• Huh

    18 Apr '12

    Don't quit, Shoelace!

  • Luke

    18 Apr '12

    Next thing you know, Shoelace will take up Yoga or Pilates...

  • Matt

    18 Apr '12

    Is Shoelace using shoelaces to skip :D

  • Vincent

    18 Apr '12

    This is so damn cute

  • Joe

    18 Apr '12

    Hehe, like all fads! Love it.

  • nekosama

    18 Apr '12

    same thing i do with those things...i think mines and shoelace's are broken...

  • Becki

    18 Apr '12

    Is... is that not how you do it?

  • Keed

    18 Apr '12

    This is a metaphor for many of the things I attempt to do.

  • Yani

    18 Apr '12

    Hahaha none of them work right. Poor Shoelace.

  • Introbulus

    19 Apr '12

    He's never going to lose weight at that speed.

  • RA

    19 Apr '12

    I have that same problem, every time I get one it's broken out of the box!

  • Kim

    19 Apr '12

    oh god, this is how a jump rope. I hate those things soooo much.

  • Imari

    19 Apr '12

    Those jump ropes are just broken!

  • sarah penguin

    19 Apr '12

    Dey always work wikes dat for me too! Pesky ropes!

  • William

    19 Apr '12

    Shoelace, go have Li make you some cookies, you'll feel better

  • Alan James Keogh

    20 Apr '12

    Soooo....You're saying buy stock in skipping ropes? Shoelace must be keeping the entire industry afloat.

  • juhizzle

    20 Apr '12

    It's really rather wasteful of shoelace to keep buying and discarding jumpropes like that. Maybe he should try a hula hoop?

  • Bailey

    21 Apr '12

    This is an adorable web comic. :3 GO SHOELACE!

  • Fann!

    21 Apr '12

    HA i love theses comics! and shoelace

  • Lia

    25 Apr '12

    Took me a good couple of years to get that far... Good job, Shoelace!

  • Mr Fox

    27 Apr '12

    I cut these out and made them into a sliding puzzle comic. No matter which way I slide them it all makes sense!!

  • Someone who was bored

    20 Sep '13

    HE DID IT!!!!~~ http://imgur.com/6RB4Pip

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