  • Brian

    20 Jun '12

    I spy with my little eye... Lumpy Space Princess! Yay Adventure Time!

  • Liz

    20 Jun '12

    Game of thrones ftw :P I had a dream I was in a tennis tournament :-)

  • Xirema

    20 Jun '12

    Reminds me of the scene in Nichijou where we meet Sakamoto after he falls and has a cardboard box land on him.

  • Maus

    20 Jun '12

    LSP reference, so algebraic!

  • Xaromir

    20 Jun '12

    LOL epic dream, but i've heard it's quite cold down there these days, so dreaming about penguins that are people seems appropriate. :)

  • Ika

    21 Jun '12

    I wouldn't have helped Joffrey even if he was a penguin and Cersei asked me to. You're too nice.

  • DogPawHat

    21 Jun '12

    What, no Tyrion?

  • sarah penguin

    21 Jun '12

    Awesome comic, and neat dream :) Hugs from a fan cause penguins :)

  • Machmellow

    21 Jun '12

    Dont help Joffrey...Thats not cool. Whatever he gets he deserves.

  • tfeth282

    21 Jun '12

    Well, thats what happens when your cereal starts reading Charles Darwin.

  • SpaceyDucks

    21 Jun '12

    But TinyJoffrey would not be half as threatening! He'd almost be cute, especially if Li drew him. AND BONUS Tyrion would no longer be the shortest Lannister, so HA. Winning all around. Except maybe for Joffrey. But he deserves it. Stupid Joffrey.

  • Jake

    21 Jun '12

    Why would you ever aid Joffrey in anyway possible? I would watch the crown shrink on his pea-sized head until his eyes popped out and brains started to gush out from his ear canals.

  • Collin03

    21 Jun '12

    Question, Why would you even help Joffrey? He's the most evil, most annoying character in Thrones. I woulda just let the crown squish his head!

  • Eliza

    21 Jun '12

    LSP! What time is? AAADVENTURE TIME!

  • Marilia

    21 Jun '12


  • Introbulus

    21 Jun '12

    That sounds like an excellent dream. And These Lumps sounds like an excellent cereal.

  • Enigma

    21 Jun '12

    If LSP had her own cereal brand, she probably wouldn't be a hobo.

  • Gabby

    21 Jun '12

    I know you wanna slump

  • Kayla

    21 Jun '12


  • V2Blast

    21 Jun '12

    Adventure Time references are always welcome. (I only started watching it two or so days ago...) I wish I had a Game of Thrones dream...

  • Moo

    21 Jun '12

    I know you wanna slump in these lumps. But you can't.

  • Phil

    21 Jun '12

    I think that might be the most polite I have ever heard of Joffrey being

  • Josh K.

    21 Jun '12

    Heh I love this one :D These Lumps cereal. They should really make those. I'd eat them. But others can't cuz they're all chumps . :P

  • Alan James Keogh

    21 Jun '12

    I was so dissapointed that Joffrey only got bitchslapped once in the last season. I spent the last two episodes just waiting for it to happen again. Also, the Soggy Nut Medley so thinks it's too good for those other cereals.

  • Hugo Madrid

    21 Jun '12

    I love this page!!!

  • whit

    21 Jun '12

    These lumps, i know ya wanna slump on these lumps, but ya cant cuz your a chump, so go on back to your duuuuump! : D oh i love adventure time and ur comics! You can put as maaany references as u want! But only cuz u got my permition. Nods.

  • Kizul Emeraldfire

    21 Jun '12

    When I saw the 'These Lumps' cereal, my first thought was, "Oh, my, GLOB! 8D" I would love to try that cereal. XD

  • mrkrellyn

    22 Jun '12


  • Jusquabluez

    22 Jun '12

    There needs to be more leg cereal. Also this comic is amazing and I love it very much <(")

  • falyn4god

    23 Jun '12

    unfortunatlely, your work is being credited to someone else: http://princessamikoayami10.deviantart.com/#/d52rqw2 just thought you may want to know...

  • Kyle

    24 Jun '12

    ^_^ Read 1-233 in one sitting! <3 this comic.

  • Jelly-Bean

    25 Jun '12

    =O "These lumps! You know you want to slump up on these lumps!" LSP cereal ftw. \m/

  • nonamegirl

    26 Jun '12


  • FairyEXISTs

    27 Jun '12

    Hi. :3 Your comics are so lovely, cute and funny. :D Want to see a lot more. *_* <3 And.. I like the Gozilla very much. <3 :D

  • wolfenstine

    27 Jun '12

    why are all your cereal boxes open? That's how you get the creepy things in your breakfast D:

  • good advice

    27 Jun '12


  • iyan

    27 Jun '12

    Thats how you get ants.

  • hammy

    28 Jun '12

    I once had a dream in cartoon. It was weird. I also once had a dream that I was captive somewhere in the middle east (there was lots of sand) and that I escaped from their compound, which was made of a collection of bouncy houses. I then used a giant whisk to get across a lake (I sat on the thing you rest your non-dominant hand on, then turned the wheel really really fast). On the other side of the lake there was a floating carnival. Everyone got around in gondolas, and there was a Ferris wheel and everything. That was when I woke up, and it was awesome.

  • Sam Filppu

    31 Jan '13

    xD Lumpy Space Princess on the cereal box!! I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE!!

  • Charen

    02 Aug '14

    i really want the These Lumps cereals...

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