• dumbeller

    21 Nov '11

    DAMNIT! sorry. ignore that last post!

  • Phyllis

    22 Nov '11

    Shoelace is a pyro!

  • MartinLovesDonuts

    22 Nov '11

    Get Traffic Rush, Doodle Jumb, The immpossible game, angry birds, words with friends, cut the rope and fruit ninja. HOURS OF POINTLeSS FUNN!! :)

  • Bri

    22 Nov '11

    Pocket Frogs is addicting :)

  • Delaney

    23 Nov '11


  • Chase

    23 Nov '11

    Wow... that's pretty much me if I didn't have eyebrows and was a cat.

  • Alex

    23 Nov '11

    Some men just want to watch the world burn... Love your comics :D

  • Game Hustla

    23 Nov '11

    An Android

  • jenny

    25 Nov '11

    my horse, it's so cute and addictin!

  • Bunny Rose

    26 Nov '11

    Get Doctor Who: Mazes of Time!

  • Guigui

    02 Dec '11

    Star Walk! Although it might be cooler on an iPad.

  • Megami

    03 Dec '11

    No alt text? WTF?? jijijiji. So apps... get fruit ninja: puss in boots. Its awesome! :P

  • Autumn

    12 Jan '12

    Tiny tower has been my latest obsession

  • Franko

    31 Jan '12

    Burn the evidence, smart kitty

  • Alex

    25 Feb '12

    Best Comic.

  • Steven

    12 Apr '12

    Draw Something is the coolest iphone app ever.

  • Fogetti

    06 Jun '12

    Baaaad kitty! :) Anyway, I'd recommend Doodle Jump, Kosmo Spin and Rat on Run! They are super awesome! ^_^ Or there is the Samurai II: Vengeance if you just feel like slashing! :) And if you buy Star Chart you'll seem like the smartest Li of this planet... You'll seem like an astronomy professor! :D Yup, and not to forget iTunes U! There are dozens of courses which are worth downloading!

  • M

    06 Jul '12

    something for scratching, a tangled mess of paper to play in, and a warm fire to curl up by at the end of the day, it's all a cat could want. ^^

  • hidden

    09 Jul '12

    why u hate alt text? first comment i've made... love ur comics, just've never commented b4, i don't trust the internet... how do you know when someone comments on an old comic?

  • Erin Weedley

    25 Nov '12

    I'm rereading every comic and wanted to share my app wisdom. JoAnn's craft supply app is amazing! You can stack the coupons and new ones come out every day. I also highly recommend 8tracks. It's a great way to find new music and listen to great playlists that fit every mood. (^_^)☆

  • alurie

    31 Dec '12

    I've done this before XD

  • Richard Robertson

    11 Mar '13

    I know it's kinda late since this comic was posted quite some time ago but I hope you'll see it. OuO for iPhone is easily the cutest app ever. https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/ouo/id412773717?l=en&mt=8

  • Myself

    31 May '14

    Does no one else wonder why there is a roll of toilet paper in what looks like the living room? Or why her bathroom has carpet and living room wallpaper? (Or is it even worse that I'm such a pyro, the fire panel didn't even phase me.)

  • Anthony

    01 Aug '14

    No alt text >:(

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