• Li
    11 Jan '12

    Welcome back everyone! I hope that all of you had a good break. Leave me a comment and tell me what you got up to!

  • Kevin Vien
    Kevin Vien
    11 Jan '12


  • Kevin Vien
    Kevin Vien
    11 Jan '12

    I love your comics btw! <3

  • Kaze
    11 Jan '12

    Cat in a Cup! :D

    Had an awesome break. Managed to feed some dolphins and get in a lot of shopping done :D

  • Shannon
    11 Jan '12


  • No Name
    No Name
    11 Jan '12


  • Allan
    11 Jan '12

    Meowch that's hot! :P what a cute kitty!

  • Shannon
    11 Jan '12


  • Daniel
    11 Jan '12

    Cup o' Cat.

  • Ranom 1
    Ranom 1
    11 Jan '12

    Cat, dont give up! you can be anything you want to be!

  • That guy :D
    That guy :D
    11 Jan '12

    ahh your comics brought me to the climax of my day , thank you :D

  • Edith
    11 Jan '12

    I love your comics :D
    I've just started exams, but luckily this has cheered me up a lot, now i'm in a much better mood to start the day :D

  • Kayhem
    11 Jan '12

    Cat soup? Catsup? Ketchup?

    My holidays were fun. Better since the New Year though~

  • mike
    11 Jan '12


  • Mackenzie
    11 Jan '12

    Hairier than Turtle Soup.

    Enjoying my first winter here in Germany. Although still waiting on snow to come. :(

  • Isabelle
    11 Jan '12

    Cat!! You're obviously not soup, you're meat loaf, of course!!
    Holidays were okay, but my whole family went across the country to visit my sister, and she got the stomach flu christmas eve and didn't stop puking till the 26th. Then on the 27th, I got it and was puking till the 30th, and her birthday is the 28th. So she was sick for christmas, and I was sick for her birthday. Poor sister. Of course the 17 hour drive back was a nightmare with the flu.

  • inoirawus
    11 Jan '12

    bon appétit:)

  • Kevan
    11 Jan '12

    Yay! I think this is an excellent birthday comic! Thanks Li!!

  • Kevin
    11 Jan '12

    Nah, I'm the only one who actually gave my full name... Oh well...

  • Kevin
    11 Jan '12


  • Josh
    11 Jan '12

    Shoelace has the right idea, just needs help with the execution :)

    And my holidays have been great, even got a little more tipsy than I expected on New Years. Nothing bad happened so its all good ^_^

  • Roman
    11 Jan '12

    If I fits I sits.

  • Blue
    11 Jan '12

    It went like hell..... But still I survived so I guess I can't complain, can I?

    Big hug to everyone.

  • bastian
    11 Jan '12

    A very sweet soup.

  • Cellophane Girl
    Cellophane Girl
    11 Jan '12

    I'm always on break (disabled).
    But I had a lot of fun the last few weeks. New years eve was especially fun, with a Rock Band party, followed by a bonfire and fireworks.

    Great times with amazing friends. What more could one ask for?

    Also this comic made me think of the anime "Cat Soup", that movie is a head trip.

  • Lauren
    11 Jan '12

    I just moved from Canada to Australia! Will want to order some prints while I'm here so that shipping will be less :)

  • Pg-chan
    11 Jan '12

    Reminds me of the ads for kittens in a teacup that I'd see on the back covers of my dad's old comic books X3; I always wondered if they came with the teacup.
    Man, he didn't even cut the veggies up either D:

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    12 Jan '12

    LOL Great strip today :) Christmas was great fun, my sister was back in town from grad school, there were presents, snacks, and trees! I hope you have a good new year, everyone.

  • Tim B
    Tim B
    12 Jan '12

    Roller Blading. Lots and lots of Roller Blading...but then my right shoe I need a new pair. You should draw me some epic ones!!! DO IT!!

  • Bunnitos
    12 Jan '12

    Best comic! =D I have seamonkeys and shiny things and clicky things. Also I am sleeping a lot, though sometimes I am sleeping with a book on my face because I should be reading.

  • cj
    12 Jan '12

    So cute.

  • Ana Júlia
    Ana Júlia
    12 Jan '12

    Ooo happy new year everyone, so cute the shoelace.

  • Soop
    12 Jan '12

    It's okay. I heard that looks adorable. Probably tastes really hairy though. But so so so cute.

  • Luna
    12 Jan '12

    I have been thinking of soup cats. you read my mind...

  • Sabrina L
    Sabrina L
    12 Jan '12

    yummy kitty soup... sounds delicious bwahahaha!

  • Alyn
    12 Jan '12

    I found this comic! :D

  • Silverwood1984
    12 Jan '12

    Aww Shoelace just wants to be a part of dinner. <3

  • Alloyan
    12 Jan '12

    This makes me laugh because Jordan and my boyfriend look identical.

    I finished writing a book, so I am excited. Now, to actually print it off....

  • Victoria
    12 Jan '12

    This morning I found out that I failed one of my uni assignments, but my average grade for last semester is still very high. So that's okay.

    I'd like a cup of kittens.

  • Sal
    12 Jan '12

    I'm like some cat soup too.

