• Li

    06 Jun '12

    Forgot that I bought icecream for myself - Past Li: 1, Present Li: 1

  • Amit

    06 Jun '12

    you're even cuter than the cat :)

  • Cat

    06 Jun '12

    Aww! Cute! <3 I will never stop loving and viewing these comics of yours :D

  • Kaze

    06 Jun '12


  • Hiro

    06 Jun '12

    That is so much more creepy out the window than on the couch..

  • Tim

    07 Jun '12

    icecream: 0

  • Erik

    07 Jun '12

    Zombie Shoelace wants your brains.

  • Sparky

    07 Jun '12

    I want panel 2 as a wallpaper for my phone.

  • nonamegirl

    07 Jun '12

    Apparently my boyfriend would so stare at me like that. And I thought I was the cat in the relationship...

  • Introbulus

    07 Jun '12

    Truly he is dedicated to his craft.

  • Almas

    07 Jun '12

    I hope you do this forever! Though Apple is watching all the time it is on.

  • Alan James Keogh

    07 Jun '12

    O.O Looking out the window to see someone staring back in is one of my bigger irrational fears.

  • Xaromir

    07 Jun '12

    Future Li: 0 (Which actually is future present Li therefore present Li: 0 Past Li: 2 (tomorrow)). :) Except if future present Li is a time traveler.

  • Vijay

    07 Jun '12

    @Xaromir, or if, maybe, there is *more* forgotten ice cream!

  • bunnitos

    07 Jun '12

    Hee. He's got his eye on you...

  • William

    07 Jun '12

    Oh Shoelace, you little stalker you!!!! <3

  • jrmy

    07 Jun '12


  • Austin miller

    07 Jun '12

    Derpy kitty is derping..

  • Lia

    07 Jun '12

    Soo creepy... My dog does the same thing when she's hungry. Her eyes pierce the soul of the recipient and she doesn't stop until she gets what she wants.

  • Nilly

    07 Jun '12

    My cat Diego does that ALL THE TIME. When he has food, when he has water, when he's been given his daily treat - HE DOES IT ANYWAY. Then he meows and flops over and starts chasing his tail. ._.

  • Raiyse

    07 Jun '12


  • Kiara

    07 Jun '12

    Sholelace would be perfect at a staring contest... just say'n.

  • Christina

    07 Jun '12

    My cat makes that face when he's begging for my food. lol

  • sarah penguin

    08 Jun '12

    lol :)

  • Makoto

    08 Jun '12

    It always feels like...Shoelace is watching meee....and I can't get no privacy... :P

  • Songbird

    09 Jun '12

    My boyfriend's cat gives me the same look every time I come over and don't acknowledge her presence. It's tote adorbz in my opinion lol

  • kat

    09 Jun '12

    THE KITTY HEAD TILT reminds me of those little forest sprites in Princess Mononoke.

  • Kartel`Flavoc

    11 Jun '12

    Very cute comic.I like it.

  • Prax

    14 Jun '12


  • M

    07 Jul '12

    Cats - they do this the world over.

  • AJR

    17 May '13

    I don't get it. It's a cat. Maybe it's looking at her like that because she hasn't fed it. Stop playing World of Warcraft and give that cat some food you bitch, or someone should call the RSPCA. Also, why doesn't she or the cat have a nose? I really don't think it's funny to draw cartoons about people with no noses who are so paranoid about a cat looking at them that they have to move to another room. Surely this person should not have the responsibilities of looking after other living things, and making a mockery of them through art form is unfair and inappropriate.

  • Jesse

    21 Oct '13

    This series is great with the lovable girl li and her cat shoelace and her boyfriend Jordan, and li's clothes actually change

  • Justin

    19 Feb '15

    Creepers gonna creep.

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