• Li
    23 Nov '11

    Thanks for all your app suggestions from last week! I downloaded a bunch of games and now I’m unproductive. It’s everyone’s fault, especially you.

  • Aya
    23 Nov '11

    Never liked raisins! And now there's a new reason o.o

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia
    23 Nov '11

    I know! D=

  • Kaze
    23 Nov '11

    Shoelace wants in too >:|

  • Monica
    23 Nov '11

    Now you have made me want raisin bran. Which will lead to #2. I blame you, Li.

  • Ernest
    23 Nov '11

    Lol, Shoelace.

  • Souta-kun
    23 Nov '11

    I would be completely disturbed by that. I love how she's like "...get back here..."

  • Gemma
    23 Nov '11

    ahah awesome. I can almost hear the little screams, you monster.

  • katie
    23 Nov '11

    Raisins are the worst thing anyone could do to a cereal! I wish mine were alive

  • archivis
    24 Nov '11

    Oh noes da delicious raisins are escaping!

  • Nicholas
    24 Nov '11

    Duck Shirt!!!

  • Kilby
    24 Nov '11

    Not MY fault! I stayed out of that applet discussion entirely, precisely because I didn't want to enable any gaming obsessions.

  • Jake
    24 Nov '11

    I liked this one more than usual.

  • Aj
    24 Nov '11

    Let Shoelace in!! -_O

  • Ian
    24 Nov '11

    Hey, I missed the app suggestion part last comic, so you should go back and download Minecraft for iOS!

  • mickG
    24 Nov '11

    Maybe the raisins aren't alive...maybe you're just a messy eater...

  • Joshua
    24 Nov '11

    Hai there kitty.

  • Emma
    24 Nov '11

    Aaah. I love it. I love raisins. I love shoelace. I love your comics. I love you.

  • Sasha
    24 Nov '11

    I would be devastated if the raisins ran away while I tried to eat them. I bet Shoelace could help you catch them...IF he were inside.

  • Jessica
    24 Nov '11

    I know it's hard to believe, but I put raisins in my bran cereal *on purpose.* Yes, I know, I am prematurely 85 years old and have a twisted sense of food taste.
    Now that raisins are...alive?! I may have to reconsider this.

  • April
    24 Nov '11

    Do NOT download Pocket Frogs. You'll never accomplish anything again. Ever.

  • LOKO22
    24 Nov '11

    you know? the moment I read what you wrote I started to feel guilty xDD

  • Brystan
    24 Nov '11

    This comic creeps me out....makes me think of bugs in my cereal.

  • Rain
    24 Nov '11

    My friend has this great app where you pick what kind of food you want, and it'll find restaurants near you that have that. I don't remember what it's called, though...

  • Helen
    24 Nov '11

    EEEK!! *stomps on raisins* You can't let them escape! They will swarm all over you in your sleep! You do know where spiders go at night if you leave them alive in your bedroom don't you? *shudders*

  • david
    24 Nov '11

    gracias por los comics realmente son muy encantan
    muchos saludos desde chile para ti
    besos y mucho animo
    seguire pasando :3

  • Kayla
    24 Nov '11

    i found this last night and i love it so much. you are so amazing!

  • Jill
    24 Nov '11

    Why is there "?!" in "Raisins Are Alive?!" Is there a chance they WON'T be alive? Is this some kind of twisted raisin cereal version of russian roulette?! (i want to play)

  • Jellybean
    24 Nov '11

    Those might not actually be raisins.... 0.o

  • Paige
    24 Nov '11

    Awww shoelace looks so cute in the window! :D

  • Raiyse
    24 Nov '11

    I thought they were ants at first :(

  • Zeppy
    25 Nov '11

    I'm sorry. :(

  • Sylwia
    25 Nov '11

    Your comics make my day. Also, it's good to know that someone thinks like me. :)

  • Jesscar
    25 Nov '11

    The raisins look like ants :(

  • Eiryn Fox
    Eiryn Fox
    25 Nov '11

    Why does this freak me out so much!!!! O_O;

  • Pg-chan
    25 Nov '11

    Why would you buy a cereal called that?! DX;;;;

  • Little D
    Little D
    29 Nov '11

    I just stumbled upon you website, and I love it! I read them all in about three minutes. I now have your Christmas Wallpaper on my desktop and this site bookmarked.

  • Maya Posch
    Maya Posch
    30 Nov '11

    *chases after the raisins, kitteh-style* :D

  • Rae
    30 Nov '11

    Not that I needed another reason to hate raisins...

  • Ellen
    7 Dec '11

    my boyfriend and i are hooked on your comics. i knew raisins were bad. i hate when they put raisins in good food, like stuffing, whos idea was that? rawr.

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    14 Apr '12

    When I was a kid my mom made raisin bread cake thing, and I was on LSD, and the raisins hopped out and rolled away... true story.

  • Yuki
    16 Sep '12

    I didn't request anything. hmf!