• Li

    19 Dec '11

    Hey guys! I'm taking two weeks off for Christmas but I'll be posting number 210 this Friday. We also added Space Shark and Science designs to our Cafepress range, you can check it out here.

  • Dom

    21 Dec '11

    Awww, poor kitty. :-D

  • Krzyh2

    21 Dec '11

    Breaking the forth wall cat!

  • alkagio

    21 Dec '11

    First? :D

  • Paola

    21 Dec '11

    I'm puking rainbows... *O* Happy holidays!

  • David

    21 Dec '11

    Silly Shoelace! You're supposed to stay in panel!

  • GCNinja

    21 Dec '11

    Who else scrolled down to see if it was on the bottom or was that just me?

  • Comic

    21 Dec '11

    I scrolled down too.

  • Casady

    21 Dec '11

    Is it sad to say i also scrolled down. that might be that its 4 am here but lol

  • Dee

    21 Dec '11

    Quick! Give him a lazer pointer!!!

  • Artemis

    21 Dec '11

    I scrolled down, I was hoping that there'd been a nice ball of yarn added to the footer :) There should be a ball of yarn in the footer! :)

  • Eiryn Fox

    21 Dec '11

    Uhoh! But at least I know what to get shoelace for Christmas now! ANOTHER YARN BALL!!! :D

  • Sophie

    21 Dec '11

    :O Can we pleeeeeeeeease make a hoodie design out of this comic? Like have Shoelace at the top-ish looking confused and then a piece of yarn that squiggles down the front and around to the back bottom-ish to where the ball is? :D :D :D I would buy fifty bajillion (by which I mean one) from you!

  • Pg-chan

    21 Dec '11

    Aww D:

  • Angel-chan

    21 Dec '11

    Awww, the yarn fell through the fourth wall. :C

  • Anya

    21 Dec '11

    Awwww little kitty >_>

  • Kaze

    21 Dec '11


  • Frank

    22 Dec '11

    I agree with Sophie. Would buy <3

  • Cindi

    22 Dec '11

    LOL... yes, scrolled down, yes, would buy a t-shirt and as I'm typing, looking to see if maybe the yarn is peeking out from the flowers in the footer

  • sarah penguin

    22 Dec '11

    awwww :)

  • Introbulus

    22 Dec '11

    I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page to see if I could find that ball of yarn. I was disappointed. :(

  • His Majesty

    22 Dec '11

    He's definitely looking at the store. I see what you did there, Li. YOU CAPITALIST.

  • Eridose

    22 Dec '11

    D: poor shoelace

  • Annie Moose

    22 Dec '11

    Aww, Shoelace, I'll give you your ball of yarn back!

  • Daniel

    22 Dec '11

    I was half expecting to find the ball of wool in the footer of the site...

  • Elias

    22 Dec '11

    And the ball? I thought will be at the bottom, between the flowers... poor shoelace =(

  • Adria_Penguin

    22 Dec '11

    Looks like most of all scrolled down here... sigh... Btw, very nice drawn perspective!

  • Anette

    22 Dec '11

    Shoelace, you're the new Pinkie Pie.

  • Ethan

    22 Dec '11

    No no, she's not breaking the fourth wall, she's breaking the fourth -panel-.

  • Ana Júlia

    22 Dec '11

    Oww poor Shoelace.....look his face!! And for the rest os the people...Merry Christmas and happy new year hugs and kisses

  • Katana

    22 Dec '11

    I didn't scroll to the bottom, I checked below my monitor.

  • Ranbo

    22 Dec '11

    @Anette Glad to know I'm not the only one who immediately thought of that. :D

  • xMariax

    23 Dec '11

    *looks around for ball of yarn* >:T looks like i'll have to go /buy/ one.

  • Haley

    23 Dec '11

    Sigh.. **I** scrolled down to the bottom TOO!!! That would've been cute in the footer :3 Happy holidays!! :)

  • simon

    30 Dec '11

    I thought there would be a ball at the bottom of this page.

  • CujoEX

    03 Jan '12

    @simon Same. Scrolled all the way down looking for the ball of yarn :(

  • M

    06 Jul '12

    @ Simon as did I

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