• Li

    29 Feb '12

    Hey guys! Jordan rebuilt my portfolio this weekend. Check it out! It's pretty fancy. If it doesn't work on your computer, email me and let me know!

  • bunnitos

    29 Feb '12

    <3 !!

  • Joshua J

    29 Feb '12

    Unhappy Jordan is unhappy <3

  • Ola Hammarström

    29 Feb '12

    LongLi is Long.

  • Zapzip2013

    29 Feb '12

    What's up with the eyes?! They're freaking me out. O.O

  • Roth

    29 Feb '12

    shoelace is looooooooooooooong cat :D

  • Rebekah

    29 Feb '12

    Dance party? Those are my favorite <3

  • Nathan

    29 Feb '12

    Love this one. Thanks!

  • Tim

    29 Feb '12

    I cant believe you guys upped the drugs intake now i'm gone :(

  • Mackenzie

    29 Feb '12

    Jordan did a great job on your portfolio page. :D

  • Jaxcam

    29 Feb '12

    You're portfolio, every picture goes near my mouse when I hover it near them, as if all the pictures are trying to say "Click me, I want to be seen." I love it, and I love all the pictures there.

  • alice

    29 Feb '12

    look. at those. pupils... naughty naughty li. you should be happier. no jordan can stop you!

  • Tarakan

    29 Feb '12

    the visual solution for the portfolio is simply wonderful.

  • Michi

    29 Feb '12


  • Miss Sara

    29 Feb '12

    The portfolio even works on my android phone! How wonderful!

  • yandexx

    29 Feb '12


  • Kaze

    29 Feb '12

    Where's our invite? :O

  • Celes

    01 Mar '12

    Shoelace's secret identity is Longcat?

  • Butterfly

    01 Mar '12

    The alt-text makes me happy.You are now 10x more awesome than I thought.

  • Introbulus

    01 Mar '12

    Man, that looks like an awesome rave party. Too bad the shark had to ruin it.

  • Alan James Keogh

    01 Mar '12

    The eyes are really, really freaky. ..hmmm....Would it be irony to be listening to (a dance remix of) Adeles Rolling in the Deep?

  • Mr Fox

    01 Mar '12

    Your Portfolio, I like it. I can't help but think that you guys were really playing with hand puppets (its probably the wack eyes).

  • BlackBeast

    01 Mar '12

    Love your portfolio! So cute! And Shoelace can dance like us? Nice!! :D

  • sarah penguin

    01 Mar '12

    Aww, cute dancing kitty! I approve!

  • Henry

    01 Mar '12

    I half-expected the sun on your shirt to turn to a sad face when the lights came on.

  • flowers

    01 Mar '12

    alien li is alien (=

  • Magic Cat

    01 Mar '12

    Whoa, so gangsta:) Your portfolio works great on Ubuntu 10.04 running Firefox 10.0.02 =^..^=

  • Zoumbakoala

    01 Mar '12

    Such a cool dance!! ^^

  • Sarah Elisabeth

    01 Mar '12

    Your portfolio pictures are trying to hug my cursor! ^_^

  • Daniel

    02 Mar '12

    Jordan should join the dance party.

  • Lei ad

    02 Mar '12

    Portfolio left and right buttons don't work on iPad 2 ( dunno if it counts as a computer but still)

  • lexie

    03 Mar '12

    it appears as though a ginger stole shoelace's and your souls.

  • Virginia

    03 Mar '12

    Your portfolio is soooo awesome! I love your use of color and lighting in all of your arts! Your sense of humor is the best!!! Love your comic INTINTENSELY. Moar!!!

  • Cara-Boo

    03 Mar '12

    LOOOVE Your portfolio! :D It makes me smile really big(ly?) ....you're so talanted! haha I agree with Jordan joining the party ;)

  • Bethany

    04 Mar '12

    Wooohooo rave time XD And my goodness your portfolio is amazing! Keep up the gorgeous work!!! :)

  • xan

    05 Mar '12

    Li. I am your doppelgänger. :3 I have my own stone-jordan. Anyway. Can you have a cover page or something for your website? So I'll always be on your latest post when I click on exo. :3 Much kitty purr. - xan.

  • I forgot what I set my name as last time...

    05 Mar '12

    Remember me? Probably not, you have a lot of other devoted fans commenting even more often most all of them with similar sentiments. Of course, that's because those sentiments are true. You're a great artist! I love you so much, especially after seeing that wondrous portfolio. If you need some remindance of which fanatic I am, I was the one that asked if you would do the cover art of my book that hasn't been finished, let alone published. I've got my heart set on you, Li. I should probably finish writing that book soon.

  • NK

    06 Mar '12

    I wear my Ooooreos at night so I can so I can hide...

  • mcsucker

    21 Mar '12

    are you and shoelace on ecstasy in this one?

  • yakshavings

    11 Apr '12


  • Liz

    12 Apr '12

    Li and shoelace are not on drugs. Their pupils are big cause they are in the dark! O.O

  • Rombhi

    04 May '12

    Jordan making robot stuff with ♥: (from the source code of the portifolio site) Nice coding Jordan! Another Robot from Brazil

  • Rombhi

    04 May '12

    !-- For Li, by Jordan ♥ -- Comment tags are working :P

  • M

    07 Jul '12

    Shoelace is loooooonnngcat!

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