• Li
    25 Apr '12

    This is the last week of our Kickstarter project!I’ve been working on the books full time for the last two weeks and I’m really excited about how they’re coming along. Keep an eye on the project page for more news :D

  • adam
    25 Apr '12

    Rocky montage for bubble blowing training!

  • Jose
    25 Apr '12

    wooo klein bottle

  • Boolderdash
    25 Apr '12

    Don't worry, Li! You still won!

    1 > 7/10

  • Kathryn
    25 Apr '12

    Klein Bottle <3 such talent!

  • bunnitos
    25 Apr '12

    Rawrsome! =D

  • Kaze
    25 Apr '12

    Dat moustache

  • Gemma
    25 Apr '12

    Aww. i would at least have given you 1.5... Jordan is pretty talented.

  • idle
    25 Apr '12

    No worries, 1 is more than 7/10.

  • eric
    25 Apr '12

    Guys, she did win. 10/10 = 1 > 7/10

  • Vijay
    25 Apr '12

    Note: Jordan may have blown a hypercube, but that still doesn't beat the Klein bottle.

    Aside: I'm surprised at the number of folks who feel it necessary to reassure Li of her victory.

  • Kate
    26 Apr '12

    Jordan's looks like a cube (rather than a hypercube). The Klein bottle trumps that more than anything else could.

  • JC
    26 Apr '12

    Does this mean we're all now trapped on the inside of a Klein bubble? ^_^

  • idle
    26 Apr '12

    Vijay: If I had actually noticed the second line of Boolderdash's post, I wouldn't have said anything.

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    26 Apr '12

    I would give everything I own to be able to blow klein bottle bubbles.

    As it is, I'm trying to justify buying one for fun.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    26 Apr '12

    Ooooh amusing geometrical impossibilitites! :)

  • Becki
    26 Apr '12

    11/10 for Shoelace's moustache

  • Nojh
    26 Apr '12

    Man. Shoelace is definitely ill-regularly biased. That was a perfect cube.

  • Michael
    26 Apr '12

    I like Jordan's headband.

  • Sparky
    26 Apr '12

    So if that's her smooching face, did she just kiss her way into the bubble?

  • pyth
    26 Apr '12

    that bottle! IMPOSSIBRU!!!

  • Makoto
    26 Apr '12

    It'd have been awesome if it were filled with bubbles and sunshine, too.

  • Killua
    26 Apr '12


  • Austin miller
    Austin miller
    26 Apr '12

    Lolz at you Li for your smooching face. Also, shoelace is rockin one of the coolest moustaches on the internet

  • Fern
    26 Apr '12

    One time a friend and I were blowing bubbles while walking through town.
    An old woman holding her scarf over her mouth stormed up to us and screeched, "You shouldn't be doing that here! Someone could inhale them!"
    We blinked in disbelief, before dissolving into laughter.
    What a killjoy!

    Later we spent a good fifteen minutes trying to inhale each others' bubbles.
    We were unsuccessful.

  • Abdiel
    26 Apr '12

    You won right? I mean...10 out of 10 is 1 so... congratulations! I think.

  • William
    26 Apr '12

    Li, I find it truly awe inspiring that you and Jordan are such amazing bubble artists lol

  • Nabil
    26 Apr '12

    It's all in the technique. Spinning around, double taking, pelvic thrusts, but most importantly, never forget to stop on your right foot.

  • Piaculus
    26 Apr '12

    At first I saw Jordan's as a d20, but it's just a cube. Now I'm sad. I guess a Klein bubble is cool.

  • Aliella
    27 Apr '12

    Hmm........ I wonder if Shoelace let her win because she feeds him, or if it was purely talent that let her win?

  • Olivia Warren
    Olivia Warren
    27 Apr '12

    As I was reading this comic, this commercial was playing, and I thought the music was perfect:

  • Joey
    27 Apr '12

    Woah, Moebius bubble! <3

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox
    27 Apr '12

    I'm sorry to interrupt you maa'm, but is the sign shoelace holding up the size of his moustache? because I would like to purchase a 7 10th's please.

  • Justice
    28 Apr '12

    Now we must pop that bubble Li made.

  • Zacharious
    28 Apr '12

    The scores are the way they are because Li's bubble only has one side and her boyfriend's has 7 sides.
    great comic

  • sonic
    3 May '12

    do you know what i love? that they are wearing sweat bands and exercise gear to compete with each other. because this IS SRS BiZNuS!!!!

  • Luna
    27 Jun '12

    Best smoochface ever!

  • Michael
    26 Jul '12

    A Klein bubble? Shoelace isn't impressed.