• Li
    22 Feb '12

    Peanuts make up 90% of mixed nuts. They’re like raisins of the nut world.

  • Robert
    22 Feb '12

    Love it!

  • Dmitri
    22 Feb '12


  • LLcoolRay14
    22 Feb '12

    I used to REALLY hate peanuts too then I was starving on a flight and all they had was honey roasted peanuts and now for some odd reason I FREAKING LOVE HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS!

    Cool story, right?

    Great comic like always Li

  • alison
    22 Feb '12

    But peanut butter is fine, as adding the word "butter" to anything automatically makes it better.

  • Anon
    22 Feb '12

    But they're yummy... ? :'(

  • Will
    22 Feb '12

    nice try dmitri lol

  • Nabil
    22 Feb '12

    I actually enjoy peanuts though. Hmmm... I feel like my inability to relate makes me kind of sad.

  • November
    22 Feb '12

    I love peanuts! Maybe we can trade. What don't I like... do you like raw almonds? I find them so stubborn...

  • Ashok Soni
    Ashok Soni
    22 Feb '12

    Poor shoelace., she just has to sit and watch you sad .. She is neutral though :P

  • Gemma
    22 Feb '12

    Well, some people don't even try to have an open mind like you. They just hate peanuts and that is it.
    I love your comics, they make me smile.

  • Becki
    22 Feb '12

    oh Li, you got it spot on

  • Dan
    22 Feb '12

    Sounds like someone doesn't need love. only fans.

  • Dan
    22 Feb '12

    Dude go to New World and buy bulk almonds from allisons pantry. They will rock your world.

    Also, my nephew just named his birthday kitten 'Ping Pong.'
    Thought you might appreciate that.

  • Dan
    22 Feb '12

    Last Dan is different Dan than the second to last Dan.

  • Luke
    22 Feb '12

    I see what you did there. Clearly you're on a quest for the perfect peanut - the one to shame the rest in its awesomeness. Good luck in your endeavour and may you have no allergies to the perfect peanut.

  • miriam
    22 Feb '12

    actually just cracked up

  • iljyya
    22 Feb '12

    peanut?gross?my new words..

  • rubik's cube
    rubik's cube
    23 Feb '12

    But Peanuts are no nuts, which explains why they look so weird ;)

  • Metrissimo
    23 Feb '12

    Your drawing style is pretty cute ^^ Very nice :)

  • Dann
    23 Feb '12

    You're my favorite person ever.

  • Roman
    23 Feb '12

    I am also unable to relate =(

    makes me... so sad

  • Introbulus
    23 Feb '12

    I object! D: Peanuts are as beautiful as any other legume in the world! You...NUT ELITIST!

    Also, walnuts are way uglier. They're all wrinkly and stuff.

  • Tofu
    23 Feb '12

    I love both peanuts AND this comic. HUZZAH!

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    23 Feb '12

    My sister is allergic to peanuts, while living with her we didn't have peanuts that often. After she moved out I expected a peanut party. Turns out they're not as great as I imagined. Though peanut M&M's are awesome.

  • Eleanor
    23 Feb '12

    Oh no, don't be sad, Li!

  • Huh
    23 Feb '12

    D: Vat? Peanuts and Raisins are awesome! Honey Roasted Peanuts and Boiled Peanuts are the best, and Raisins mixed with peanut M&Ms are heavenly!

  • Barbara
    23 Feb '12

    I love peanuts, I just don't eat them that often because they tend to give me scratchy throats after a few... But I love them so!

  • Rae
    23 Feb '12

    They aren't too bad when they are covered with toffee.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    23 Feb '12

    Peanutphiles unite!

  • Michelle
    23 Feb '12

    The quest for the perfect peanut should not be undertaken lightly. Perfectionism is worth seeking on the road for the almighty perfect peanut.

  • Paul _Bagrie
    Paul _Bagrie
    23 Feb '12

    There're no good unless beaten to a buttery pulpy goodness.

  • Xaromir
    23 Feb '12

    I love both raisins and peanuts... WHAT'S WONG WITH ME? ;_;

  • Rabbit
    23 Feb '12

    I hate peanuts too :p

  • Lee
    23 Feb '12

    I like peanuts, so I can't relate either... Except in that I like orange-flavored candy but not oranges, much in the same way people like peanut butter but not peanuts. Things like that have always struck me as odd.

  • Pg-chan
    23 Feb '12

    So true D: I love mixed nuts, but all those peanuts leftover afterward is just sad.
    I even like peanuts mixed with other things, but just... plain? D: Noes.

  • LaylahB
    23 Feb '12

    I'm sure you get this all the time, but I really identify with the Li in the comics. I went through and read all of them and found stuff I would do and stuff and have done. I had my boyfriend read some and he agrees. I never realized some of the crazy stuff I did before I read you're comic. Now I know how funny I am!

  • Holly
    23 Feb '12

    Oh, I agree. I hate peanuts! I wish I liked them because they infest most foods. Also, I just went through and read all of your comics, they're fantastic! I love em!

  • Henry
    23 Feb '12

    @Ashok Soni, as an avid reader of Li's amazing comics, I would like to point out that that Shoelace is, in fact, a boy :)

  • Random NPC
    Random NPC
    24 Feb '12

    @Henry, You could also make the point of the "Stop staring at Shoelaces balls" strip.

    Speaking of Shoelace, this strip is the cutest that I've ever seen him :3

  • Rina
    25 Feb '12

    Peanuts are so gross, but peanut butter is so delicious.
    You can't explain that.

  • Nicolette W.
    Nicolette W.
    27 Feb '12

    If there ever was a time to get a google+ account the time is now :)
    718 new followers/publicity <3
    Felicia Day just posted one of your comics (but from a daily dump type site though so it currently doesn't have any link other than the watermark)

  • Le Awkward Turtle
    Le Awkward Turtle
    27 Feb '12

    Peanuts are awesome, cashews, and pecans can go to hell though.

    Also, peanuts are technically beans. :)

  • Nova
    27 Feb '12

    @alison butter makes everything better? hmm...

    peanut + butter = awesome
    almond + butter = awesome
    apple + butter = awesome
    butter + noodles = awesome
    butter + cookie = omg awesome
    butter + mint = *dies* awesome
    butter + milk x pancakes = orgasm

  • Vanessa
    28 Feb '12

    i wish we could *like* your comics! so adorable! i also agree! i usually suck the salt off them and they're boring

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox
    1 Mar '12

    I always wondered what that feeling was I felt about peanuts.

    Thank you.

  • n0n
    2 Mar '12

    Yeah peanuts are gross. Peanut butter is gross. Snickers are gross. Blergh!

  • Cara-Boo
    6 Mar '12

    But I like peanuts........ *lip quivers*

  • Aidan
    26 Jun '12

    Omg, I laughed so hard at this! x'D

  • Dawn
    9 Mar '13

    I am SOOOO with you. Why are they so gross? .__.

  • Paxcow
    2 Sep '13


  • doodlebug
    3 Oct '13

    I hear ya', Li.

  • Amebra
    28 Feb '14

    I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T LIKE PEANUTS?! They just.. They taste like dirt.