• Li

    18 Jan '12

    Li's awesome duck shirt is now available! For reals!

  • Amanda

    18 Jan '12

    Aww super cute!

  • Willem

    18 Jan '12

    Your the best! These are so funny and always make my day!

  • John

    18 Jan '12


  • Becki

    18 Jan '12

    me and my friends did this once... no one was that kind to one another. you are lucky to have you! :)

  • Kaze

    18 Jan '12

    I don't know which Li to choose :c

  • Becki

    18 Jan '12

    p.s. your menu looks delightful. you should open a resteraunt of happiness

  • Luke

    18 Jan '12

    Something's happened, you're really getting back into your webcomic work :) I, for one, Welcome My New Shoelace Overlord! (The Cat comes first, always. Sorry.)

  • Korona Korm

    18 Jan '12

    I'd watch it.

  • Mark

    18 Jan '12

    Oh my goodness this is brilliant. Every second show on TV here in NZ seems to be "Come Dine With Me" lately.

  • Kilby

    18 Jan '12

    @ John - It doesn't matter how important you think your "SOPA" cause is, posting the link in the middle of the "aww, how cute" commentary on this page is off-topic spam.

  • sarah penguin

    19 Jan '12

    Oooooh. :) Cute!

  • Ian

    19 Jan '12

    The last few strips have been completely adorable. First cat soup, and now this. I approve!

  • RA

    19 Jan '12

    Send in the clones... There should be clones... Don't bother, they're here!

  • Sal

    19 Jan '12

    Even the tough Li judge gave a 10. Well done Li!

  • Cathy

    19 Jan '12

    This is adorable Li! I love it so much :) 1000 from me hehe.

  • Anti-SOPA

    19 Jan '12

    Why not blackout for SOPA?

  • Lilli

    19 Jan '12

    This is the only comic that updated like normal today. The rest of the interwebs is sopa-protesting

  • @Anti-SOPA

    19 Jan '12

    Clearly because all the Li's scored too amazingly high to be blacked out.

  • jrmy

    19 Jan '12

    lol, awesome

  • Makoto

    19 Jan '12

    I came for the dessert, stayed for the cereal.

  • Hannah

    19 Jan '12

    great comic and oh my god the duck shirt. love it.

  • Austin miller

    20 Jan '12

    Aww they're so cute, can I hug them ALL?

  • David

    20 Jan '12

    Dessert: Yes. >.<

  • Some Random Dude

    21 Jan '12

    I see your comic. Now explain to me why you thought this was a god idea. Actually. Don't say anything at all. I will tell you all you need to know about this comic. First off, the Li on the bottom left hand side is eating with her mouth full of food. A big no-no. Every Li arrived in informal attire, which is dreadful. Finally, there was no Shoelace doing whatever he felt like doing in this comic. With all this in mind... I have rated this comic... Out of a total of ten possible points... a ten. For original creativity, and including my beloved skittles in your menu. I still want to see Shoelace in the next comic though. My furry friend is always a delight to behold. :)

  • Some Random Dude

    21 Jan '12

    How embarrassing... can we add typos to the menu as well? :">

  • My name :)

    21 Jan '12

    Li, I love your work so much! You're such a good artist, and I really enjoy the comics. Someday when I write a book I want you to draw the cover art, deal?

  • libbi

    22 Jan '12

    AW, i love your comments. I always click and paste them to my boyfriend jakes profile and we laugh cause i would do everything she does. o.o im wierd <---proud of it :)

  • William

    23 Jan '12

    Li, i have read ever comic of yours. personally my favorite character is Jordan, but you and sHoElAcE are f***in awesome too! Can't wait for more

  • Chaomiles

    25 Jan '12

    Why did all the Li vote? Who received the points if everyone voted?

  • Lauren Elise

    25 Jan '12

    Come dine with Li. Let's dine, let's dine awayyyyy~

  • Paul_Bags

    25 Jan '12

    "Come dine with Li. Let’s dine, let’s dine awayyyyy~" ApparentLi I'm not the only one...

  • Fran

    01 Feb '12

    Wonderful come dine with Li. I wish the episodes were actually like that. It is sad seeing british people slag each other off about their food and houses and personalities. The world should be a happier place. Have you considered cloning yourself and then all moving to England? (Yet will admit it can make oddly addictive programming)

  • Jeremy

    26 Feb '12

    I would dine with Li! But she's in Auckland and I'm in Shenzhen

  • Cara-Boo

    06 Mar '12

    I choose the happy one! :D

  • Becca:)

    06 Apr '12

    As much as i love reading the comic itself my favorite part is scroling of the picture to see what you have "tagged" it as(;

  • spas

    07 Jan '13


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