• Li

    15 Feb '12

    I recently started watching Adventure Time. So genius.

  • Sten Darker

    15 Feb '12

    I dislike Adventure TIme. I do, however, adore this comic!

  • EndlessNerd

    15 Feb '12

    Very cute!

  • Jo

    15 Feb '12

    bad Li is bad ... :)

  • Josh B

    15 Feb '12

    Lols He probably likes all the flavors anyways :P

  • Jonnie

    15 Feb '12

    Hah, I'm the opposite. I expect lime and get disgusting green apple...

  • Tim

    15 Feb '12

    i hate when the green ones are grass.

  • Destinee

    15 Feb '12

    You are a cruel one. But at least he got something for Valentine's Day. ... :(

  • R

    15 Feb '12

    Started watching Adventure Time you say.... Good...Good... All is going according to plan...

  • necrophyte

    15 Feb '12

    hey, what time is it?

  • Calcifer

    15 Feb '12

    too cute! Adventure time is ALGEBRAIC!! I liked the art of you and Fin too. :)

  • Anamarek

    15 Feb '12

    I'm a big fan but not big commenter. I read in twitter about your initation in AT world. I'm expecting a comic strip about this. You must do it, please.

  • Ashok Soni

    15 Feb '12

    Lol.. You are naughty.

  • Korona Korm

    15 Feb '12

    Yeah, I would totally do that. In fact, I may just do that (has not seen his valentine yet). *evil grin*

  • Kaze

    15 Feb '12

    Feeling the love. :>

  • Jens

    15 Feb '12

    Tsk tsk...such naughty language. This used to be cute.

  • john WAYNE

    15 Feb '12

    secretly, the guy already has another valentine. OUCH!

  • Schr0

    15 Feb '12

    I LOVE Adventure Time! :D

  • Shoelace lover number 90039503

    16 Feb '12

    lolcats. happy valentines day everyone!

  • Stephanie Richter

    16 Feb '12

    I've totally done stuff like this XD Too cute! And Adventure Time is the best!

  • Vijay

    16 Feb '12

    I 2st Jonnie: Lime > Apple. Ah well, to each their own. :-) More for sharing! Here's hoping Jordan feels the same way.

  • Bill

    16 Feb '12

    I love this comic and have enjoyed reading them all! Li, you are a genius. Every time I read the comic, I think of my wife. There are MANY similarities.

  • Nikki

    16 Feb '12

    Oh Gosh! Super cute! <3 I'm always lucky because I hate orange, lemon, and grape flavored fruit candies but most of my friends love those flavors. We were all made for each other.

  • ScrabbleDiva

    16 Feb '12

    I love Adventure Time! Almost as much as I love this comic! :D

  • Alan James Keogh

    16 Feb '12

    That's how relationships work, they like the things you don't like and remove them from your presence, otherwise there is no point! RIght? .....Right? ......hello?

  • Markoh

    16 Feb '12

    Adventure time is awesome :D you should make a sketch about it xD

  • Soop

    16 Feb '12

    So awesome.

  • neko

    16 Feb '12

    Adventure Time rocks! ^_^ love today's comic, by the way ^_^

  • Elias

    16 Feb '12

    Li, you should auction clones of yourself and give the profits to some charity. I love you.

  • Rabbit

    16 Feb '12

    Adventure Time! .>

  • Pg-chan

    16 Feb '12

    I can hear the sound effect and announcers voice in that last panel XD;;;

  • Jelly-Bean

    16 Feb '12


  • RA

    16 Feb '12

    Was Bad Li at dinner with Li's?

  • CassidyKoala

    16 Feb '12

    I like Adventure Time, but Regular Show is awesome, too :DD

  • Austin miller

    16 Feb '12

    I work in a chocolate shop so Valentine's day is like the apocalypse for us

  • Like A Boss

    16 Feb '12

    Hey! I love this week's comic so much! And Adventure Time is the bee's knees.

  • Kilby

    16 Feb '12

    This one would have been much more effective (i.e. "funny" and/or "cute") without the gratuitous obscenity in the fourth panel. I am not offended by the word itself at all, but there's no reason to use it here. In fact, the entire caption on that panel was a waste of time and pencil lead.


    16 Feb '12

    Somehow, I can't imagine Li saying the last panel, so I opt for an Italian gangster to read it instead.

  • Dichi

    16 Feb '12

    I love adventure time! and this comic... xD

  • Marina

    16 Feb '12

    oh my gosh! i love your comic. you and adventure time are a PERFECT FIT. http://natazilla.tumblr.com/ this is Nat from the animation team of adventure time. LOVE.

  • sarah penguin

    17 Feb '12

    Oooh cute and cute-evil. I haven't watched adventure time, but I've heard good things. I'm so behind, I still working my way through season 1 of MLP: Friendship is Magic.

  • dumbeller

    17 Feb '12

    Yay! Another adventure time fan! Next thing you know, you'll be watching my little pony (That's a compliment by the way)

  • Sara O'Brien

    17 Feb '12

    You're a mean one Mr. Grinch.

  • Dayra

    19 Feb '12

    I love Adventure Time!! They r awesome!

  • Tech84

    22 Feb '12

    Very cute, and I also hate it because its true. I do that, my GF does that too. =)

  • Brianna

    03 Mar '12

    Adventure Time ftw! Also, this comic was perfect! Jordan smiled and frowned, Li was cute and naughty, Shoelace is probably napping and you used the word fuck. Huzzah.

  • Kallee

    12 Nov '18

    Adventure Time! C'mon grab your friends. We'll go to very distant lands. Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human! The fun will never end, ADVENTURE TIME!

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