• Li

    27 Oct '11

    Hey readers, we're back from Japan! We had an awesome time, Japan is such an amazing country. If you've never been I highly recommend that you go. Also now that October is drawing to an end if you have been thinking of purchasing cards or prints from the store then please get your orders in asap to make sure that they arrive in time for Christmas!

  • nansorb

    27 Oct '11

    welcome back

  • Lexia

    27 Oct '11

    LOL that is cutely funny

  • Cris

    27 Oct '11

    YOU'RE BACK!!!! WELCOOOME!!!!!!!!! .... look! is domo!!!

  • Kaze

    27 Oct '11

    It was fun reading your Twitter because you went to all the places I went to when I went on a student exchange to Japan last year. Hope you had heaps of fun. :> Missed you and your awesome-ness!

  • Daniel

    27 Oct '11

    Wish I could shop in Japan D: But omg Oni con is this weekend!! :D So excited :)

  • Comic

    27 Oct '11


  • sarah penguin

    28 Oct '11


  • Hiro

    28 Oct '11

    Ah Japan.. Such good memories, and I only ever spent 2 weeks there. :( I will return someday!

  • Jake

    28 Oct '11

    Monster Hunter Hat! Woo!

  • Naochan

    28 Oct '11

    Can't beat rocket boots...

  • Yang

    28 Oct '11

    Rocket boots~Cool!

  • Jade

    28 Oct '11

    My friend smiles at your magnificence. I am in awe.

  • Nicholas

    28 Oct '11

    Did Shoelace come with you?

  • jrmy

    28 Oct '11


  • Jennifer Wang-Filomeo

    28 Oct '11

    I went to Japan a few times. The last time was a couple of years ago didn't see any rocket boots but I bought my mom a ceramic knife for the house. I also got a Yukata the time before! It is an awesome country to visit! I want to bring my husband next time since he never left the US before and wanted to visit Japan since forever. BTW I love the "free hat"!

  • Tighe Lory

    28 Oct '11

    Man I am so jealous! I have 4 kids, and it will be a LONG time before I ever get the chance to go to Japan!

  • Pg-chan

    28 Oct '11

    True facts. Japan cannot be explained, only experienced X3; They're also masters at including free gifts with purchase D: I acquired so much stuff that I never sought out just from buying drinks at the store.

  • Jelly-being

    28 Oct '11

    Me and my friends all wanna go to Japan sooooo baaaaaad. >w< Did you get any of those tiny food making thingies that they sell?! They look like so much fun... I wish they were sold in the US D:

  • angelux

    28 Oct '11

    お帰りなさい (okaerinasai) :D

  • Xaromir

    28 Oct '11

    We (or at least i) missed you! :D

  • Kendon

    28 Oct '11

    I saw the last panel and "Shoelace! Grab my boots!" appeared over the panel.

  • Tiffany

    28 Oct '11

    Welcome back! Love the comic <3 You are incredibly creative. I'm very jealous you got to go to Japan. I dream of going there daily.

  • Willy Galleta

    28 Oct '11


  • Dee

    28 Oct '11

    You left Shoelace at home? Poor Shoelace :(

  • master za

    28 Oct '11

    I missed your comics so much!!!!! glad you're back ^_^

  • willow85

    28 Oct '11

    So, when you said you were off to Japan for 2 weeks, I thought...that's cool, its not that long, she deserves a vacation. But when your comics didn't get updated for 2 weeks I realized that 2 weeks is A LONG TIME!! Missed the art, glad you had fun, but also glad you're home :D

  • Cristal Rodriguez

    28 Oct '11

    Ahhh it's awesome to have you back!!! I love your hat! You and Jordan look so cute with your Hachimaki on!

  • jesterraiin

    28 Oct '11

    Welcome back ! :)

  • Jack Hollaway

    29 Oct '11

    Rocket Boots ...take that jetpack !!!! up ,up and awaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  • Mr Fox

    29 Oct '11

    Your boots, they make no noise?

  • Sander

    29 Oct '11

    Japan :O

  • Amy

    31 Oct '11

    Cuuuute! I've lived here in Japan for almost three years now, and yep, the place is still surprising me with oddments and lovelies daily. Also, I just discovered/read through your comic, it makes me smile ^_^

  • An-fin

    31 Oct '11

    I can't help but see a Nyan cat on the last picture :oP

  • Edwin (Jehoel) Schadewald

    31 Oct '11

    Li! I just wanted to let you know that you fuckin rock! I love your comics and you make me laugh, as a person who enjoys a good laugh thank you :)

  • Jenn

    31 Oct '11

    haha!! This is so cute! She definitely got a sweet deal

  • V

    09 Nov '11

    fixed: http://i.imgur.com/Jq003.jpg

  • chizzy

    13 Nov '11

    I went to Japan last year for a couple of weeks, stayed with a host family, and LOVED IT!!! When I am finished with grad school, I definitely plan on taking another trip there! I should probably brush up on my Japanese...and learn how to ask for rocket boots.

  • Mckrongs

    16 Nov '11

    Ohmai, is that a Monster Hunter Felyne Hat? Awesome.. o-o

  • Alex

    22 Nov '11

    Warning! Rocket boots + short skirt = danger! Or the risk of a very Japanese pantyshot, at least.

  • markoh

    10 Dec '11

    I love the domo shirt xD

  • Lydia

    11 Dec '11

    hahaha what is she a nyan cat now? XDD

  • Erin

    14 Dec '11

    I live in Japan and love it so much! It's one of those places where even the most normally mundane of things can become an adventure. I totally agree that Japan cannot be explained, only experienced. It seeps its way into you and you will love it forever :D

  • Alex

    16 Feb '12

    Is that a felyne from Monster Hunter? oAo

  • Dom

    25 Mar '12

    +1000 awesome points for Felyne MH hat <3333

  • Crystal

    28 Mar '12

    Is that a Felyne hat from Monster Hunter? xD

  • M

    06 Jul '12

    Rocket boots? かっこいい!!

  • Ahh Japan...

    05 Aug '13

    They are so awesome at killing the whales! Go Japan!

  • J

    29 Oct '13

    Listen to Kate Bush's Rocket's Tail on Youtube. ...it starts out awesome, then crescendos to: I put on my pointed hat and my black and silver suit And I, I check my gunpowder pack And I strap the stick on my back And dressed as a rocket on Waterloo Bridge Nobody seems to see me Then with the fuse in my hand And now shooting into the night ...then the song becomes freakin' epic... Watch. Waaaaaatchhcch!

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