• Li
    8 Feb '12

    I bought a macbook pro! It’s my first mac. In other news, pcs are equally cool. So lets not fight.

  • Emily C
    Emily C
    8 Feb '12


  • Ramya
    8 Feb '12

    Congratulations! I got a new pc recently, after hours of debating over a mac. Maybe next time :) Haffun!

  • Philip
    8 Feb '12

    Shoelace writes your comics?! No wonder they're so cute!

  • Propellergator
    8 Feb '12


  • Julio
    8 Feb '12

    mhmm, yes, the symbolism goes over my head

  • Jens
    8 Feb '12

    No, not EQUALLY cool. WAAAAY more cool. PC is where it's at. I grew up learning on Mac. I hated it then, I hate it now. Blah. But, I'm a video gamer.

  • HMA
    8 Feb '12

    Lack of inspiration, Shoelace?

  • Kaze
    8 Feb '12


  • Ruthie_Bee
    8 Feb '12

    Love it. Shoelace is the superman of cats.

  • John
    8 Feb '12

    Turns out you actually just got a pc with a funky bootloader.

  • Liz
    8 Feb '12

    Hi Shoelace! You will be inked on my arm on Saturday. Can't wait ;)

  • Alicia
    9 Feb '12

    I also got a new computer! ' 3'
    Dell alienware. :D

  • Jake
    9 Feb '12

    I prefer PC's because of gaming, but Macs are meant to be better for multimedia stuff like video editing and drawing tools etc.

  • RA
    9 Feb '12

    Computers be computers, no hate needed!

  • Introbulus
    9 Feb '12

    :O It's so lifelike!

  • Bennee
    9 Feb '12

    Wrong! PCs are at least twice as equal!

  • Lucy, Texas
    Lucy, Texas
    9 Feb '12

    "I bought a macbook pro! It’s my first mac.
    In other news, pcs are equally cool. So lets not fight."

    Amen, sistah! I only have PC's but I would love to get into Macs.

  • Yaneiza
    9 Feb '12

    I feel like I've just time traveled into the future to see Shoelace because the screen says you posted this on February 8 at 9:58 pm and I'm reading this on February 8 at 8:13 am! Shoelace = Master of Space-time!

  • JLayneC
    9 Feb '12

    Congrats on the macbook pro! you probly alreadyknow, but on your macbook pro is a program called BootCamp, which installs Windows alongside OSX so u get the best of both worlds :) i also would combine with rEFIt

    Shoelace love the comic btw. keep up the great work lol

  • Christen
    9 Feb '12

    I grew up with Macs since my family was all about printing (typesetting, etc..) so they'll always feel like home to me but a nice PC isn't bad either! I'm glad I got a little Shoelace love this morning!

  • Bertie
    9 Feb '12

    God your shading is awesome!!

  • Kaity
    9 Feb '12

    I love your art. I love my Custom piece hanging in my living room and I love my Macbook pro.

  • Xaromir
    9 Feb '12

    A Macbook is actually a PC (Personal Computer), you even can install Linux and/or Windows on it. It's a bit like say "this is a VW and this is a car". Booo apple marketing - hooray Shoolaces.

  • Destinee
    9 Feb '12

    Uh oh. It being a Mac means it's more shiny and therefore Li will be gone longer. (I don't care if it's Mac or PC - and yes, Macs are now PCs too, but I mean the conventionally defined PC - but if I got a new Mac, I would definitely play with that a lot longer.)

    -strokes shiny aluminum chassis-

  • lograh
    9 Feb '12

    agreed, the value of a computer comes from what you do with it and will change depending on who is using it. "PC" or "Mac" (or "Android" or "iOS") does not make the device inherently better or worse than any other with a different label.

    That said, Yay new toy to play with!! :)

    And I totally went "Awwww" at the shoelace comic. :) :)

  • Makoto
    9 Feb '12

    I am all in favor of Shoelace drawing a comic for a week.

    Shiny toys are shiny though - enjoy the Macbook. :P

  • wyndl
    9 Feb '12

    Oh how endearingly true this comic is!

  • jrmy
    9 Feb '12

    don't forget about linux :]

  • betsy
    9 Feb '12

    Shoelace, I find your work very inspired. Who is a good kitty? You are!

  • yaomtc
    9 Feb '12

    Windows: You can install it on any computer, but you have to buy a new license for each computer. Nearly all computer games support it. Mac OS X: You can only use it on Macs. Some games support it. Linux: Can be installed on any computer or server for free, any number of times. You can also recreate the OS as you see fit. Very few commercial games support it. I use both Windows 7 and Arch Linux regularly, and plan to buy a Macbook Pro soon for video work. I like all these operating systems, though Linux is my favorite.

  • Noah
    9 Feb '12

    Sometimes I fall asleep on my work too.

  • Ernest
    9 Feb '12

    Sorry to break it to you Li but... you bought an imposter Mac. It has a circle on the cover.

  • charles
    9 Feb '12


  • Philip
    9 Feb '12

    I bought my Macbook Pro just before finals in college, it was not the smartest time to buy a new toy.

  • Dressler
    9 Feb '12

    Li, your comics are always a little burst of sunshine. If you ever go to any sort of webcomic convention, please put up a notice, because I'm sure everyone would love to meet you!

    Also, congrats on the Mac. They're preeeetty. ^_^

  • Rachael
    9 Feb '12

    This is how my cat Watson likes to help with my art. :)

  • mdc
    9 Feb '12

    All computer companies are equal, but some are more equal than others?

  • Prede
    9 Feb '12


  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    9 Feb '12

    Welcome to the Mac Owners Club. And yay shoelace the comic artist :)

  • Kilby
    9 Feb '12

    Strange. Everyone here seems to have understood "not fight" to mean "please conduct a flame war, but keep it polite".

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox
    9 Feb '12

    I'm sorry to inform you Li, but we think Shoelace did a better job and will be taking over your comic blog. We thank you for many years of drawing and laughing service. Here is your watch, Goodbye.

  • Carp
    10 Feb '12

    lograh's got it right: with computers, so long as it's Turing-complete (they all are, minus the infinite memory) and not painfully slow (I'm talking 20th century speeds, here), the limitation is always the user. Which OS I use or like is beside the point.

  • Potatoes
    10 Feb '12 that Jens Jens or just some other Jens?

  • KPSquall
    10 Feb '12

    Just went through all of your comics (started yesterday) This was quite entertaining, hope all is well and keep up the good work please. ^_^

  • Wolfzoon
    11 Feb '12

    Oh gawd I caught up to today.
    Archive binges are horrible.

  • nonamegirl
    11 Feb '12


  • Molly
    11 Feb '12

    Just read all your comics. completely brilliant, all of them.

  • McWhite
    13 Feb '12

    Mac is more expensive for his overall power and just different from a PC. Nothing else to say about it.
    If you have the money and like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't.

  • tamburin
    13 Feb '12

    Really cute comics, love them!

  • VioletArrows
    13 Feb '12

    Different ending: First two panels, then Shoelace manages to make some Sistene Chapel Michaelangelo level craziness in the last panel. @_@

  • six
    14 Feb '12

    Your shirt seems to have made an appearance in the valentine's logo :D

  • Vshirazawa
    21 Feb '12


  • M
    7 Jul '12

    Always this 'Mac' vs 'PC' forgets the simple truth that a Mac *IS a PC*. O.O

  • Spuffler
    11 Nov '13

    I've had both Mac and PC. I chose Linux. Hope u save some $$ eventually.

  • Sapphire
    30 Dec '13

    I love these comics, they are so awesome and cute