• Li

    30 May '12

    For those of you who backed my Kickstarter project and qualified for at least the $9 tier, my artbook is done and will hopefully be released to you this week :D

  • cloud Windfoot Omega

    30 May '12


  • Aaron

    30 May '12

    That is one strange alt text.

  • Grizz

    30 May '12

    Jordan's such a lucky guy xD also Super Shoelace!

  • Kanubai

    30 May '12

    Li so small?

  • Kaze

    30 May '12

    nanananananana SHOELACE!

  • Blue

    30 May '12

    Y love your number ten drawings..... they differ so much from the usual that is always shocking (the good way) Hope everything's fine :)

  • Xaromir

    30 May '12


  • Kristin

    30 May '12

    That's so cute! I love your work <3

  • Kathryn

    30 May '12

    Backgrounddd? :D

  • Becki

    30 May '12

    Everyone can fly with a teacloth cape

  • Alan James Keogh

    30 May '12

    I'm not sure if shoelace is flying or if he just jumped from off screen. I'm hoping it's the first one.

  • Angela

    31 May '12

    Your picture makes me feel so warm and reminds me of my childhood when l was very loveiy.

  • Shona

    31 May '12

    Bob's Burgers. Awesome!

  • sarah penguin

    31 May '12

    Oooh. :)

  • Lyss

    31 May '12

    These comics always make me feel better.

  • Stina

    31 May '12

    So, when I wash my sheets, I often want to do exactly what you are doing above while yelling out, "CLEAN SHEETS! CLEAN SHEETS!".

  • The truth

    31 May '12

    Your face when you realize that Jordan and Li have fucked.

  • crayfish333

    02 Jun '12

    The number tens are always me favorite. There always my iPod screensavers

  • nonamegirl

    02 Jun '12

    Beautiful comic as always, Li!

  • William

    04 Jun '12

    Oh Li, what can I say, your comics bring me so much enjoyment, I wish I could have donated to your cause, you are an amazing artist, and a brilliant comic writer, since the day I learned of your comics, they've brought enjoyment to me and those I've shared them with, I sincerley thank you for all that you've done for everyone in making these comics.

  • Emily

    05 Jun '12

    Love me some Bob's Burger.. I want shoelace as my cat

  • Edd

    06 Jun '12

    Got it. Alt Text is talking about Spongebob.

  • Mariah

    05 Jul '12

    OHMYGOD BOB'S BURGERS REFERENCE, I LOVE YOU. <3333 The ice cream machine episode c:

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