• Li

    13 Jun '12

    My sister got me new slippers!

  • Michelle

    13 Jun '12

    Haha, the slippers are ADORABLE!

  • Cecil

    13 Jun '12

    A great job indeed :D

  • Amber

    13 Jun '12

    Oh God, I laughed too hard at this xD

  • Blue

    13 Jun '12

    New Potato-Li now available in stores XD I love how you keep your comic fun yet so freaking random. Keep up the good work :)

  • Kaze

    13 Jun '12

    IT'S A TRAP!

  • Zach

    13 Jun '12

    Love this so much. I especially love the fact that your house has a tiny mouse door with window. Seriously though they'll eat through the bag and save you. God Bless Jerry.

  • AJ

    13 Jun '12

    reminds me of Barbapapa :D and now I <3 your sister too for slippers~

  • Petra van Berkum

    13 Jun '12

    huge beanbags/fatboys are evil but nice!!

  • Eric

    13 Jun '12

    What's your job? To sit around getting eaten by giant bean bags and then draw cutsey fun comics about it? Or is it the bean bag's job to eat cartoonists? :-D

  • bunnitos

    14 Jun '12

    But if you were a beanbag, where would you sit?

  • Nicholas

    14 Jun '12

    looks like fun

  • CelsoSC

    14 Jun '12

    "Bring me Han Solo and the wookie"

  • Introbulus

    14 Jun '12

    Li why aren't you wearing pants?! D:

  • Nojh

    14 Jun '12

    Where is Shoelace with the candy? A cat and his blob.

  • sarah penguin

    14 Jun '12

    Adorable slippers! Adorable comic! Adorableness all rounds! Whee :)

  • Lia

    14 Jun '12

    And for her next trick, Li will disappear!


    14 Jun '12

    And this was the beginning of "A Boy and his blob" :D

  • alu

    14 Jun '12

    If you put a Li in a Beanbag, she BECOMES the beanbag.

  • Will

    15 Jun '12

    I think there was a old Doctor Who epsiode where something similar to this happened...

  • minerette

    15 Jun '12

    I want to be you when I grow up, Li. Except with more table, flipping, like this: *:・゚(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*︵ ┻━┻*:・゚✧

  • sofea

    15 Jun '12


  • Paty

    15 Jun '12

    jajajaja, I want one like that!!!

  • Lucas

    15 Jun '12

    Headphone hair, nuff said

  • jeffwashere

    16 Jun '12

    my reoccurring nightmare DX

  • HonarDust

    17 Jun '12

    Very nice, and meaningfull!

  • Andrew Orton, Robot in disguise.

    19 Jun '12

    Hey Li, Medium time reader, second time caller. So I'll preface my question with a story: I originally stumbled upon your comic when entertaining a good joke about some kind of space-shark. I jumped on google looking for some decent image of the idea, and the rest was history. The question is that the joke in question was actually written into a webcomic that I'm preparing to debut (i.e. I've been stockpiling comics for when the site gets launched (so I have a bubble of work protecting me from ever having to work too hard)). I was just wondering if you're territorial about the concept of some other asshole writing a comic about a spaceshark, albeit a very different type of one. Email me if you want. Otherwise I'm using it. It's a good-ass joke.

  • Orlier

    20 Jun '12

    How come we haven't seen your sister in any of your comics, Li?

  • nonamegirl

    20 Jun '12

    Cute comic again, Li! You should do an interview with these guys http://www.cutezine.com/ :3

  • Not Important

    26 Jun '12

    Who cares about your new slippers, we didn't come here to talk about your life, just the comic! It's not like we care that you're going to be wearing them the next day or that your sister bought these for you and you might be wearing them to bed one day and... oh god you've dragged me into it, anyways... We've all been in that beanbag position before. Anybody whose ever sat in a beanbag chair knows that feeling that you might be sucked into it at any moment. All too familiar for me, reminds me of the room I used to have at home.

  • Tyris

    30 Jun '12

    Terror of the Autons, anybody?

  • Ernesto

    24 Sep '12

    Once i was driving and my girl put on my squared jacked backwards and she pretended she was a couch! That's why we love this comic!

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