• Li

    30 Nov '11

    Hello facebook fans, the drawing of Li doing wizard homework is now available as a wallpaper on the Downloads page :)

  • Andrea

    30 Nov '11

    Adorable! and sooo true! Siri rocks!

  • Erik

    30 Nov '11

    I want a cynic Siri.

  • Chip

    30 Nov '11

    Cute.... Everyone needs a nap at some point in the day. XD

  • Ethan

    30 Nov '11

    I would totally buy an iPhone 4s if it came with GLaDOS

  • Kaze

    30 Nov '11

    Even if the rad party had CAKE?

  • sarah penguin

    30 Nov '11

    Adorable! Yay naps!

  • Benjamin

    01 Dec '11

    oh wow. XD this is so funny. :3

  • Ivan

    01 Dec '11

    My alarm won't wake me up even if it talked like Siri.

  • Ana Júlia

    01 Dec '11

    Heyy gays...i have a question... what is a rad party? i'm brasilian and i don't know waht is that.... strong hug

  • Justin

    01 Dec '11

    Rad is North American slang for Radical or 'Very Cool' :) Rad comic, btw ^.^

  • Trobby

    01 Dec '11

    This is the best way to nap.

  • Fluttershy

    01 Dec '11

    omgosh! the shoelace blanket is awesome! want, gimme! Take my money, please!

  • Tobu

    01 Dec '11

    Artificial intelligence is highly overrated.

  • Maya Posch

    01 Dec '11

    Rad is soooo 90s~ Way out, dude~ :P

  • twelvedaysold

    01 Dec '11

    My husband is a part time student and works part time, so he's home a lot more during the daytime hours than I am. Very often on the weekends an alarm will go off at 11, or 2:30 or 12:27 and I'll go, "Was that for a nap last week?" "N-maybe."

  • Rosi

    01 Dec '11

    Ahhh!! I want to order a hand draw picture, but for some reason i can't email you...:( Email me as soon as you can! I just absolutely adore your work! :):):):)

  • Jay

    02 Dec '11

    Hey Li - would love to see you on Diaspora. Let me know if you want an invite.. :)

  • Cara :D

    02 Dec '11

    OH Silly Li! I was at that party :( You should've came! :D

  • Eric

    09 Dec '11

    It's hilarious how Siri went all Aussie w/ the "Oi"!

  • David

    05 Apr '13

    Good one. I've got Android with a similar feature but it is so inaccurate it's not very usable

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