• Li
    7 Mar '12

    Hey guys. We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be releasing the first collected volumes of exocomics! We’re going to be using Kickstarter to help us raise the funds we need to do a really great job with the books so check back next week for more details :) Excite!

  • Holly
    7 Mar '12

    This is every morning of my life.

  • Lord Kap
    Lord Kap
    7 Mar '12

    That's a really wonderful news!

  • axsyon
    7 Mar '12

    i hope it support international delivery @.@ im definitely gonna support you!

  • Liz
    7 Mar '12

    I am SO THERE for kickstarter funding! Woo!

  • Taylor W
    Taylor W
    7 Mar '12

    despite their cat naps, cats don't understand peoples want to sleep
    and the news about a collected edition is awesome!

  • Kaze
    7 Mar '12

    Inspection complete.

  • Ploratio
    7 Mar '12


  • Jigar
    7 Mar '12

    I can't wait for the books!!!

  • Katie
    7 Mar '12

    I love shoelace and you so very much :] keep up the awesome work!

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    7 Mar '12

    That's awesome news about the collection!

  • Leia
    7 Mar '12

    Can't help loving those wiggly feet ^^

  • Adrian
    7 Mar '12

    *raises hand to help kickstart*

  • Dan
    7 Mar '12

    This is adorable and I appreciate it during GDC. Thanks!!!

  • jon
    8 Mar '12

    that's great to hear!!

  • Christen
    8 Mar '12

    For a minute, I thought that was his wallet in the last panel...

  • Introbulus
    8 Mar '12

    Yes, that certainly is a shark face.

  • jrmy
    8 Mar '12

    I will totally buy your comics! heck yes!

  • Xaromir
    8 Mar '12

    I shall kick your project to start. Can't wait! <3 Oh and: About time. <3

  • Kendon
    8 Mar '12

    Li, that is awesome! That is wonderful news! Today's my 18th birthday, I don't think there could be a better present!

  • Joshua
    8 Mar '12

    You should put the alt text below the comic strip in the pages! That would be awesome :3

  • Susan
    8 Mar '12

    so awesome re the news!!!! and I _wish_ all Sammers did was poke my face... he has escalated to pulling hair and -occasionally- biting my elbow (of all things) :)

  • Emily
    8 Mar '12

    I'll give you all my money. Please do international shipping (specifically to America) (more specifically North America, the USA part).

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    8 Mar '12

    Cute! And science kitty making tests and noting her data! :)

  • Göran
    8 Mar '12

    You are awesome!! This was just what I wanted to hear!!! I backed another comics-project just a while ago, actually, and thought "Why can't Li do the same?" :D

  • Marleen
    8 Mar '12

    Oh my. Spent the better half of my afternoon reading all 219 comics, I'm hooked!

  • Alice
    8 Mar '12

    why is jordan sleeping on the couch? is he in trouble? ... drunk?

  • Goblin Brony
    Goblin Brony
    8 Mar '12

    Got pointed here by Remember.
    I love this comic. :D

  • kelsey
    8 Mar '12

    shoelace looks like he has 3 paws in the second panel

  • Wisknort
    8 Mar '12

    Hmm... On Firefox 10.0.2, I am somehow unable to see the comic. I've yet to try anything like clearing my cache, but a couple of refreshes and forcing it to retry loading hasn't caused it to show yet...

  • Lizette
    9 Mar '12

    And the subject doesn't respond to light nudges.......*___*

  • Wisknort
    10 Mar '12

    Ok, now it works.

  • Miss Sara
    Miss Sara
    10 Mar '12

    Ahhh! I am so excited for the book!

  • Morgan Lee
    Morgan Lee
    11 Mar '12

    I love these comics I read them all in a couple of days and today I finished XD! Can't wait to read more!!!!

  • ladypearl
    13 Mar '12

    I'm your newest fan! I read all the comics in a day! Wonderful way to procrastinate, and I have no regrets :)

  • William
    14 Mar '12

    Li, I look at your site at least 10 times a day hoping you posted a new one, lol i wish you would post more often

  • Will
    14 Mar '12

    Li, I look at your site at least 13 times a day hoping you posted a new one, lol i wish you would post more often

  • jolien
    14 Mar '12

    Read every comic of yours in a day time. Loved all of them. Can't wait for the next one.

  • Shokolada
    14 Mar '12

    This comic has appeared on the I Can Haz Cheezburger site:

  • AvalerionDrake
    14 Mar '12

    ...and looks like it was promptly taken off Cheezburger.

  • Axxle
    15 Mar '12

    For those of you who don't follow Li on twitter, Cheezburger was making money off Li's work without her permission. They apparently do this with a lot of work.

  • MonSe
    30 Mar '12

    hahaha mi gato hace lo miSmo D: