• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Apparently I do the same thing to Jordan so I guess it evens out.

  • seth

    15 Dec '09

    i hate it when i'm laying down on my stomach and then my cat lays on top of me and i'm stuck there till she decides to get up. SO FRUSTRATING UGH.

  • Arturo

    15 Dec '09

    That's why I have one sleeping cat at each side of me at night. Net force = 0.

  • OIK2

    07 Feb '10

    Always remember, you are bigger than them, stronger than them, smarter than them, and you have thumbs. The cats will deny the first 3 and resent you for the last, but it will always be your edge. I remind my ferrets of this daily.

  • Tamfang

    20 Feb '10

    It only evens out if Jordan does it to the kitty.

  • kelley

    23 May '10

    lol i have 3 cats who all do this to me

  • Werner

    12 Sep '10

    My fat cat did this all the time, and I'd wake up with my legs splayed in the most painfully awkward position.

  • Scott

    17 Sep '10

    this comic is so true!!! I love it.

  • Wolfie

    08 Oct '10

    This is how I feel every night. With eight cats and four dogs and my partner, all of whom like to cuddle, I get pushed right out of the bed. So this comic is sooooooooooo true to life.

  • Krystle Hope

    04 Nov '10

    I'm completely serious. This happened to me. My cat Lancelot pushed me off the bed.

  • fin

    12 Nov '10

    Reminds me of an episode from Courage the Cowardly Dog.... WHY? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CANCEL THE SHOW?!!!

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  • allison

    28 Apr '11

    i am kinda in the same situation except its my bratty little sister!

  • Mick W.

    07 Jun '11

    My sister's cat just likes to massage me in the morning...normally, you wouldn't think that's mean, but then she chews up all of my wires.

  • Cakes

    19 Jan '12

    My bunny did this to me, and then i gave him that bed...along with the room, i moved to another room -__-"

  • M

    28 Jun '12

    My cat does this, but to people sitting on chairs

  • Flesticle Blummis

    12 Feb '13

    I think a cat is worse than a damp flesticle.

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