• Li

    01 Feb '12

    In the darkness you can see the replays more clearly. Reeeeeeeeplaaaaaaays.

  • Jessica

    01 Feb '12

    hahah xD shoelace so cute peeking down!

  • Hiro

    01 Feb '12

    Awww Li! Don't be ashamed! :O

  • Lord Kap

    01 Feb '12

    Poor Li! How are you? Have they enough cereal for you?

  • Dan

    01 Feb '12

    haha thats awesome. is it sad that when i first read that i thought shoelace was the one talking and i was like what?!?! how did you get him to talk?!?!

  • Goran

    01 Feb '12

    This isn't the weirdest one that you have made but... i like it =D Hello from Mallorca :3

  • Halloween Penguins

    01 Feb '12

    FIRST COMMENT! This is adorable. When I do embarrassing things I eat lots of sugar.

  • alice

    01 Feb '12

    HAHAHAH. i'm like that too. only it's blanket fort of shame.

  • FruityBard

    01 Feb '12

    Eat ALL the cereals! I reckon the ShameBox would be a viable product in today's socio-economic climate.

  • Kaze

    01 Feb '12

    Face up. :) Face down. :(

  • Nerd

    01 Feb '12

    So is the shamebox available at my local store?

  • Z

    01 Feb '12

    Is this the same box from before?

  • V2Blast

    01 Feb '12

    I would like to purchase a ShameBox™.

  • Liz

    02 Feb '12

    Yep, the ShameBox totally needs to be made available. Sad face and all.

  • Kiyoko

    02 Feb '12

    The cereal will only help if it's chocolate cereal :D

  • ZakkDay

    02 Feb '12

    Every time I read your comics I, for some reason, give you the voice of Heidei Walch i.e. the woman who does the voice of Starfire for Teen Titans.

  • Christen

    02 Feb '12

    I find ShameBlanket as a viable alternative if you don't have ShameBox.

  • Philipp

    02 Feb '12

    Hey! Am I the only one interested what is Li ashamed of? Li, what's happened?

  • Rina

    02 Feb '12

    I wish I had one of those boxes...

  • Hana

    02 Feb '12

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH i love shoelace(: my sister sent me a link for one of these comics, and i just kept clicking the next button. I COULDN"T GET ENOUGH OF IT! shoelace, Li, jordan, you guys are awesome. sorry shoelace comes first, hes adorable. teehee ^_^

  • Leslie

    02 Feb '12

    I used to have a shame closet .--.

  • Alice

    02 Feb '12

    I like the fact your mouse hole has pretty windows and a door. My mice where never that clever... or did you build it for them?

  • Becki

    02 Feb '12

    i'd patent that sharpish if i were you... ShameBox will be a big seller for students 'the morning after'

  • Me

    02 Feb '12

    Eat ALL the cereals!!! [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/29eq6ol.png[/IMG]

  • Almas

    02 Feb '12

    Shamebox ftw!

  • sarah penguin

    02 Feb '12

    Ohmygosh genius.

  • William

    02 Feb '12

    Li, shall we all send you a box of cereal?

  • Wolfgirl

    02 Feb '12

    Was this you?? http://9gag.com/gag/657813 I'd really like to know if it was. XD

  • Frances M

    02 Feb '12

    Due to my own failings, I now believe that Shoelace and Jordon have secret word-filled conversations. Where as Li and Shoelace need no words. My bad! A lovely comic, as always! <3

  • Alan James Keogh

    03 Feb '12

    When I first started reading I thought Shoelace was talking and I was like, Shoelace, you don't have cereal. Then the whole, cat talking thing hit me. The last panel made me smile though!

  • crispypags

    03 Feb '12

    lmao for a second i thought it was shoelace talking in the first panel i was like wth!!

  • Henry

    03 Feb '12

    Li! What did you do??? Haha I laughed for a minute straight when I saw that last panel :) you're awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Lee

    04 Feb '12

    So, for those of you that play/know of the Metal Gear games... Does Snake have a ShameBox?!

  • Well, I suppose this name is as good as any…

    05 Feb '12

    Li, I can't tell if it's schadenfreude or if you make everything cute, but I smiled quite a bit at this. Don't be sad! You have cereals for happier emotion. And you have a kitten. Everybody makes mistakes. And you have a kitten.

  • Austin miller

    06 Feb '12

    Anyone else totally want to mail Li a teddy bear to make her feel better?

  • Mikaela Maranhas

    07 Feb '12

    do you read all your comments? cuz as of now i'm the last one out of like 50...but anyway, if you do read this comment, i am honored, cuz i have seen all 214 of your comics and every one makes me chuckle ;] keep up the good work.

  • Kilby

    07 Feb '12

    Can we stop this silly race every time a new comic appears? However, having claimed first place and ending up sixth, one would assume that Halloween Penguin is nearing diabetic overload right about now.

  • Jennifer

    09 Feb '12

    Yay! Jordan's back! You and him together are so much like me and my husband together it makes my heart smile every time he makes an appearance. <3

  • JustSomeGuy

    13 Feb '12

    Until I saw panel four, I totally thought Shoelace was talking.

  • Zeplon

    14 Feb '12

    That mouse house is awesome.

  • Cara-Boo

    06 Mar '12

    Awwwwwww....... It's okay Li :) *hands you lucky charms* Marshmellows make everything better.

  • flowers

    28 Apr '12

    oh, ALL cereal, come here! and some chapters of the walking dead maybe ):

  • M

    07 Jul '12

    For a moment there I thought Shoelace had somehow gotten hold of the scarf from Nichijou

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