• Li

    11 Apr '12

    Our Kickstarter project is doing really well, thanks to everyone who has pledged so far. I also wanted to say thanks to Abstruse Goose for linking to our project. We love Abstruse Goose and it means a lot to us that he enjoys our comic. Thanks Goose! Thanks everyone! :D

  • khai

    11 Apr '12

    I am definitely teaching my cat this trick.

  • Squirrel

    11 Apr '12


  • Mitchell

    11 Apr '12

    Great Job with the kickstarter project Li, keep these comics coming, love them <3

  • Kaze

    11 Apr '12

    Oh my god, Shoelace wearing a cute ribbon in that picture frame :o

  • Zapzip2013

    11 Apr '12

    Why can't my cat do this? :(

  • Taylor W

    11 Apr '12

    Another great comic, travel on the shoelace balloon to the happy sun :)

  • Robine

    11 Apr '12

    So cute!

  • Becki

    11 Apr '12

    You see, this is why I want a cat.

  • Asad Salman

    11 Apr '12

    I found you guys through Abstruse Goose! I love Abstruse Goose too! :D

  • Marc

    11 Apr '12

    Hey Li, it's my birthday! Wish my cat could do this for my birthday! :P

  • unika

    11 Apr '12

    If I could teach a cat to do that... I'd like cats more.

  • Alan James Keogh

    11 Apr '12

    It is now my goal in life to find a Shoelace themed hot air balloon.

  • Lisa

    11 Apr '12

    Bahahahha! Super cute!

  • Introbulus

    12 Apr '12


  • bunnitos

    12 Apr '12


  • Sulphuric Creature

    12 Apr '12

    This is hilarious! Love your work Li, keep it up :D

  • sarah penguin

    12 Apr '12

    Ooooh! Adorables and fun as always :)

  • Ken

    12 Apr '12

    Reminds me of the ending of Kirby's Dreamland where he inflates himself and flies the castle...

  • Marilia

    12 Apr '12

    OMG!!!!!! So sweetie!

  • Emily

    12 Apr '12

    Eeeheehee! I love this! Just made my day. :D

  • William

    12 Apr '12

    Li, your comics are AMAZING as always, my cat Mystic is a doll but can't do this kind of stuff, anyways sorry to bore you, keep the comics coming and tell Jordan we love him too!!!!

  • Nicholas

    12 Apr '12


  • AmethystaG

    12 Apr '12

    OMG i just wanna grab Shoelace and SQUEEEZE!!! he is so ADORABLE!

  • Dmitri

    12 Apr '12

    yay new comic :D

  • Mark

    12 Apr '12

    I love ones like this where it starts normal and three frames later I'm ROFLing

  • Thaes

    13 Apr '12

    I need to get myself a cat. That trick looks like a pretty good cure for boredom.

  • Sian

    13 Apr '12

    Li, can we be bffs? pwease?

  • Ashley

    14 Apr '12

    This comic is absolutely adorable!

  • Tori

    17 Apr '12

    The balloon strings attached to Shoe's belleh look painful. ;C

  • Mauricio

    17 Apr '12

    I just read every single comic!! i love them!! i wish you would make more!!! now that i read all of them i want a whole bunch more to read!!! :D

  • Rahad

    26 Apr '12

    Cute <3 :3

  • M

    07 Jul '12

    I wish my cat can learn this trick, but I don't think it will co-operate Abstruse Goose - This has given me another webcomic to read (yea!) I fear for my productivity next semester though :o

  • Karla

    24 Oct '12

    You need share buttons! :<

  • Jacob

    08 Nov '12

    pls join tumblr!

  • Captain Cool

    09 Mar '13

    Ending to Kirby's Dream Land. Boom.

  • Spardeth

    20 Mar '13

    Your comics are adorable; so creative and random! Love it. xD

  • I commented

    28 Mar '13

    You should like make a 'like' button by the comics to see how many likes it gets

  • Mickey

    24 Oct '13

    OMG Li, your my IDOL! I love your work!!!! Please make more of the colorfull ones, I LOVE THEM!!!

  • Person

    17 May '18

    I want a cat like that!!! :)

  • Harrison Littrell

    06 Sep '19

    Wow! How did he do that?

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