    My break has been relaxing and geeky as I started playing The Old Republic.
    I also started playing bingo but don't know what that means...

  • Introbulus
    12 Jan '12

    Poor Shoelace. His hopes and dreams were crushed by that shark. D:

  • Ace
    12 Jan '12

    Your doodles inspirer me

  • Alan James Keogh
    Alan James Keogh
    12 Jan '12

    Poor Shoelace, though I think I'd be sad if he was soup.

  • Chink in Armor
    Chink in Armor
    12 Jan '12

    Hey, a while back you were asking for suggestions for games for your Iphone. I would strongly recommend the game Tactical Warrior. I was actaully created by my friend, it is an awesome turned based strategy game, and hours of fun. Also the art is hilarious, he did it all himself so enimies are basically whatever he is capable of drawing, which is a surprisingly random variety of badgers and bears. Great value for your 99cents.

  • Charles
    12 Jan '12

    I must agree. Shoelace =/= soup. However, he is adorable. As always.
    I had a fantastical break! Read a lot, ate a lot, slept a lot, and the last few days I've been lazing about watching movies and chillin' with my girlfriend. :) Back to class now, but I'm carrying a lot of holiday break happiness over with me, so that will help get me through Religion class XD

  • Ronnie
    12 Jan '12

    Probably my favourite comic you've done, EVER!
    As for my holiday, it was good till Christmas night. Then my hubby got the flu and I got it a few days later. Totally ruined the rest of our break as well as our NYE plans :(
    I also had to miss a whole week of work cause I still felt like death. Getting better now so I'm finally starting to feel human again. Yay!
    How was yours?

  • Skeith
    12 Jan '12

    I like how I was listening to melodic death metal when I popped this open, and I still went "awwwww"

  • Alayne
    12 Jan '12

    On break, I celebrated Christmas three times with different groups of my family. It was great! I also lost my cell phone. Not great. Had an amazing time with my man and saw some wonderful Christmas light displays in New Orleans. That was great too!

  • Xact
    12 Jan '12

    Aw.. But he wants to be soup! And look how good he is at it. :3

    I actually had a social life the past three weeks! :D Took a month-long hiatus from the internet and hung out with my friends, face-to-face. <3 It was so much fun~ Hope you guys all had an awesome break!

  • rurushi
    12 Jan '12

    shoelace isnt soup, hes shoelace

  • jade
    12 Jan '12

    Amazing! I stayed inside a lot becaue of the incredible amount of snow fall that is hindering things. I found a significant other also. And debated the right ratio of fluffy to stretchy in cats. I have not been very productive since .

  • Don
    12 Jan '12

    I fished for two days in freezing cold weather :3 it was awesome. Love your comics Lee :)

  • Sandro &amp; Julia &amp; Mr. Rat
    Sandro &amp; Julia &amp; Mr. Rat
    13 Jan '12

    We were missing Shoelace mostly, then was having New Year's party and ate some cake. Adn then back to missing shoelace.

  • Jellybean
    13 Jan '12

    Shoelace flavored soup? Shoelace flavored tea? My goodness, what's next?! Shoelace flavored pizza?!

  • Becki
    14 Jan '12

    that's what you get for telling him he can be anything he wants to be i guess :)

  • WWX
    14 Jan '12

    I love your comics. I may be young but I know good comics when I see them. Li, you are awesome!

    (PS I am 13)

  • Grizzle
    14 Jan '12

    I got new shoes!

  • john francis
    john francis
    14 Jan '12

    love your comics, they make my day so much better when i read them

  • Cookie
    14 Jan '12

    I looooove your comics! :D My friend (Jenna) showed me your website and I've come to enjoy many of your drawings :3

  • Bert
    15 Jan '12

    Your comics are like a hug in a mug! :D

  • Dan
    15 Jan '12

    really just discovered ur webcomic over the break and i gotta say i really like it alot due to a combination of my girlfriend is like Li and cuz i enjoy a good story

  • Jacob Wells
    Jacob Wells
    16 Jan '12

    My friend died. I drew some stuff. It was ok.

  • Jacob Wells
    Jacob Wells
    16 Jan '12

    Pretty sad though.. But I love your comics Li! They do cheer me up some.

  • Adri
    16 Jan '12

    Your kitty is so pretty!

  • jeffwashere
    17 Jan '12

    CATSOUP! :D taaste the cuuutenessss

  • Ann
    17 Jan '12

    I enjoy Shoelace/Jordan interactions greatly. Shoelace seems to enjoy arbitrating his own will, and Jordan seems very zen in the face of the chaotic forces around him.

    P.S. My winter involved replaying Portal, playing FF Tactics: The War of the Lions, watching Girl Walk // All Day, and BAKING MANY CUPCAKES. How was yours?

  • Jessica
    17 Jan '12

    I want to own nothing but shirts with your drawings on them. And pj's, shoes, scarves, and jackets.

  • Robyn
    19 Jan '12

    I wish I could tell my cat his is not laundry - he's always in the basket!

  • nonamegirl
    19 Jan '12

    Turtle <3 kitteh comic pl0x :O :P

  • doodlebug
    29 Feb '12

    This is so my cat!

  • M
    7 Jul '12

    Get out of there cat, you are not soup, you are a cat!