• Li
    1 Feb '12

    In the darkness you can see the replays more clearly. Reeeeeeeeplaaaaaaays.

  • Jessica
    1 Feb '12

    hahah xD shoelace so cute peeking down!

  • Hiro
    1 Feb '12

    Awww Li! Don't be ashamed! :O

  • Lord Kap
    Lord Kap
    1 Feb '12

    Poor Li! How are you? Have they enough cereal for you?

  • Dan
    1 Feb '12

    haha thats awesome. is it sad that when i first read that i thought shoelace was the one talking and i was like what?!?! how did you get him to talk?!?!

  • Goran
    1 Feb '12

    This isn't the weirdest one that you have made but... i like it =D

    Hello from Mallorca :3

  • Halloween Penguins
    Halloween Penguins
    1 Feb '12


    This is adorable. When I do embarrassing things I eat lots of sugar.

  • alice
    1 Feb '12

    HAHAHAH. i'm like that too. only it's blanket fort of shame.

  • FruityBard
    1 Feb '12

    Eat ALL the cereals! I reckon the ShameBox would be a viable product in today's socio-economic climate.

  • Kaze
    1 Feb '12

    Face up. :) Face down. :(

  • Nerd
    1 Feb '12

    So is the shamebox available at my local store?

  • Z
    1 Feb '12

    Is this the same box from before?

  • V2Blast
    1 Feb '12

    I would like to purchase a ShameBox™.

  • Liz
    2 Feb '12

    Yep, the ShameBox totally needs to be made available. Sad face and all.

  • Kiyoko
    2 Feb '12

    The cereal will only help if it's chocolate cereal :D

  • ZakkDay
    2 Feb '12

    Every time I read your comics I, for some reason, give you the voice of Heidei Walch i.e. the woman who does the voice of Starfire for Teen Titans.

  • Christen
    2 Feb '12

    I find ShameBlanket as a viable alternative if you don't have ShameBox.

  • Philipp
    2 Feb '12

    Hey! Am I the only one interested what is Li ashamed of?
    Li, what's happened?

  • Rina
    2 Feb '12

    I wish I had one of those boxes...

  • Hana
    2 Feb '12

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH i love shoelace(:
    my sister sent me a link for one of these comics, and i just kept clicking the next button. I COULDN"T GET ENOUGH OF IT! shoelace, Li, jordan, you guys are awesome. sorry shoelace comes first, hes adorable.
    teehee ^_^

  • Leslie
    2 Feb '12

    I used to have a shame closet .--.

  • Alice
    2 Feb '12

    I like the fact your mouse hole has pretty windows and a door. My mice where never that clever... or did you build it for them?

  • Becki
    2 Feb '12

    i'd patent that sharpish if i were you... ShameBox will be a big seller for students 'the morning after'

  • Me
    2 Feb '12

    Eat ALL the cereals!!!

  • Almas
    2 Feb '12

    Shamebox ftw!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    2 Feb '12

    Ohmygosh genius.

  • William
    2 Feb '12

    Li, shall we all send you a box of cereal?

  • Wolfgirl
    2 Feb '12

    Was this you??
    I'd really like to know if it was. XD

  • Frances M
    Frances M
    2 Feb '12

    Due to my own failings, I now believe that Shoelace and Jordon have secret word-filled conversations. Where as Li and Shoelace need no words. My bad!

    A lovely comic, as always! <3

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    3 Feb '12

    When I first started reading I thought Shoelace was talking and I was like, Shoelace, you don't have cereal. Then the whole, cat talking thing hit me.

    The last panel made me smile though!

  • crispypags
    3 Feb '12

    lmao for a second i thought it was shoelace talking in the first panel i was like wth!!

  • Henry
    3 Feb '12

    Li! What did you do??? Haha I laughed for a minute straight when I saw that last panel :) you're awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Lee
    4 Feb '12

    So, for those of you that play/know of the Metal Gear games... Does Snake have a ShameBox?!

  • Well, I suppose this name is as good as any…
    Well, I suppose this name is as good as any…
    5 Feb '12

    Li, I can't tell if it's schadenfreude or if you make everything cute, but I smiled quite a bit at this. Don't be sad! You have cereals for happier emotion. And you have a kitten. Everybody makes mistakes. And you have a kitten.

  • Austin miller
    Austin miller
    6 Feb '12

    Anyone else totally want to mail Li a teddy bear to make her feel better?

  • Mikaela Maranhas
    Mikaela Maranhas
    7 Feb '12

    do you read all your comments? cuz as of now i'm the last one out of like 50...but anyway, if you do read this comment, i am honored, cuz i have seen all 214 of your comics and every one makes me chuckle ;] keep up the good work.

  • Kilby
    7 Feb '12

    Can we stop this silly race every time a new comic appears? However, having claimed first place and ending up sixth, one would assume that Halloween Penguin is nearing diabetic overload right about now.

  • Jennifer
    9 Feb '12

    Yay! Jordan's back! You and him together are so much like me and my husband together it makes my heart smile every time he makes an appearance. <3

  • JustSomeGuy
    13 Feb '12

    Until I saw panel four, I totally thought Shoelace was talking.

  • Zeplon
    14 Feb '12

    That mouse house is awesome.

  • Cara-Boo
    6 Mar '12

    Awwwwwww....... It's okay Li :) *hands you lucky charms* Marshmellows make everything better.

  • flowers
    28 Apr '12

    oh, ALL cereal, come here! and some chapters of the walking dead maybe ):

  • M
    7 Jul '12

    For a moment there I thought Shoelace had somehow
    gotten hold of the scarf from Nichijou